Craft Feeds... Are you looking for a new drinking spot to chill with your friends or colleagues? Nestled in a hidden corner at Duxton, Cr...

Craft Feeds: New Drinking Spot with Interesting & Unique Craft Beers Opens at Duxton


Craft Feeds...

Are you looking for a new drinking spot to chill with your friends or colleagues? Nestled in a hidden corner at Duxton, Craft Feeds is a new restaurant & bar that offers interesting craft beers around the world paired with their exquisite tapas-style food. You can book your reservation at Craft Feeds via the Quandoo app!

It’s definitely a great hangout place for you and your friends, especially with their unique craft beers and delectable tapas dishes.

They also serve draft beers, ranging from light to heavy which you will definitely find one that suits your preference. It feels especially refreshing gulping down a freshly pumped iced cold beer during hot weather like this.

Kona Longboard Lager ($10) & Lost Coast Indice IPA ($11)
Out of these two, I preferred the IPA beer because the flavour was heavier and stronger. It has a subtle bitterness at the end which I really liked. The beer was also very smooth. On the other hand, the flavour was lighter for the lager, good for people who dislike strong beers. It was relatively sweet for me. The staff told me it was a popular drink among the ladies. 

Chicken Breast, Lemon Aioli, Tabbouleh, Pine Nuts, Parmesan & Soft Centred Egg // $17
The combination was great. It had so many flavours in it – sweet, sour and salty which makes the dish very appetising. The egg was soft and melty – egg yolk melts in the mouth. The chicken breast wasn’t tough and it was very juicy. I like how the pine nuts were added to enhance the flavour and texture (crunchiness). 

Chargrilled Zucchini, Sweetcorn, Avocado & Mint, Chile-Lime Dressing & Creme Fraiche // $12
Never judge a book by its cover! I was very sceptical about this dish initially but it turned out to be one of my favourite dish at Craft Feeds. It was sour, but a good kind of sour that opens up your appetite immediately. The sweet corn actually neutralises the sourness, making the dish very enjoyable. One bite and you can’t stop! Very addictive. A must-try! 

Duck Fat Potatoes, Bacon, Sour Cream & Chives // $12
Nothing can go wrong with potatoes and bacon! The potatoes were well-cooked – not too tough or soggy. The bacon was thick and juicy. 

Wagyu Rump, Watercress Pomegranate, Pomelo & Green Papaya // $21
The beef was tender and juicy, and it paired well with the sour-sweet combination from the salad. Very appetising!

Pork Cheeks, Marmite Butter, Parsnip, Charred Baby Corn & Mustard Mayo // $19
If you really like strong and savoury flavours, you will definitely like the pork cheeks. It was well-marinated and flavourful. 

Flame-seared Salmon // $8
This was another favourite dish of mine! The salmon tasted like Bah Kwa! It was well-seared, very flavourful. The inner layer was so soft and melty. 

Poached Pear, Hazelnut Prune Soil & Frozen Lime Candy // $14
Isn’t this deconstructed dessert very pretty? Is it only pleasing to the eyes? No, it was very pleasurable to the tastebuds. The hazelnut flavour was strong and it matches the poached pear very well. Not overly sweet! 

Chocolate, Lime Mascarpone, Pistachio & Black Olive Salt // $14
This was so good that I was so tempted to order another one again! The chocolate was super rich and creamy, yet it wasn’t very sweet and jelat. I like how the olives contrasted with the chocolate – salty and sweet combination works perfectly for me.

Doesn’t Craft Feeds sounds like the perfect place to chill after work? So, TGIF next week at Craft Feeds and unwind all your stress away! Remember that you can book via the Quandoo App!

Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar/Outram
Location: 13 Duxton Hill Singapore 089597
What To Order: Beers & Tapas
Restaurant Rating: 4/10
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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