Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore... What makes a good buffet? Cheap? Variety? Ambiance? Quality? Quantity? I believe many people have their ow...

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore: Sneak Preview to J65's Eat Through The Week Buffet


Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore...

What makes a good buffet? Cheap? Variety? Ambiance? Quality? Quantity? I believe many people have their own definition of what constitutes a good and solid buffet but in my opinion, a decent buffet shouldn’t be too expensive and it must have at least 4-5 dishes that are unique to the buffet place itself. Of course, the food should have some standards as well.

For people who aren’t big-eaters like me would think that a buffet is a waste of money since we will never ever eat enough to cover the amount we paid for the buffet. But seriously, we can still enjoy a buffet as long as it fits the criteria I mentioned above. But where can we find such a buffet in Singapore that offers a wide selection of high-quality dishes and at the same time still very affordable? Yes, you can, at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore!

Buffet will never be boring again with Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore's launch of its latest dining promotion at J65 restaurant that allows guests to Eat Through The Week with a series of dining options from Monday to Sunday. Everyday for dinner, J65 will introduce a different theme, from Crab! It's Monday..., Tuesday's Beef Yourself Up!, Wednesday's Lobster Rock 'n' Roll, Thursday's His Majestic the King Prawn, Hooked! Seafood Mania on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday's Let's Go Local. There's bound to be one theme that you will be interested in.

J65 promises to deliver a wide array of dishes for guests to choose from, be it local or international. Like what J65's Excecutive Chef Federick Kho said, "We want to give Singaporeans something to look forward to every night, and to unwind after a long stressful day at work!" Definitely a buffet that is worth trying!

Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab & Oysters! Isn't this buffet pretty awesome and tempting? Also, ladies get to enjoy a complimentary Sangria on Wednesday!

The beef was really tender, but it will be better if it was not too dry! Perhaps some marinated sauce would do the trick!

Prawns were also well-marinated!

Wednesday Lobster Rock 'n' Roll Buffet

A huge spread at the Lobster's Buffet on Wednesday. My favourites were definitely the lobster bisque (Creamy with huge chunks of tender lobster meat) and the baked cheese lobster (So freaking addictive). The appetizers were pretty good as well.

But my favourite was still this Singapore Laksa with Lobsters that blew me away! I could already smell its fragrance 50m away from my table. The gravy was thick and creamy which exceeded way beyond my expectation because I had some really very bad experience with the laksa elsewhere but this laksa is so on point. The assam was well-used, not so overpowering or spicy which I could comfortably enjoy without flushing myself with huge amount of water. The lobster was fresh, and the meat was sweet and tender! This is definitely one of the station to go!

This is one of the popular station. Should take some of these before it's gone!

Yummy! Lobster Rolls!

Besides the so many amazing lobster dishes, J65 also offers a wide range of beautiful-looking and delicious desserts! 

This is the station that will let the girls go heart-throbbing!

Thank you Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore for the great hospitality and Sophie for the extended invitation! I had a wonderful experience at J65 and would definitely be back for the buffet again!

The Eat Through The Week promotions are available for dinner (from 6:00pm to 9.30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 6:00pm till 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday). It is priced at SGD 55++ per person (Sunday to Thursday) or SGD 60++ per person (Friday to Saturday).

Nearest Mrt Station: Orchard
Location: Level 1 of Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore
Restaurant Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Contact Number: 65 68314374

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping) 

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