Buck Tile St. Cafe... What’s on your Bucket List? You would probably have many in that list of yours but you have to add Buck Tile St. C...

Buck Tile St. Cafe


Buck Tile St. Cafe...

What’s on your Bucket List? You would probably have many in that list of yours but you have to add Buck Tile St. Café as one of the must-visit places into your to-do-list! Inspired by the bucket list, Buck Tile dedicates a small and dainty corner of its place for their guests to pen down their to-do-list and pin it on the wall. Likewise, Buck Tile wishes that they would be one of the to-do-list in their guests’ bucket list.

Housed in Faber Drive (surrounded by private estates), Buck Tile St. Café is a delightful and delicate café that offers simple brunches and beautiful-looking desserts. They are also very popular among the students (The place was mostly filled with students who came after school). Not only that, NUS students or alumni who flash their students or alumni cards get to enjoy a 5% discount off their total bill. Other than the student promotions, they also have daily deals which cater to the larger public.

Their signature blue velvet cake and waffle have appeared on social media for umpteen times and I will be sharing their blue velvet creations as well as some of their newest cake collection in this blog post. 

Overdose of sugar but it's worth it. I'm already salivating just by looking at the picture!

This is the second time I'm visiting Buck Tile St. Café and their desserts are still as pretty as ever. The last time I came here was before I flew to Korea for exchange. They have introduced new items in their dessert menu and the taste of their desserts have improved. 

Besides than their well-known Blue Velvet Cake, Buck Tile has recently launched two new cakes to the public, Neapolitan Cake & Super Mario's Bro (Pandan Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt Gula Melaka).

Blue Velvet Cake // $6.90

This is the second time I'm having the Blue Velvet Cake. The taste has definitely improved since the last time I had this. The cake was soft and fluffy, and the cream was not too overwhelming (jelat). Of course, it is also very Instagram-worthy!

(NEW) Neapolitan Cake // $7.90

Pretty much taste like the ones you have in Neapolitan Ice Cream but in a solidified form. The cake was rich in flavour and soft but I thought it was abit too dry for me. Perhaps it will be good to go with a cup of coffee or tea to offset the dryness of the cake. 

(NEW) Super Mario's Bro (Pandan Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt Gula Melaka) // $7.90

This was really good! The cake was flavoursome - The flavours were well-balanced and it was not too sweet. You have to eat the whole layer to taste the different flavours and texture of the cake. This is really a must-try!

The Blue Velvet Waffle with Coconut Ice Cream // $11.90

I really like the coconut ice cream, tasted very similar to the one I had in Bangkok! The waffle was too soft and fluffy, but I would very much prefer it to be more crispy! The glimmering blue velvet sauce was not very sweet (It really depends on the amount you pour on your waffle) and of course, very photo-worthy!

Faster head down to Buck Tile to get your sweet tooth fix!

Thank you Buck Tile for having me! I finally had my cravings for desserts satisfied! Buck Tile is also participating in this year's Singapore Coffee Festival and I really looked forward to it!

Nearest Mrt Station: Clementi
Location: 104 Faber Drive
What To Order: Cakes, Waffles and Ice Cream
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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