Shrove Tuesday... I have always secretly wished for a dessert café to be opened under my block. A convenient place where I can satisfy m...

Shrove Tuesday: Dessert Café at Bradell/Toa Payoh Neighbourhood


Shrove Tuesday...

I have always secretly wished for a dessert café to be opened under my block. A convenient place where I can satisfy my sudden cravings for ice cream. Unless I move somewhere else, this dream is never going to happen.

People residing in the Bradell or Toa Payoh area are so fortunate. The very popular dessert shop – Creamier is just situated in the vicinity. However, the space at Creamier is really small and it is always so packed. It is almost impossible to get a seat during the weekends.

If you are looking for an alternative place to get your sweet tooth fixed, you might want to try Shrove Tuesday. Located in the Bradell neighbourhood, Shrove Tuesday is a cosy and unpretentious café that serves a good range of desserts (from ice cream, waffle, cakes to pastries) as well as some other light bites. It is also very kid-friendly. 

I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect substitute for Creamier since they are offering different kind of concept. The ice cream at Shrove Tuesday is richer, and their waffle belongs to the crispier and drier spectrum.

Cafe Latte // $5
The coffee was not too bad. It was aromatic, strong and very consistent. Good place to have a good cup of coffee before your day starts. There’s also nice latte art on your coffee to brighten up your day! 

Affogato // $5.50
When you want to have coffee and ice cream at the same time – Affogato. The espresso was really strong and thick, and it complemented the vanilla ice cream very well. Overall, the sweet and bitter flavour was very well-balanced.

Mao Shan Wang Chendol // $8.90
This was very refreshing, especially on a hot scorching afternoon. Durian flavour was really strong but it did not overpower the chendol flavour. Super huge portion as well. Good for sharing!

Mexican Hot Chicken Drumlets // $7.90
No offence but the drumlets tasted very similar to the ones from Pizza Hut. The drumlets wasn’t very spicy and the meat was relatively tender. Teenagers will love this!

Oven Roasted Angus Beef on Black Pepper & Oven Baked Mac & Cheese // $15.90
The beef was well-marinated. It was flavourful and very juicy. A small cut and you can see the juice oozing out from the beef. The mac and cheese did not fare as well as the beef. It tasted very sour (like it was spoilt but the staff told us it was not). I would probably order something else!

Nonya Chendol // $12.90
The ice cream here are really good. The chendol flavour was really strong and it matches the azuki beans and green jelly very well. Waffle was crispy but it was a tad dry for me.

Rainbow Cheesecake
They also have cakes that are out-sourced. Never liked rainbow cheesecake because it is either too sweet or too dry. This one was not too bad but it was still too jelat for me! 

Apple Pie
They definitely improved their Apple Pie from my last visit. The crust was not too floury and also not too hard. The apple fillings did not taste artificial and too sweet as well.

Milo Dinosaur // $12.90
This was sinfully delicious. The chocolate ice cream was so rich that I believe all the chocolate fans will be exhilarating with excitement. Deadly addictive! A must-try!

Nearest Mrt Station: Bradell
Location: 94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-32, Singapore 310094
What To Order: Waffles & Ice Cream
Café Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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