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I'm actually glad that Milk & Honey Gelato invited me down for food tasting amid my hectic dance schedule. The past two months were insane. I basically sold my soul to dance; spent most of my days in school training for my last dance competition in school. I guess it feels good to have some really nice food to perk you up especially when you are facing with a lot of stress. Thanks Milk & Honey Gelato!

Located within Hometeam NS at Bukit Batok, Milk and Honey Gelato is one place you shouldn't miss because they offer really nice brunch as well as desserts. From what I know, they launched their brunch menu recently and I think it is really worth trying even though they are known for their gelato.

I'm not really a fan of coffee, so I would usually either get myself an Iced Chocolate or Mocha. The Mocha was not too bad, seems quite smooth to me but I gotta admit when it comes to coffee, I'm not the expert you should be looking for. 
But at least, the coffee art was quite impressive. 

Roasted Roma Tomato Soup // $5.80
Freshy Oven Roasted Roma Tomato, served with Diced Goat Cheese and Homemade Basil Oil, this soup blew me away literally. The ingredients they used are so simple, yet the soup tasted so delicious. I couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire bowl of soup even though I needed to eat clean for my dance competition. One thing to take note though, you may not like the taste of the goat cheese. I didn't because I don't really like cheese that are really "pungent" and strong. For instance, blue cheese is a  huge 'NO' for me.  But besides the goat cheese, the soup is really tasty and flavourful. The tomato base is good, definitely a must try!

Eggs Florentine ($11.80), Milk & Honey Eggs Benedict ($12.80) and Eggs Royale ($13.20)
The main highlight of their brunch menu, donut waffle plus eggs. I jizzed when they were all served onto our table. I don't know how many times I have swallowed my saliva just by glancing at the eggs. 
Eggs Florentine // Lightly Poached Eggs, Sauteed Spinach, Oven Roasted Roma Tomato with Thyme on Donut Waffle with Gratinated Hollandaise Sauce and Arrugula Salad - People who loves to eat spinach or vegetable in general will love this. But sadly, I do not belong to this category and I would much prefer to have meat instead. But if you should get this if you prefer to be healthier.
Milk & Honey Eggs Benedict // Lightly Poached Eggs, Sliced Gourmet Ham, Turkey Bacon on Donut Waffle with Gratinated Hollandaise Sauce and Arrugula Salad - Bacon and Ham just makes anything delicious. The bacon and ham was well-marinated and crispy and it goes extremely well with the oozing eggs and donut waffle. 
Eggs Royale // Lightly Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon on Donut Waffle with Gratinated Hollandaise Sauce & Garnished with Dill Herb and Arrugula Salad - My favourite out of the three that I've tried. The salmon was so good, fresh and chewy. I think most people would order this and I think you should because the way the chef has prepared it is really brilliant. I'm not paid for any advertising but I gotta said this was one of the many better salmon I had from the many cafes I've been to.

So happy to have oozing eggs for breakfast. You know in many places, the eggs does not flow out even though it was supposed to but the ones at Milk & Honey flow out so beautifully even though we left it on the table for quite awhile for photo-taking. I'm hungry just by looking at it again!

Milk & Honey Pancakes // $10.80
Buttermilk Pancakes served with Caramelised Banana, Strawberries, Homemade Honeycomb Candy & Whipping Cream. Nothing fanciful, and simple but it tastes heavenly. The pancakes were really soft and it goes very well with the honeycomb and whip cream in general. Not too sweet plus it is healthy I guess with all the strawberries and bananas. If you have a craving for sweet stuff in the morning, then this would be the best option for you. 
Banana Crumble ($5.90), Berry Malt ($5.90), Mud Ball Pie ($5.90), Mango Cheese ($6.20), Peanut Butter Jelly ($6.20)
The best part of the tasting and something I was looking forward to the day before, trying the 5 different speciality desserts. You know it's hard to choose between any one of these because all were so good. If I had to, I would say I love the Mud Ball Pie because I love chocolate as well as the Banana Crumble. I was taken aback at how delicious the Banana Crumble was. Didn't expected myself to like it since I don't usually order dessert that has banana in it but for this, I would. You guys seriously gotta try all these when you are visiting Milk & Honey Gelato. Damn good please!

Seriously, these are really good! No joke!

The last part of the tasting was to try all the gelato! Personally, I love the Green Tea and Passionfruit Mango gelato!

Disclaimer: Milk & Honey Gelato is different from Milk & Honey that sells parfait. Once again, I need to thank Clarence and Victoria for being such a great host. I would definitely visit Milk & Honey Gelato again with my family and friends. 

Nearest Mrt Station: Bukit Gombak
Location: Hometeam NS Bukit Batok
What To Order: Eggs Royale, Soup and Gelato
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @sgcafehopping or @yongweikai)

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