Nesuto... Whenever there’s a new dessert café in town, my antenna picks up straight away. Located at a corner in Tras Street, Nesuto is a ...

(NEW) Nesuto: New French Dessert Café Opens At Tanjong Pagar



Whenever there’s a new dessert café in town, my antenna picks up straight away. Located at a corner in Tras Street, Nesuto is a cosy and dainty café that specializes in exquisite cakes and entremets. I fell in love with their pastries when I visited them during their soft launch. Not only were the pastries aesthetically-pleasing, they were very pleasurable to the taste buds. Also, you get to pair your pastries with teas from Antea Social. What I liked most about Nesuto is that they are very receptive to customers' feedback. Improvements were made to their pastries after looking through all the customers' response and opinion.

 I foresee myself returning for their pastries a few more times. Definitely not sick of the desserts here!

Simple-looking but this Madeleine was jaw-dropping delicious. It was soft, fluffy and not too sweet. I need a pot of tea right now!

Noisette Rocher
Chocolate-lovers will fall in love with this! It has a strong hazelnut flavour which lingers in the mouth. I thought it was going to be sweet and jelat but I was wrong. It turns out to be very addictive. The crust and mousse definitely complemented one another very well.

The newly-improved Suzette is so much better than the one during their soft launch. It was not sweet and the flavours were well-balanced. I love the subtle flavour of the Orange Caramel as well as the crunchy Chocolate Pearls which made the Suzette very memorable.

Le Omm
This was my favourite dessert at Nesuto. The Matcha Cake was super delicious. If you prefer your matcha cake to be sweeter, you will definitely like this! The azuki beans and rum matches the matcha cake very well. It was soft, fluffy and not too watery. A must-try!

Blush Berry
The Blush Berry was nicely baked, a balanced sweet-sour flavour, and a nice smooth and soft texture which was very pleasurable to the taste buds. Also, it is super pretty. 

Coco Nata
If you are a fan of coconut, you might want to try this! Behind the light silky coconut mousse lies an aromatic caramelised banana cream imbedded in the centre!  

Goma Cake
As usual, the cake is moist and fluffy. The Goma Cake was soaked with a strong black sesame flavour which hits the palette very well. One bite calls for another!

Yuzu Raspberry
Didn’t expect Yuzu to marry so well with Strawberry. Both flavours complemented one another very well. It was not overly sweet and very flavourful. I could finish one slice all by myself!

Chocolate Fondant
Nesuto is launching their plated dessert soon and here’s a sneak preview of one – Chocolate Fondant. It was moist and chocolatey rich!

Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar
Location: 53 Tras St Singapore 078992
What To Order: Cakes & Entremets
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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