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Located within East Village, Pasta Meat Sauce is a very down-to-earth cafe that sells a fair range of really affordable and delicious pasta. Opened by the same group of people behind Rice & Fries, Pasta Meat Sauce also offers pasta customization according to the preference of the customers. Chef Ken, the owner of both outlets, promised to deliver and serve the best pasta to the customers with the culinary skills and experiences he had gained working in well-established hotels such as The Ritz Carlton, The Fullerton and Crowne Plaza Hotel. With such cheap and delectable pasta, Pasta Meat Sauce is one cafe you shouldn't miss.

This is what I had at Pasta Meat Sauce the other day. I'm already salivating just by looking at the pictures!

East Village is not far away from Tanah Merah Mrt station but it's still quite a walking distance from the subway station. If you do not wish to walk under the scorching hot sun (I would rather not), then take a bus which is just two stops away from the station. I had to walk under the blazing hot weather because I alighted one stop later. Since East Village is relatively new in Simpang Bedok, not many people are aware of this retail, and food & beverage mall. There aren't many shops in the mall yet, except for a few restaurants but it is still worth visiting as it is said to be a reprieve away from hectic city life. People living in the East are always so blessed to have so many good food in their area. I want to move to the East already!

It is quite easy to locate this simple and modernistic mall at Simpang Bedok! I can forsee that it's gonna be the next popular place for people to hangout in a few years time. The management should think of ways to promote this place since there is potential.

Occupying a small area in the mall, there isn't much space in Pasta Meat Sauce, probably 3-4 tables and I don't think it's possible for them to cater to a large group. This also explains why the cafe is known as a "unique cafe takeout booth" since most people would order takeaway. As the name of the cafe suggests, customers are able to choose Pasta (Spaghetti), Meat (Seafood/Chicken/Beef) and Sauce (Tom Yam, Carbonara, Pesto, Bolognese) at only $8 NETT.  

To complement their pasta, Pasta Meat Sauce also offers some finger food at very reasonable prices. It's really damn cheap. Hawker centres nowadays don't even have food that is cheaper than the ones in Pasta Meat Sauce.

They also have TRUFFLE FRIES at only $6!! So cheap and tempting!

I got to try their truffle fries, calamari rings and spicy drumlets. All were so good and I had to control myself from finishing all of them since I was on a strict diet for my dance compeitition. They were generous in the portion they gave, especially the truffle. You know in some places, the truffle taste is so minimal or sometimes even non-existent that I wonder why is it still called "TRUFFLE FRIES" when I can't even taste the truffle at all. Thankfully, the truffle fries at Pasta Meat Sauce did not disappoint even though it was cheap. The calamari rings were not too bad but I felt that it was a bit too oily for me. Perhaps some people will like their calamari rings to be oily but not for me. Also, it will be good if there were some chilli mayo to go with the calamari rings. The spicy drumlets were my favourite. They were so delicious that I wanted to order some to take-away. The drumlets were well-marinated, flavourful, crispy and luscious, basically there's nothing to complain plus it is so cheap. Overall, I'm very impressed with the snacks they offer.

They even have free complementary food or drink with every TWO pasta purchase.
Mon: Drinks, Tues: Closed, Wed: Potato Wedges, Thurs: Cheese Fries, Friday: 3rd Pasta, Sat: Truffle Fries, Sun: Chicken Nuggets
The deals are really very enticing!

Drawn by one of their talented part-timer who is currently studying in Laselle. 

This is where you get all your utensils and tissues.

Chef Ken's nephew, and also the only chef in Pasta Meat Sauce. Very hardworking, friendly and charismatic person. Not forgetting his great culinary skills as well.

Mixed Seafood Aglio Olio // The ingredients used were fresh. Portion was really huge even though it was $8. Good use of spices which made the aglio olio very flavourful and fragrant. 

Minced Beef with Tom Yam Cream Sauce // My favourite pasta and I can finish 2 bowls of this by myself. The tom yam sauce was rich and creamy. Minced beef was well-marinated and juicy. This is a must-try!

I don't have a picture of the spaghetti bolognese because I accidentally deleted it away. I'm not a huge fan of tomato so I usually won't order spaghetti bolognese. You might like it if you love tomatoes.

Thanks Pasta Meat Sauce and Nabila for the food tasting invitation. I really enjoyed myself! If you guys are interested to find out more about Pasta Meat Sauce, you can head over to their Instagram! If I'm not wrong, they also provide delivery services in the East vicinity. 

Nearest Mrt Station: Tanah Merah
Location: 430 Upper Changi Road #01-72 East Village
What To Order: Pastas
Cafe Ratings: 3/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Price: $8

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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