Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street... I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. On one hand, I really appreciate Facebook for relivi...

Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street: Mini Japan Opens at Great World City


Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street...

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. On one hand, I really appreciate Facebook for reliving my old memories but it is also, at the same time, very frustrating to be reminded of the happy memories I have once enjoyed. Recently, Facebook reminded me of my graduation trip to Japan a year ago and that’s when I realised I really miss the food in Japan. I miss the comforting ramen in Tokyo, the amazing soba in Kyoto and the crispy & flavourful tempuras in Osaka. So, where can I satisfy these cravings in Singapore?

On 2nd May 2017, Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street has opened its third outlet in Great World City, featuring a total of five dining and retail venues which includes the familiar Ichiban Boshi, Shimbashi Soba, Kuriya Japanese Market as well as new brands Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen and Ami Ami which I will be sharing more on my blog. Remember to bring an empty stomach with you when you head to the mini Japanese heaven in Great World City! Ikimashou!

See Japan, Taste Japan & Feel Japan at the newly opened Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street! 

1) Ami Ami by Kuriya Dining
At Ami Ami, you can choose to dine at the Tempura counter, where seasonal produce is battered and deep-fried by the order, or at the Robatayaki counter, where it is slow-grilled over charcoal for a distinctive, smoky flavour. Helmed by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki, Ami Ami showcases the freshest seafood from Japan and around the world. Aside from an extensive selection of seafood from fish to live scallops on the a la carte menu, guests can also indulge in affordable Set Meals, Seafood Platters, Sashimi Platters and Tempura Platters that are great for sharing.

Ami Ami Tempura Set // $45.80++
If you can’t decide what to eat, I would highly recommend you their Ami Ami Tempura Set which was very value-for-money. At only $45.80++, you get to enjoy the Sashimi of the day, Charcoal grilled Live Scallop Robatayaki, Prawn, Chicken, Fish and Vegetable Tempuras as well as the egg-porn worthy Onsen Egg. Another thing worth mentioning was how the tempuras were served. They will serve you the tempura one by one so as to retain the crispiness and freshness of each tempura. Super delicious!

"Fuji" Sashimi 5 Kinds // $26.80++
The sashimi are subjected to change according to seasonality and availability. In this platter, there is Maguro, Salmon (Norway), Sawara Aburi (Spanish Mackerel), Kampachi (Amberjack) and Tai. My favourites were the Sawara Aburi and Kampachi.

Original Egg Tempura Rice // $6.50++
I thought the fried egg was going to be very oily but it wasn’t. It was crispy on the outside and soft & melty on the inside. You have got to try this!

Live Scallop Robayataki with 3 Toppings // $19.80++
Charcoal-grilled live scallop topped with crabmeat, sea urchin & salmon roe

Live Scallop Robayataki // $7.80++
I really love the Scallop Robatayaki at Ami Ami. The scallops were really fresh and sweet. The juice that was forming inside the scallop was really flavourful. A must-try!

Opening Special
Get the selected Sparkling Wine by glass (usual price: $15.80) at only $6.80++ with any food you order.

2) Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen
With a rich history dated back to the 1950s, Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen uses the traditional Sappora method of stir-frying bean sprouts, minced pork and leek together with a collagen-rich miso-infused tonkotsu broth to prepare their ramen. The rich broth is then served with signature thick, curly Nishiyama noodles specially imported from Hokkaido.

Tokusen Sapporo Miso Ramen // $19.50++
The pork broth was really fragrant, flavourful and sweet. It complemented the springy Sapporo noodles very well. They were also very generous with the portion of char-siew they gave (see how big the char-siew is in the picture). It was tender and juicy. The chef also added potato wedges to go with the ramen and the combination surprisingly works.

Sapporo Spicy Shio Ramen // $17.90++
 If you like your ramen broth to be heavier and spicier, this is the one you should go for. Personally, I really like how salty and spicy the broth is, gives an extra kick when you gulp the ramen and broth down your throat. By the way, the egg was super melty and tasty. 

3) Shimbashi Soba
At Shimbashi Soba, diners will enjoy buckwheat soba that is made fresh daily. The soba is made using pesticide-free buckwheat cultivated under perfect weather conditions in Tasmania, and put through a stringent three-step soba-making process. Diners can enjoy the soba two ways: seiro, where the noodle is dipped in chilled sauce, and tsukemen seiro, where the noodle is dipped in a warm broth.​ It is especially refreshing in this hot & humid weather!

Seiro // $11.80++
Out of the so many sobas that I’ve tried that night, I still prefer their original one. It was smooth and flavourful. What I need to curb the hot weather. Very refreshing.

Warigo Soba // $21.80++
5 small bowls of chilled noodles with 5 different toppings
Again, this is specially created for people who can’t decide to get and also for people who wants to eat everything. Items are subjected to availability.

Yoshi san's Special Pudding A La Mode // $12.80++
The best way to end off our Japanese feast – Chef’s Mum’s Pudding. The pudding was really soft, rich and flavourful. One bite and you can’t stop until you finish everything. It pairs well with the fruits and my favourite Matcha ice cream. 

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping) 

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