I'm Kim Junior Korean BBQ...

Korean BBQ is the best way to bond with your loved ones. Yes, you might get greasy and dirty at the end of the meal but it is the best way to catch up and spend some quality time with your families and friends while grilling and cooking your food. Honestly, even though there’re so many different Korean barbecue restaurants in Singapore, most of them are either too pricey or they compromise on the quality of their food and limiting customers’ selection. It’s hard to find one that juggles both equally. The closest would probably be I’m Kim and Goro Goro.

In addition to these two, I’m Kim Junior Korean Restaurant, also under the same group, has recently opened its door at the hipster *SCAPE, offering a decent spread of BBQ ingredients for the public to choose from. During dinner, they even offer seafood to the guests. Besides that, I was so happy to see my all-time favourite Korean Chicken Wings at their cooked food station which are so irresistible. On top of that, you can also enjoy FREE FLOW Truffle Fries at I’m Kim Junior Korean Restaurant.

So, soak yourself and your loved ones in the Korean atmosphere at I’m Kim Junior Restaurant today and remember to go there with an empty stomach!

Since I’m Kim at Dohby Ghaut and Goro Goro is always crowded, you can try your luck at I’m Kim Junior. 

The restaurant is very spacious, with the setting very similar to a restaurant in Korea. You can also enjoy Kpop music while having your meal. I was eating and singing along with the catchy Kpop songs!

A decent range of BBQ items for you to choose from. If I were you, I’ll probably tackle all their marinated meats, especially the garlic-marinated chicken. 

They offer seafood at night! So, if you are planning to go there, I would highly suggest that you go there at night. More value-for-money!

The Japchae (Korean Glass Noodle) was not too bad. It was flavourful and not too tough.

The Korean Chicken Wings are still my favourite item at I’m Kim Junior. The wings were really huge and they were well-marinated. It was tender and juicy! I would come here just for the wings. Too addictive!

They also have FREE FLOW Truffle Fries for the truffle-lovers! The fries were decent, old-school and has an aromatic truffle smell. Don’t expect it to be out of the world but it was really not bad for the price you are paying!

Look at the food I grilled the other day. Not the best but it was very tasty. Really reminded me of my Korea exchange programme two years ago where I had Korean BBQ almost every two weeks.

Besides the boring BBQ, you can also stir-fry and create your own dish. The staff was very nice to help me make Kimchi Fried Rice with CHEESE! It smelled so good that everyone was looking at my table! Before I forget, you can pay $1 to get the cheese! I'm hungry again looking at the picture!

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 2 Orchard Link, *Scape, #03-01, Singapore 237978
What To Order: BUFFET
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival...

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has always been a very popular destination for both the locals and tourists. It is filled with people during the weekends – Family having picnic on the grass-field, people jogging on the tracks and the rest admiring the beautiful greenery. Named as Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is not only recognised for its role in the fields of tropical botany and horticulture, it also has a rich historical and cultural background which many Singaporeans may not be aware of. Each building or tree at the garden has a story to tell.

To celebrate the achievement and rich heritage of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, they have organised a Heritage Festival from 30th June – 9 July 2017 where a series of programmes have been lined up for the public. The restaurants in the garden have specially created a menu for the festival which I’ll be sharing in my blog. Besides that, you can also look forward to a whole range of fun-filled activities in the gardens such as live performances, yoga session, tours, plant sales and FREE ENTRY to the National Orchid Garden. So, keep you and your family free for both weekends because it will be a memorable experience at the Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival. Mark your calendar now!


1) Food For Thought
In lieu of the Heritage Festival, Food For Thought has come up with a modern twist to classic-favourites – Nasi Lemak Risotto and Iced Rose Bandung Ice Cream Ripple. Also, they will be having an Old School Mini Carnival from 8 & 9th July 2017 at 11am-2pm where kids will get to enjoy traditional games like Goli and Chapteh, as well as try local snacks such as kachang puteh, ice balls and gula melaka cotton candy. Admission is FREE!

Food For Thought's Special Heritage Set // $18 (Include GST)
The special set which comes with a Nasi Lemak Risotto and Iced Rose Bandung Ice Cream Ripple is definitely very value-for-money!

Iced Rose Bandung Ice Cream Ripple
Initially, I was very sceptical about the drink because it looked very sweet and artificial to me but I was wrong. The Bandung was definitely aromatic, with the rose flavour retaining in the mouth and it was not overly sweet. The ice cream complemented the drink very well. It was a life-saver especially with the insanely hot weather nowadays! Very refreshing!

Nasi Lemak Risotto
This was a good rendition of our Nasi Lemak Risotto. The rice was flavourful, with a subtle coconut flavour which I really liked. The crispy chilli chicken cutlet was well-marinated and it was not dry. I fell in love with the sambal which was so addictive. Wasn’t very spicy at all. The poached egg was on point, super runny!

2) Halia
Halia is one restaurant that I always wanted to visit but never got the chance. Recently, they are Halal-certified which I believe the Muslim community would be very excited about. To celebrate the Heritage Festival, Halia has also rolled out a special Heritage set ($30++) - Halia’s Singapore-style Chilli Crab Spaghetti and Chilled Lemongrass & Ginger Infusion Drink. Also, they have a Chilli Crab Sauce Cooking Demonstration on 1,2,8,9th July 2017 at 4.30pm which will run for an approximate of 45 minutes. Admission is FREE but you need to register!

Since they are now Halal-certified, Halia is not serving any alcohol anymore. Instead, the bar has now turned into a place where the herbalists (bartenders) mixed and infused different kind of herbs.

All guests are greeted with an Orange-infused Ginger drink which was very refreshing.

Chilled Lemongrass & Ginger Infusion Drink
Many people didn’t like the drink because they felt that it was too bland. On the contrary, I liked the drink because it was light. It definitely paired well with the heavy Chilli Crab Pasta. There was a subtle lemongrass flavour at the back with a tint of spiciness from the ginger. I enjoyed the combination!

Halia's Singapore-style Chilli Crab Spaghetti
They were very generous with the chilli crab servings. The pasta wasn’t as heavy as it looks. Portion was quite huge as well.

Lemongrass & Ginger Prawn Salad // $19
If you are interested in their brunch menu, this is also one of their signature starter which was Thai-inspired. The prawns were fresh, well-marinated and very crunchy. It goes very well with the mixed salads. A good dish to kick start your feast at Halia!

Ginger Spice, all things nice // $9
We all unanimously agreed that this was so good we all wanted one portion of it. The coconut flavour was not too overwhelming and the mousse melts in the mouth. A MUST-TRY!

The Ginger Garden // $14
This was too pretty to be eaten. I love how the white chocolate outer ring paired with the poached apples. The ginger sorbet was refreshing. 

3) Gardens Shop
Enjoy a sip of Singapore through two refreshing cold brews – Garden Tea and Orchid Tea – two of Gardens Shop’s signature Orchid Teas. By the way, the Gardens Shop offers an extensive selection of souvenirs ranging from jewellery and exotic teas. To celebrate the Heritage Festival, they have launched a range of Heritage-inspired snacks and souvenirs. Also, you can receive a complimentary Tea Sampler Pack with any purchase from Gardens Shop at the National Orchid Garden, while stocks last from 1,2,8 & 9th July 2017. 

I was very tempted to buy some of the souvenirs. They were all so pretty! 

4) Casa Verde
Café by day, restaurant by night. Offering classic Italian dishes at affordable price, Casa Verde has come out with an exclusive Heritage special – Beef Rendang Pizza, and Heritage Set which showcases some of Singapore’s iconic favourites. They will also be launching their newest Mui Kee Congee Porridge menu on the 30th June onwards.

Beef Rendang Pizza // $25 nett & Heritage Set // $19.50 nett
Very good deal! For the Heritage Set, it comes with either Prawn Noodle Soup or Seafood Char Kway Teow, Iced Jelly with Aloe Vera, and a choice of soft drink or regular coffee.

Beef Rendang Pizza
Generous servings of beef rendang on the pizza! The beef rendang was well-marinated and tender. The thin pizza was damn delicious. One slice and you can't stop!

Prawn Noodle Soup
Everyone was impressed with the prawn broth. It was rich and flavourful. Prawns were fresh and the noodles were springy.  

Seafood Char Kway Teow
The Char Kway Teow had a strong wok hei flavour and it was not oily. They were also very generous with the seafood servings.

Iced Jelly with Aloe Vera
What I need on a scorching hot afternoon, especially after walking in the gardens. The Iced Jelly with Aloe Vera was very refreshing.  

5) Corner House
Most of you may not know that Corner House has a rich history dated all the way back to the Japanese Occupation. The Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens, E.J.H Corner used to live in the house. Today, the house has converted into a restaurant. Besides rolling out a special Heritage Discovery Menu (128++), Dr. Nura binte Abdul Karim, Deputy Director from the Research & Conservation Branch of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, will be giving a short introduction to the house and its history.

The interior is beautifully-designed and the view outside is gorgeous.

Chicken Rice
Their modern rendition of Chicken Rice was impressive. The chicken was tender and juicy and the rice was so soft.

Kaya Toast
I was blown away by their deconstructed Kaya Toast. So many different kind of textures in just one dessert. The Kaya flavour was strong but not too overwhelming! A must-try!

6) Food Canopy
If you have a tight budget, the Singapore Botanic Gardens also has a food court – The Food Canopy where you can get affordable local dishes. You can also find Di Wei Teochew Restaurant inside where they offer an extensive range of affordable and authentic Teochew dishes. Known for their cold crab, Di Wei Teochew Restaurant is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family over a sumptuous feast without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cold Crab
It’s hard to find places that serve Cold Crab in Singapore. The ones I’ve tried are extremely expensive. The Cold Crab at Di Wei Teochew Restaurant is relatively affordable. It was well-steamed, without the crab having a fishy smell or taste. The meat was really fresh and sweet.

Prawn Balls
The prawn balls were huge, stuffed with generous ingredients within. It was very addictive!

Cai Po Kway Teow
First time having a Cai Po Kway Teow and I love it. The flavour wasn’t as strong as I have expected (it would be good if the Cai Po flavour was stronger) but it was still good. Some people might find it too bland but I thought it was just nice.

7) The Garage
I have heard so many good reviews about the Garage. Housing two different concepts, with the first level – Bee Knees, a laid-back café that offers sandwiches, waffles and many more and the second level – Botanico, a contemporary bistro that serves seasonality-driven cuisines. Expect exciting activities here during Heritage Festival such as Kids’ Pizza-making Workshops on 1 & 2 July at 4-5pm ($30 per pax).

Absolutely stunned by the design and décor! Feels like a great place for a drink with friends!

Turmeric Twist // $12 ++ (Usual Price: $16++)
The cocktail was very refreshing, with a subtle spiciness right at the end. It wasn’t too sweet and I believe it will be a popular drink among the ladies!

Chargrilled Iberico Char Siew // $34++
This was legit delicious. The Char Siew was well-marinated and very tender. It definitely paired well with the pumpkin mousse. This dish was so good that everyone was fighting to finish the last piece.

Tropical Fruits // $12++ (Usual Price: $14++)
What? Laksa Leaf Ice Cream with Jackfruit? Are you sure it’s going to taste good? I was sceptical about the dessert initially but the combination works. Both flavour somehow complemented one another very well. One bite and you can’t stop.

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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