Dazzling Café Pink... 

When the first outlet was opened in Singapore at Capitol Piazza on 18th April 2015, Dazzling Café Mint was met with huge popularity. Many Singaporeans were willing to queue for hours just to have a taste of their famous honey toast. I did, also, jump on the bandwagon but fortunately for me, the place was relatively empty when I visited them. Their signature toasts and waffles are to die for, and probably the reason why the hype for Dazzling Café haven’t seem to die down yet.

With the huge success from its first outlet, they have opened another branch at Orchard Gateway on 23rd March 2016 – Dazzling Café Pink. As the name of this new outlet suggests, it is more female-centric (because the interior is mostly pink) but at the same time, it also retains the classic theme of the first outlet. You can also expect to see an extensive range of brands and products in the café itself.

Located within Orchard Gateway, Dazzling Café Pink is definitely the place for you to relax and enjoy an afternoon tea after an entire day of shopping, the place for you to catch up with your families and friends, and even the place for a romantic dinner. To all my guy friends out there, if you want to impress your girlfriend, then bring them on a date at Dazzling Café Pink. 

Pandan Gula Melaka Honey Toast and Oreo Chocolate Honey Toast - Only available at the outlet at Orchard Gateway

Before I go on and talk about the new toasts in the new outlet, I will first show you guys what I had at their first outlet!

Hazelnut Chocolate Toast // $19.90

Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle (Additional Mochi $2) // $14.90 + $2 (You need to add the mochi because it is so good)

I had the exact same toast and waffle for the two times I visited their first outlet! Don't judge because these two are really delicious! The Hazelnut Honey Toast is unbelievably good! Initially, I was quite sceptical about the amount of cream at the top of the toast. It looks really sweet and jelat but I was wrong. The cream goes very well with the ice cream and toast! Needless to say, the toast is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The layer of butter inside the toast is so appropriate, providing a tinge of saltiness which neutralises the overall sweetness from the cream and ice cream.

The Strawberry Ice Cream Waffle is impressive as well and you really need to add that $2 to get that mochi inside your waffle! Trust me, it's worth it! The waffle was so soft and chewy (with the mochi) and I really like that texture in my mouth. A must-order if you visit Dazzling!

(NEW) Pandan Gula Melaka Honey Toast // $18.90

This is only available at Dazzling Cafe Pink, the outlet at Orchard Gateway! 
Again, the toast itself is really very good on its own. But what's so interesting about this new toast from the others is the combination of the Pandan and Gula Melaka together. I really liked the flavour and aroma of the Kaya in the toast itself, not because I'm a fan of Kaya but the aftertaste in my mouth was unforgettable. The Dazzling team is really brilliant to come out with a toast that suits the taste buds of the Singaporeans. Gula Melaka and Pandan are some familiar flavours to us. You have to order this when you are at Dazzling Cafe Pink!

(NEW) Oreo Chocolate Honey Toast // $17.90

This is only available at Dazzling Cafe Pink, the outlet at Orchard Gateway!
People who loves oreo and chocolate would definitely love this! But again, the oreo and chocolate is not too overwhelming, you don't have to worry about feeling jelat after a few mouthful. The banana was probably the most appropriate fruit to go with the oreo and chocolate. Very impressive!

Drizzle some maple syrup and this toast would be the perfect dessert for summer!
Thank you Dazzling Cafe Pink, Vanessa and Jolene for having me! I looked forward to trying the mains at Dazzling Cafe Pink soon!

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #01-12
What To Order: Pandan Gula Melaka Honey Toast & Oreo Toast
Cafe Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Tart Blanc...

“Unless you are a professional, you will find the tart to be a high-maintenance, unforgiving whistle-blower of a pastry. “ - Sloane Crosley

Tarts are not easy to make, especially really good ones. I have yet to come across any mind-blowing tarts that I could remember of. The tarts that I have tried so far always ends up in one of the spectrum; they are either very aesthetically-appealing but lacks in taste or very delicious but lacks in appearance. It is thus rare and hard to find tarts in Singapore that fulfil both of these requirements. The closest that I could think of would probably be Tart Blanc.

Owned by two passionate sisters, Tart Blanc is a tart specialty café that offers a line of artisanal desserts and pastries, including luscious tarts, handmade cookies, the ever-popular macarons and gourmet sandwiches. As an accompaniment to their tarts, they also provide a range of premium espresso-based drinks and carefully curated tea selections for the guests to enjoy.

Also, as their name suggests, the tart shell is like a blank canvas to the baker only to be inspired by creativity in many forms, flavours and textures. This endless creativity explains why new tarts will always be introduced seasonally at Tart Blanc. You can also expect to see new tarts during festive occasions. For instance, their Bunny-inspired tart last Christmas was very well-received by the public.

Located within Millenia Walk, Tart Blanc is a small and cosy café that allows after-lunch indulgence, an afternoon tea break, or a sweet ending to your day, especially for those office people who wants to take a break from their hectic schedule. My impression of tarts have since changed for the better after visiting Tart Blanc.

I tried their Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart and Chicky Mango Tart the other day! Their coffee was really good as well.

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart // $7.50

Lavender chocolate ganache, homemade blueberry jam, lavender honey soaked joconde, and blueberry mousse.
Probably one of the best tart I've ever tried so far. The blueberry, lavender and chocolate combination is sick because they complement one another so perfectly! The texture to each layer is complex and intriguing. I don't know the exact word or phrase to describe the taste except for the phenomenal pleasure to my tastebuds. I especially liked the chocolate filling inside the tart, an element of surprise which I would never forget. The chocolate was also not too overempowering - I could still taste the flavours of the blueberry and lavender. The crust at the bottom was also very crispy and flavoursome. The best thing to go with this tart would definitely be a hot pot of tea. A must-order if you love blueberry, lavender and chocolate! 

Chicky Mango Tart // $7.50

Lychee mochi, mango mousse with a white chocolate coconut creameux filling and mango glaze.
Mango-lovers would go crazy for this and it is so cute! I thought it was going to be so sweet just by looking at it but I was wrong. The mango flavour was really strong and flavourful but it was not sweet at all. The top layer was really smooth and it literally melts in my mouth. Again, there's nothing to complain about the crust. Perfect for afternoon tea!

Tart Blanc is also able to cater to any small or large corporate and social events. From casual party and intimate weddings to cocktail parties, Tart Blanc’s wide range of exquisite handmade petite tarts and baked goods will surely add a memorable touch to the dining experience.

For personal or corporate gifting, Tart Blanc also offers a decadent range of gourmet indulgences, beautifully packaged and customized for business, events and consumers. Packaged in design as elegant as the goodies nestled inside, a gift from Tart Blanc is an instantly recognizable statement of premier quality and good taste.

Thank you Tart Blanc and Diana for having me!

Nearest Mrt Station: Promenade
Location: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-102 Millenia Walk
Contact Number: 6238 6893
Cafe Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Margarita's Dempsey Hill...

It all started with a holiday to Mexico. Andy Yap, owner of Margarita, fell in love with Mexican cuisine instantly and spent about nine years working as a chef in Mexico before bringing the cuisine back to Singapore. In order to create a dining experience and environment as similar as the one in Mexico, the furniture and ingredients in Margarita are all imported from Mexico.

Andy's strong emphasis on the authenticity and quality of their ingredients have seemed to pay off which can be seen in the huge pool of regulars Margarita has. Over the years, Margarita has also been constantly renewing their recipe to keep up with the customers’ changing taste buds.

With a rich history dated all the way back to 1988, Margarita is a hidden gem located in Dempsey that offers a wide range of authentic and succulent Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. Also, as their name suggests, they are well-known for their margaritas as they used top-notch 100% Blue Agave Tequila. During festive occasions, they also offer special flavoured margaritas such as Blood Orange and Pink Guava. Margarita is probably one of the better Mexican restaurant in Singapore and definitely one you shouldn't miss.

Starters (Antojitos/Appetizers)
1. Queso Fundido (Cheese Fondue)
2. Salsa Rojas (Red Sauce/Salsa)
3. Nachos La Especial
4. Camarones Con Hongos Al Ajillo
(Garlicky Shrimps & Mushrooms)

Tradicional Mexican Delicatessen (Mains)
1. Beef Fajitas
2. Baked Crab Enchiladas
3. Kitchen Sink Burritos

Starters (Antojitos/Appetizers)

1. Salsa Rojas (Red Sauce/Salsa) // $6

2. Queso Fundido (Cheese Fondue) // $18

Both of these makes a really good bar snacks! The nachos are crispy and addictive, especially after dipping it into the red salsa sauce. The red salsa sauce is home-made, and it was not too spicy! The red salsa also had a subtle sour aftertaste which I really liked. 

The Queso Fundido was one of my favourite dishes at Margarita. The Cheese Fondue comes with a bowl of nachos as well. The cheese was finger-licking good (I did not exaggerate!) and it was so addictive. Initially, I thought I was going to get sick of the cheese after a few mouthful but I was wrong. The garnish they put on top of the cheese most probably reduces the jelatness. This is the perfect bar snack to order if you are having an ice cold beer!

Nachos La Especial // $18

This special nachos are made with black beans, chipotle cheese sauce, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. People who dislike their nachos to be too cheesy can order this. As compared to the other nachos, this would be more flavourful! Guacamole was really good also! 

Camarones Con Hongos Al Ajillo (Garlicky Shrimps & Mushrooms) // $26

The shrimps were really fresh and crunchy. The sauce was well-marinated and flavourful but I didn't quite like the texture and flavour of the mushrooms. I thought it tasted a bit peculiar to me and I didnt't really like it. Verdict: Skip the mushrooms and just eat the shrimps!

Tradicional Mexican Delicatessen (Mains)

Kitchen Sink Burrito // $24

Large rolled tortilla with all the works. Instead, they are grilled and topped with Margarita's special enchilada sauce, guacamole and sour cream. This is insanely huge, definitely good to be shared among 2-3 people because it gets a bit jelat after awhile. The fillings inside the burritos were well-marinated and flavoursome, and it goes very well with the external layer of cheese.

Beef Fajitas // $32

When you think of Mexican cuisine, Fajitas would be the first thing to come to your mind. Again, the portion is really huge and I don't think one person can finish it by himself or herself. The beef was tender, juicy and well-marinated. 

They also provide 5 tortilla wraps for you to go with your beef. Of course, the home-made sauces are really good as well. The guacamole is my all-time favourite!

Baked Crab Enchiladas // $36

Their signature dish! These enchiladas are stuffed with delicate crab meat, topped with specially prepared creamed garlic sauce and enchilada sauce.

The crab was really tasty but it gets a bit jelat after all the cheese on top. The complementary rice, vegetable and black bean sauce neutralises the jelatness.  Also featuring their Grand Margarita (Lime-flavoured) which is reasonably priced at $20 (I didn't manage to get an individual photo of it). It took Andy almost 20 years to perfect the Margarita, no doubt why their margaritas are so well-received by the public! Now you know where to go to satisfy yout alcoholic cravings!

Postre (Desserts)

Kahlua Tiramisu // $16

Kahlah, chocolate, strong Mexican coffee, cheese and sponge fingers - all the sinful but good stuff in this tiramisu. First thing to note, I swear I have never seen such a huge tiramisu in my life. Please do not order this alone! I bet you will be shocked when this is served onto your table!

Very strong in flavour and it melts in your mouth. However, it was a bit too watery for my liking! Probably would be better if it is not so liquefied and more toppings.

 Three Milks Cake (Tres Leches Cake) // $16

 Sponge cake soaked in three different types of milk - fresh milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk. This delicate & exquisite dessert is not in Margarita's menu but you can ask the waiter for it! The cake was soft and fluffy. A must-try at Margaritas and also a great way to end off your Mexican meal!

I also really like the design and ambiance of Margarita!

The food portion at Margarita is really huge! So head over with a group of friends to enjoy some really authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine. (It will be good if you can drive or take a cab!) Thank you Margarita and Amirul for having me!

Nearest Mrt Station: Orchard/Holland Village
Location: 11 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249673
Contact Number: 6471 3228
Restaurant Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or sgcafehopping)

The Bakery Chef...

With its recent appearance on the Insider, the Bakery Chef saw a huge surge in its popularity. Many people have since flocked over to their place to try the legendary oozing toast which was featured on the Insider.

Dave, the man behind the Bakery Chef, wanted to add an interesting twist to the normal toast with ice cream that seems to be available in most cafés. Together with his chef, they came out with the idea of infusing filling into the toast which customers can now get to mix and match the type of toast as well as the filling according to their preference.

Besides owning the Bakery Chef, Dave has another two Thai-inspired eatery under his name while at the same time also juggling with his day job. I’m really very impressed with how he can find a balance between so many different responsibilities which many people would probably deem it too overwhelming. His determination, motivation and hardwork are some of the virtues for us to learn, especially for those who are planning to set up a business in Singapore.

Located in Bukit Merah, the Bakery Chef is a small and cosy café that offers a wide variety of desserts ranging from cakes, waffles, ice cream to toasts. I will be sharing the highly raved-about toast as well as their rainbow cake in this blog post.

The lengendary toasts which has appeared on the Insider, also featuring the Bakery Chef's rainbow cake. The amount of ooze is unbelievable!

Charcoal Toast with Matcha Filling and Matcha Ice Cream // $12.80

If you have been following my blog, you should have know now that I'm a huge fan of Matcha. I love everything that is related to Matcha but that said again, I also have high expectations for food that used Matcha as their core ingredient. I hate it when the Matcha is too sweet and too artificial. That's not what Matcha is supposed to taste like. Luckily, the Matcha at the Bakery Chef didn't disappoint. 

I love how thick and creamy the Matcha was and there was a subtle bitter aftertaste the Matcha had which I really liked. The charcoal toast was not that bad, very crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside. One thing to take note though, eat the toast while it's hot. I took awhile before I started to eat the toast because I was busy taking photos and the sides of the toast turned a bit hard for me to chew. The Matcha ice cream was not too bad, flavoursome and rich. and it goes very well with the toast. If you find the toast too jelat after awhile, eat it with the ice cream.

The whipped cream is also worth mentioning. I usually don't like to eat whipped cream because either it is too sweet or I just don't like the texture of it. Suprisingly, the whipped cream wasn't as sweet as what I thought it would be and it was really tasty.

If you are a huge fan of Matcha, then I would recommend you to get this! You can also get the Matcha-flavoured toast if you want!

 Honey-glazed Brioche Toast with Salted Egg Yolk Filling and Vanilla Ice Cream // $12.80

You should have seen the amount of salted egg that was oozing out from the toast! I've never seen so much ooze in my life! The salted egg was rich and flavoursome but it would been perfect if it was not so watery. 

The honey-glazed toast went very well with the salted egg yolk filling because you get to experience and taste both sweet and salty at the same time. It wasn't too jelat if you were to go with the vanilla ice cream and the whipped cream. 

Again, I would recommend you to eat it while it's hot. You may find the sides abit too hard to consume once the toast is cold. 

If you want to experience both sweet and salty simultaneously, then this is the one you should go for.

Rainbow Cake // $5.80

The rainbow cake in the Bakery Chef reminded me of the one I had in Billy Angel in Korea. I have always been sceptical about rainbow cakes because I used to think they were only satisfying to the eyes. My opinion changed after having the rainbow crepe cake at Billy Angel. It was really so tasty and you can taste the rich flavour of each layer. 

The same goes for the rainbow cake at the Bakery Chef. It was so soft and fluffy. One thing different about the rainbow cake at the Bakery Chef is that they used passionfruit as one of the core ingredient in making their rainbow cake which explains why the cake was so fragrant and flavoursome. 

If you want to visit the Bakery Chef, you have to either go at a weird timing to escape from the crowd or be prepared to queue. I would suggest going at 1.30pm because all the office people have already went back to work and the school kids are not out yet. 

Thank you the Bakery Chef and Dave for having me! I looked forward to more of your creative desserts in the near future. 

Nearest Mrt Station: Redhill
Location: Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150161
What To Order: Toast, Ice Cream and Cakes
Cafe Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Buck Tile St. Cafe...

What’s on your Bucket List? You would probably have many in that list of yours but you have to add Buck Tile St. Café as one of the must-visit places into your to-do-list! Inspired by the bucket list, Buck Tile dedicates a small and dainty corner of its place for their guests to pen down their to-do-list and pin it on the wall. Likewise, Buck Tile wishes that they would be one of the to-do-list in their guests’ bucket list.

Housed in Faber Drive (surrounded by private estates), Buck Tile St. Café is a delightful and delicate café that offers simple brunches and beautiful-looking desserts. They are also very popular among the students (The place was mostly filled with students who came after school). Not only that, NUS students or alumni who flash their students or alumni cards get to enjoy a 5% discount off their total bill. Other than the student promotions, they also have daily deals which cater to the larger public.

Their signature blue velvet cake and waffle have appeared on social media for umpteen times and I will be sharing their blue velvet creations as well as some of their newest cake collection in this blog post. 

Overdose of sugar but it's worth it. I'm already salivating just by looking at the picture!

This is the second time I'm visiting Buck Tile St. Café and their desserts are still as pretty as ever. The last time I came here was before I flew to Korea for exchange. They have introduced new items in their dessert menu and the taste of their desserts have improved. 

Besides than their well-known Blue Velvet Cake, Buck Tile has recently launched two new cakes to the public, Neapolitan Cake & Super Mario's Bro (Pandan Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt Gula Melaka).

Blue Velvet Cake // $6.90

This is the second time I'm having the Blue Velvet Cake. The taste has definitely improved since the last time I had this. The cake was soft and fluffy, and the cream was not too overwhelming (jelat). Of course, it is also very Instagram-worthy!

(NEW) Neapolitan Cake // $7.90

Pretty much taste like the ones you have in Neapolitan Ice Cream but in a solidified form. The cake was rich in flavour and soft but I thought it was abit too dry for me. Perhaps it will be good to go with a cup of coffee or tea to offset the dryness of the cake. 

(NEW) Super Mario's Bro (Pandan Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt Gula Melaka) // $7.90

This was really good! The cake was flavoursome - The flavours were well-balanced and it was not too sweet. You have to eat the whole layer to taste the different flavours and texture of the cake. This is really a must-try!

The Blue Velvet Waffle with Coconut Ice Cream // $11.90

I really like the coconut ice cream, tasted very similar to the one I had in Bangkok! The waffle was too soft and fluffy, but I would very much prefer it to be more crispy! The glimmering blue velvet sauce was not very sweet (It really depends on the amount you pour on your waffle) and of course, very photo-worthy!

Faster head down to Buck Tile to get your sweet tooth fix!

Thank you Buck Tile for having me! I finally had my cravings for desserts satisfied! Buck Tile is also participating in this year's Singapore Coffee Festival and I really looked forward to it!

Nearest Mrt Station: Clementi
Location: 104 Faber Drive
What To Order: Cakes, Waffles and Ice Cream
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s…

I think I might have just found the next hipster place to hang out with your families and friends. Housed in the Club at 28 Ann Siang Road, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is a modern, pleasant and homely café that offers an extensive menu ranging from All Day Breakfast, Fruits, Cereals and Pancakes selection, Soups, Sandwiches and Plates selection to desserts. They also provide Cocktails and Adult Shakes for those who want to unwind themselves after a long day of work or for those who just want to perk themselves up for the remaining working days.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is a Singapore’s rendition of Mr & Mrs Smith which is more heart-warming (of course less the fighting scenes) and narrates the myth of an affectionate couple who love to cook for one another. Whether you choose to believe this story or not (I chose to believe the story), Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is indeed a family-based café and you can experience it through their settings, ambiance and food.

For those who might have already heard about or saw Mr & Mrs Maxwell on the various social media platforms, you would have definitely came across their beautiful and delicious-looking desserts which are so Instagram-worthy and I would be sharing some of their renowned desserts in this blog post.  

Grand Marnier Soufflé // $16

The Grand Marnier Soufflé is a hidden gem in Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s dessert selection besides the more popular Baked Alaska and Crepe Suzette. It requires 20 minutes of preparation and I am most willing to spend my time waiting for this heavenly goodness. 

The top layer of the soufflé is really crispy (my favourite part of the soufflé especially the sides) while the inner layer is so soft, it literally melts in my mouth. It was also very aromatic (I could smell it before it was even served onto my table) and flavoursome (Not very creamy, or milky but well-balance of flavours– you won’t get sick of it after a while). 

This dessert is perfect for the summer and goes very well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served at the side. This is a must-try! Also featuring one of Mr & Mrs Maxwell's Adult Shakes - Vodka Peanut Butter!

Baked Alaska // $16

This is probably one of the most beautiful dessert I’ve ever come across thus far in my life. It was so stunning that I couldn’t bare myself to eat it. The entire dish looks like it just came out from a fresh painting, it was that pretty. The cotton candy looks really sweet but who cares? Isn’t dessert supposed to fix your sweet tooth?

That’s not all. The Baked Alaska will also be flambéed by the chef when served, giving the whole dish a whole new dimension with just a little theatricality for an unforgettable meal. So take out your phone or camera to record this beautiful flambé moment (I would suggest videoing it down instead of taking photo) and be prepared to be blown away!

I don’t really know how to describe the taste and texture of the Baked Alaska after it has been flambéed but I can assure you it is really delicious. The taste is probably not as exotic as what it looks like but it is uniquely weird in a good way. This dessert is really superb because I got to experience phenomenal pleasure to both my taste buds and eyes.

Also featuring another Adult Shakes from Mr & Mrs Maxwell's - Pina Colada Breakfast Shake

Crepe Suzette // $16

Another popular and exquisite dessert of Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s. You will be asked to proceed to the live station whereby they will cook and flambé the freshly made crepes with orange liquor on the spot for you and of course, you can document the entire process down as well.

The crepe was really soft and has a strong orange flavour but it was a bit too sweet for me. If you have a strong sweet tooth, then you definitely got to order this. They also provide a scoop of vanilla ice cream to neutralise the jelatness. Overall, this dish is not too bad. Instagram wise, it definitely scores but taste wise, definitely has room for improvement.

I would definitely visit Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s again for their All Day Breakfast menu! They also have a Happy Hour at 5pm where some of their bar snacks are priced at $6 only! Damn cheap! 

I also got the opportunity to tour around the Club which is a brand new F&B-led lifestyle and hospitality concept decked in a 19th century colonial building. Situated within the historic Ann Siang Road, The Club has 20 guest rooms, including two Club suites. A good and suitable place to have your staycation! Besides Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s, there are three other dining and entertainment options in the Club which are Tiger’s Milk, B28 and the Disgruntled Chef. 

The suite was really impressive! This is the view from the balcony!


Tiger's Milk

Once again, thank you The Club, Mr & Mrs Maxwell's and Adidah for having me! 

Nearest Station: Outram Park
Location: 28 Ann Siang Road
What To Order: Desserts
Cafe Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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