Cuca Restaurant... If you’ve been to Bali before, you will know that Jimbaran is famous for its beach and sunset. In the evening, all th...

Cuca Restaurant: A Must-Visit Hidden Gem in Jimbaran, Bali


Cuca Restaurant...

If you’ve been to Bali before, you will know that Jimbaran is famous for its beach and sunset. In the evening, all the bars and restaurants are fully filled with people waiting to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I was no exception but I wanted to find a nice & quiet restaurant away from the crowd and guess what? I found it. Located in a hidden alley in Jimbaran, Cuca is a posh and modern restaurant that serves an extensive range of creative Indonesian-Western fusion dishes at a very affordable price. From the presentation to the texture and flavour of its dishes, the team at Cuca has definitely set the bar very high. Besides their impressive food, they also offer interesting and exquisite drinks which I wanted to bring home so badly.

My whole dining experience at Cuca was made more complete and yes, very memorable with the top-notch service from its friendly and knowledgeable staff, Nicole, who explained in-detail to me the concept behind the restaurant as well as their dishes. Before I forget, the plates and glasses at Cuca are all made from recycling materials. Away from the touristy area, this is a hidden restaurant you must visit at Jimbaran, in Bali (perfect spot for lovebirds as well)!

I was awed when I entered the restaurant. Very posh and modern! It looks like I’m stepping into the main entrance of a high-class hotel.

They were preparing for a wedding event indoor that day and I witnessed how delicate the staffs were. Everything was set in a very symmetrical order. Super OCD but I believe the clients will definitely be happy!

Beautiful Chef’s Table indoor! Good for large families!

If you like to see how the chef prepares your food, this is the place for you. I would if I was alone.

Outdoor Bar! The place to be during the night!

If you prefer outdoor seats with shade, they have it too!

Honestly, I prefer the Alfresco area because it feels so calming dining with nature! Also, they provide insect repellent but I would suggest wearing a long pants as well. 

They have a kids’ corner too. Instead of feeding them with Ipads, let them run around the mini playground at Cuca. 

Like what I mentioned earlier, the plates and glasses are all recycled. Very good practice that should be uphold elsewhere!

The lights are all carved with Cuca ‘C’ logo!

Tokyo Mojito
Isn’t this drink cute? The Tokyo Mojito has a strong lime flavour which was extremely refreshing and it complemented the starters I had very well. I believe the ladies will love this! Also, the ice cube has a fresh lime inside it. Very unique way of presenting a Mojito! A must-try!

Have you ever seen a Sangria that is served in a glass bottle? I have never but I really liked the presentation. Instead of using fresh chopped fruits, they used fruits that are made into ice and you pour the drink into the glass. The more you drink, the fruitier the drink becomes. What I need on a hot weather!

Cotton Betutu
This Cotton Betutu contains a few different herbs & spices which you can definitely taste once you pop it into your mouth. It melts instantly when it touches your mouth and the flavour immediately fills up your entire mouth. We were surprised by its taste! Before you start your meal, the staff will serve this dish to open up your appetite! Trust me, they really do!

Mushroom Fritters
This must be the cutest mushroom presentation I’ve ever seen in my life so far! I took quite a fair bit of time taking photos of it! The top of the mushroom was soft while the body (similar to a croquette) was very crispy and they complemented one another very well. I also love the oozing cheese when you gently bite the mushroom. Definitely makes a very good bar snack. The people who were seating on the next table was exhilarating with joy when they popped the mushroom inside their mouth.

Roasted Pork Buns
The pancakes were soft, fluffy and very fragrant. It matches the savoury pork belly very well. You have a mixture of sweet and savoury at the same time. The pork belly was well-marinated and tender. I could easily finish two by myself.

Broccoli Caesar
I am impressed with how they prepare their Caesar Salad. They added broccoli to enhance the crunchiness of the dish and coconut shavings for a more refreshing flavour. It was very addictive. 

Smoked Butterfish
This was my favourite dish at Cuca. The fish was fresh and sweet. It definitely paired well with the beetroot yoghurt sauce which was very refreshing. Before you even know it, you have already finish this beautiful dish!

These two desserts were not only aesthetically pleasing, they were also very pleasurable to the tastebuds.

Cocoa 99
As the name suggests, this dessert uses 100% dark cocoa and it paired very well with the in-house mint ice cream and brownie. The brownie was super fudgy and has a subtle bitter aftertaste. A must-order!

Bali Breakfast
If you like a sweet-sour combination, you would probably fall in love with this! It’s not egg by the way, it’s a dessert that’s made from mango and passionfruit. The first bite is a gushing sour taste, followed by a sweet aftertaste which was very refreshing. It gets better and better!

Thank you Cuca for the warm hospitality and I’ll definitely visit when I’m in Bali again!

Location:  Jl. Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80364
What To Order: Mushroom Fritters, Roasted Pork Buns, Smoked Butterfish, Bali Breakfast & Cocoa 99
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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