Goldleaf Katong Restaurant...

Shortly after Christmas, we have to start cracking our brains and prepare for Chinese New Year. If you are planning to have your reunion dinner outside this year, you can consider holding it at Goldleaf Katong Restaurant, especially so if you have quite a number of elderlies in your family.

Known for their delectable Taiwanese-style porridge and side dishes, Goldleaf Katong Restaurant is the place to go to this Chinese New Year to satisfy your cravings for good Chinese food. With the weather being so unpredictable and unfriendly these day, eating a good bowl of hot porridge also rids off the heatiness you might be suffering and ensures that you are healthy enough to collect all the red packets this Chinese New Year. 

A wide array of iconic and signature Chinese dishes from Goldleaf Restaurant were ordered to complement the sweet potato porridge. In frame, Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables, Chye Por (Preserved Turnip) Omelette, Hae Zhor (Prawn Rolls), Fried Cod Fish and Er Chye. This is definitely one of the most comforting meal I’ve ever had in ages.

Sweet Potato Porridge
Sweet Potato Porridge has always been my favourite since young. Even though some people may find it too plain, I find it otherwise and I could eat the porridge alone without any side dishes. My throat and stomach feels very good after eating a bowl of hot porridge. The porridge at Goldleaf wasn’t too watery and the subtle sweet potato flavour makes the porridge more flavourful. 

Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables
This dish comes to my mind instantly when I’m eating porridge. The pork belly was very well-marinated and so tender that it dissolves in my mouth after two bites. I was addicted to the “gian-ness” (saltiness) of the sauce which goes very well with the porridge. The preserved vegetables were soft and flavourful. Highly recommended!

Chye Por (Preserved Turnip) Omelette
The chye por was not too bad. I thought it was very aromatic and flavourful. The preserved turnips were also very crunchy and the flavour pierces through with each bite. You might find it a tad too salty if you eat the chye por on its own but it tastes fine if you eat it together with the porridge.

Er Chye
Honestly, I don’t usually order Er Chye (I don’t know what it is called in English) because if not prepared or cooked properly, there is a bitter aftertaste which I really do not like. But thankfully, the Er Chye at Goldleaf proved me wrong because it was not bitter at all. The sauce was really good! I was impressed!

Hae Zhor (Prawn Rolls)
I think Hae Zhor is one of the dishes that is very popular among the young and the old. Personally, I love it as well. They were generous in the amount of fillings they put. The texture was good! 

Fried Cod Fish
Sorry, I can’t give any comments on the cod fish because I don’t eat cod fish at all. I know many of you are going to ask me why but I just don’t really like the taste of a cod fish. Okay, at least I tried the sauce which I thought was not too bad. Why not you let me know what you think about the cod fish at Goldleaf?

Volcano Beancurd with Chicken
The staff told me that this dish is a must-try and I’m glad I listened to her. It was damn good and I’m not bragging. The fried beancurd was very crispy and it goes very well with the marinated chicken. You have to get this when you visit Goldleaf! 

Cereal Prawns 
CEREAL PRAWNS ARE THE BEST! I love the crispy cereal flakes which I always can’t stop myself from finishing it. The cereal prawns at Goldleaf is spicy (I think some of you might not be able to take it) but it is damn shiok. The prawns were fresh and juicy!

Orh Nee with Ginko Nuts
The best way to complete the meal – having a bowl of hot and delicious Orh Nee with Ginko Nuts. The Orh Nee was definitely concentrated and flavourful. One bowl is not enough for me! Can I have more?

Thank you Goldleaf for the great hospitality and Protegie Consultancy for the invitation!

Nearest Mrt Station: Paya Lebar
Location: 86 East Coast Road #01-02 Katong Square
What To Order: Hae Zhor, Cereal Prawns, Braised Pork Belly and Orh Nee
Restaurant Ratings: 3/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Beast & Butterflies...

To kick start a brand new year, or like what the Chinese proverbs always say, we should welcome and celebrate the New Year on a very good note. Most people would choose to either travel overseas or head to a countdown party which unfortunately does not resound with me. Getting myself squashed is definitely out of the equation. Personally, I would treat myself and my loved ones to a sumptuous feast as a way of welcoming the New Year.

If you are on the same boat as me, you are in for a good treat! Located within M Social Singapore, Beast & Butterflies is a modern and stylish restaurant that serves an extensive range of sweet and savoury Western-Asian fusion cuisine. Recently, Beast & Butterflies has rolled out their Christmas and New Year menu which is extremely value-for-money. Priced at $88 per person (minimum of 2 to dine), you get to enjoy top notch dishes such as Seafood Mountain, Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup with Lemongrass Foam, Meat Platter, Dessert Platter and a 100ml tube red wine or white wine. I can assure you that it is really an alluring deal. So, end 2016 on a good note by feasting your way to the brand new year with Beast & Butterflies!

Seafood Mountain
This was very massive! I was thrown aback when they served this onto our table. In this seafood platter, you can find Alaskan King Crab, Fresh Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, Prawns and Assorted Live Clams. If you have been following my blog, you would have already know that I’m not a huge fan of raw food but I am more than willing to finish this Seafood Mountain. My favourite has to be the Alaskan King Crab which is sweet, juicy and tender as well as the fresh and juicy oysters. The Seafood Mountain is really very value-for-money because the ala-carte itself is already priced at $68++!

They also provide 5 different sauces for you to dip with your fresh seafood. Honestly, they are already very tasty on its own!

Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup with Lemongrass Foam
Served in a small espresso cup, the pumpkin soup is rich, creamy and very concentrated. The flavour was really strong even though the portion was very small. The lemongrass flavour was very subtle but it complements the pumpkin flavour very well. Overall, I enjoyed the soup very much. I think most people would love this!

Meat Platter 
Here comes the highlight of the night (I was already quite full when they served the Meat Platter)! The Meat Platter comprises of Sous-Vide Turkey, Beef Tenderloin, Leg of Lamb and Honey Glazed Gammon Ham. I was really very impressed with the meats because all were relatively well-marinated and tender. Meat-lovers would die for this! Meat-overload, really!

Dessert Platter
The perfect way to end the feast – A dessert platter! In this platter, you can find Seasonal Christmas Pudding, Brandy Sauce Pyramid of Macaroons, Fresh Strawberries and Assorted Cheese (which also happens to be my favourite). Trust me, you have to eat the assorted cheese because they were so addictive. I had to force myself to stop eating the cheese because it was that good. 

Besides the Christmas & New Year Special Menu, Beast & Butterflies also offers delectable ala-carte food items. Here are some that you might want to order:

Signature Ham Hock
The sauce is finger-licking good and the meat damn crispy! Calories worth gaining for this one!

Thank you Beast & Butterflies and M Social Singapore for the invitation and great hospitality!

Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay
Location: 90 Robertson Quay
What To Order: Christmas & New Year Special Menu
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Christmas Treats 2016...

With a blink of an eye, Christmas is over. I am very thankful and extremely blessed this Christmas for receiving so much love from so many different people. This blog post is a compilation of the Christmas treats I’ve received from different establishment and is specially written to express my gratitude and appreciation to every single one of them. Perhaps, you might also get an idea of what Christmas goodies you can get next year.

Merry Christmas!

1) Swensen's Singapore
Cookies Ripples
Swensen's has always been known for their delectable ice cream cakes. They are especially tasty when you have it during a hot scorching afternoon.

Thank you Swensen's and Touch PR for the cute Christmas ice cream logcake. Visit their website at to find out more!

2) Patisserie Atelier
Gingerbread Speculoos Gourmet Cake
I shared this with one of my neighbour and she instantly fell in love with the cake! The cake wasn’t as sweet as what it looks like and it was very addictive. 

Baby Rudolph Cake
As you can see from the pictures, the customised cakes from Patisserie Atelier are very creative and cute. They do have a good range of flavours for you to choose from. 

Thank you Patisserie Atelier for delivering the two lovely Christmas cakes to me. Visit their website at or their Instagram page @patisserieateliersg to find out more about their bakes and creations!

3) Prima Deli
Lava Cheese Tarts
 Honestly, the lava cheese tarts from Prima Deli were surprisingly impressive! You just need to microwave it when you feels like eating it and the lava really flows when you bite it. Even though the lava was rich and concentrated, I didn’t felt jelat at all. I finished three in one shot!

Chocolate Wonderland
This photo does not do the logcake any justice at all. I have to admit that I had difficulties finding the best angle to capture the cake. The cake was rich, moist and chocolatey. If you are huge fan of chocolate, you will love this cake!

Thank you Prima Deli & Starngage for delivering the lava cheese tarts and Christmas logcake to me! Visit their website at to find out more or you can just visit their bakery (which is available in most places).

4) Common Chefs
Salted Caramel Chocolate Christmas Logcake
The young folks at Common Chefs always surprise me with their good culinary and baking skills. This cake was not only aesthetically-pleasing, it was also very tasty. The chocolate and salted caramel combination was mind-blowing because they complemented one another very well.

Thank you Common Chefs for delivering the Christmas goodies to me! You can find out more about Common Chefs from my previous blog post by clicking here or alternatively visit their website at to find out more!

5) Polar Puffs & Cakes
Opera Christmas Love & Mango Mixed Fruits
This year, Polar rolled out two new series of cakes for its customers to enjoy this Christmas. Foodies can now enjoy a healthier range of “Lesser Sugar” cakes (which will be a hit among the health-conscious people). Besides being less sugary, the cake was also very rich and moist. Be it the young or the old, we can all enjoy a little bit more of the cake without feeling guilty!

Thank you Polar Puffs & Cakes and Crowd PR for delivering the lovely cakes to me! You can visit their website at to find out more!

6) Goobycakes

Christmas Cupcakes
The Christmas cupcakes from Goobycakes by the very talented Miss Goob were cute and super delicious. I usually skip the sugar icing because it is too sweet and very jelat. But the ones on top of Miss Goob’s cupcakes were surprisingly otherwise. It got me quite addicted when I bite it together with the cream cheese and cake. The combination really stood out for me!

Thank you Miss Goob for the lovely cupcakes! If you want to find out more about Miss Goob’s creative creations, visit her website at to find out more!

7) Carousel Moments
The Twin Logcake
This is the first-ever twin logcake that I’ve ever come across. Instead of the usual one log cake, this log cake comes in a pair. The cake was still moist even though I left it in the fridge for a few days. I ate almost half of the cake because it was so addictive, especially the chocolate and strawberry combination. I shared it with my colleagues and they couldn’t stop themselves from finishing every single bits of it.

Thank you Carousel Moments for the delicious Christmas logcake. You can visit their website at to find out more.

8) Cat & the Fiddle Cake
Black Forest Christmas Cake
I bet most people are very familiar with the cheesecakes from Cat & the Fiddle from the award-winning Chef Daniel Tay. Everyone was full of praises when I brought the cake to my company party last night. I think everyone finished the cake in less than half an hour. The proportion of the cheese in the cake was just right. I was very tempted to buy another one from them after the Christmas party last night.

Thank you Cat & the Fiddle for the cake. If you want to find out more about their cheesecakes, you can visit their website at to find out more!

Dazzling Cafe Pink...

The highly anticipated Christmas is just a few days away and most people would have by now planned their activities for the long Christmas holiday. If you are still doing a last minute search on what to do this Christmas and you are stuck in Singapore, you might want to include Dazzling Café in your itinerary this Christmas.

Dazzling Café has become one of my favourite to-go places during the weekends with my closest friends. Nice ambience, friendly staffs and delicious food are some of the reasons why I patronise them on a frequent basis.

Recently, Dazzling has shaken things up a little with the introduction of their mini toast (mini version of their signature toast) and their ‘Over the Top’ dessert platter – Bedazzled, bound to bewitch all the ladies’ heart. Also, the mini toast is specially designed for people who are constantly watching their diet.

Bedazzled // $49.90 (Without Foie Gras) & $59.90 (With Foie Gras)

The ‘Over the Top’ Bedazzled definitely dazzled me. It was insanely huge (occupied 3 tables) and it was super pretty. The whole dessert platter looks like a piece of art you would want to hang on your wall. It was very intricate with each detail carefully thought out and designed. A lot of effort was used in creating this amazing dessert. I was very impressed! Also, this dessert platter perfectly suits the Christmas vibe. You can definitely share this with a big group of friends this Christmas.

Take note: The bedazzled set is only available on Wednesdays to Friday in Orchard gateway outlet, 1 day advance reservation is needed.

Honestly, I don’t know how to go about tackling this dessert platter. It was too pretty to be eaten and I have no idea where to start because there’s so many for me to choose from. In this platter, it consists of the following:

1.     Foie-Gras Mousse
Foie-gras mousse with port-wine raisins, kirsch glaze and charcoal biscuit
2.     Matcha and Mango-Passion Torte
Layers of crispy royaltine, passion fruit cream, matcha sponge, mango mousse, fresh strawberries and coconut sphere.
3.     Strawberry and Cream Cheese Torte
Layers of almond sponge, strawberry cream, strawberry-mint gelee, cream cheese mousse and speculoos cookies
4.     White Chocolate and Coconut Lollipop
5.     Classic Honey Toast
6.     Chocolate Ball (items inside the chocolate ball)
- raspberry cream puff
- chocolate cream puff
- Raspberry microwave sponge
- Chocolate marshmallow
- Popping candies
- Vanilla ice-cream
- Raspberry sauce
- Chocolate brownie
- Chocolate frozen mousse

The dessert platter also comes with two free drinks (tea) which were contained in a light bulb. It is refreshing and it balances off the sweetness from the dessert platter because the tea itself wasn’t sweet at all.

Pandan Gula Melaka Mini Toast // $11.90

Butter toast with Kaya, Chendol, Salted Gula Melaka Ice-Cream, Pandan Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Pandan Crumble, Crushed Peanut, Custard, Fresh Strawberry, and Chocolate Wafer Sticks

Dazzling Café is famous for their signature toasts. If you step into Dazzling, you have to try their toast before you leave the place. To cater to the more health-conscious crowd (people who are always watching their diet) and allowing the public to try more flavours, Dazzling has introduced a mini version of their signature toasts which I thought was equally tasty and very clever of them. As the toasts are way smaller now, I don't have to worry about feeling jelat and uneasiness from my stomach. By the way, this toast was really tasty because every ingredients complement one another very well. Highly recommended!

If you want to have some mains before all the dessert, Dazzling Café serves a good range of mains which I will only briefly mention here since I have already talked about it on my previous blog post. You can click here to find out more. 

In frame, Dazzling Caesar Salad, Mentaiko Fries, Lobster Cold Capellini, Duck Confit Burger, Pan-seared Scallop & Parma Ham, Chicken Cutlet with Honey Mustard and Black Truffle & Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Dazzling Caesar Salad // $11.90

 Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing, topped w/ cherry tomato, croutons, parmesan cheese, italian parsley, bacon bits and herb marinated oven roasted chicken thigh

Mentaiko Fries // $9.50

Straight cut fries drizzled with mentaiko mayo and chives

Black Truffle & Wild Mushroom Risotto // $24.90

Shallots, Garlic, saureed mushrooms, white wine, chopped parsley, black truffle, truffle oil, parmesan

Chicken Cutlet with Honey Mustard // $19.90

Marinated chicken thigh breaded with bread crumbs, topped with 2 sunny side egg and arugula

Pan-seared Scallop & Parma Ham // $15.90

Pan seared scallop, parma ham, pea puree, quinoa, salmon roe, paprika powder

Lobster Cold Capellini // $27.90

Cold capellini, marinated with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, white pepper, chives, poached lobster tail in butter, mentaiko mayo, basil powder, salmon roe, micro herbs

Dazzling is also a good place to get your coffee cravings fix. They serve quite a huge variety of different flavoured coffee. My favourite, up till today, is still their Hazelnut-flavoured coffee. If you want to go for a more Instagram-worthy coffee, then you have to order their Rainbow Latte.

Thank you Dazzling Café for once again pampering me with all the delicious food and for the great hosting. Thanks for inviting my squad as well. #slaysquadsix

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #01-12, Singapore 238858
What To Order: Bedazzled & Mini Toasts
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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