ECligner Treatment... After much debate, I’ve decided it is best for my soul to share my personal struggle of finding my authentic true ...

Jesselton Dental Centre: My ECligner Journey To A Whiter & Healthier Teeth (Part 1)


ECligner Treatment...

After much debate, I’ve decided it is best for my soul to share my personal struggle of finding my authentic true self with you (my readers). This is my story.  In my teenage years, I’ve often lacked the confidence to express myself. As an awkward teenager, I struggled with being obese and shy away from communicating in big groups because of my insecurities. Then, I was often a target for bullies in school because of my outward appearance and inability to stand-up for myself. I found myself falling into the deep pits of depression.

Breaking through the bind of teen bullies
It took me awhile to break free from this vicious cycle of feeling inadequate. After a strict routine of dieting and exercise, I lost a significant amount of weight and started paying more attention to how I dressed. That helped to boost my self-esteem tremendously. However, there seemed to be something else that was missing. I still was not able to smile confidently!

Regaining my confidence through my smile journey
Recently, I embarked on my smile journey with Jesselton Dental Centre. Determined to get the smile I desired. The team at Jesselton Dental Centre blew me away! 

Surprising News at the 1st Smile Consultation

I was expecting an old dentist to scold me about my bad brushing habits and for not taking better care of my teeth. But when Dr Amos came in the room with his big laugh and friendly bro handshake, it broke all the awkwardness and put me at ease (Also, he was far from being a grumpy old dentist). I told him that I wanted a natural and healthy smile and pointed out my insecurities. He was patient and listened well. After the examination, he shared that not only would I be able to straighten my teeth WITHOUT BRACES (AKA ECligner which I will elaborate more later) but by doing so, I would also close gaps that normally were hotspots for food trap! This was perfect! This meant that I could still enjoy food tastings and not worry about embarrassing encounters with food getting stuck in between my teeth! I’m so glad I am a candidate for clear aligner therapy-ECligner~!

Why choose Ecligner?

Dr Amos continued to share that ECligner is one of the few clear aligner therapies that the dental clinic uses to straighten teeth without braces. The clinic is not only an ECligner Certified Provider but also an INVISALIGN Provider as well. He explained that both therapies are like using different tools. Depending on the patient’s desired outcome the tool he uses is different.

What is ECligner?

"What sets ECligner apart from other clear aligner systems are the varying thicknesses of their aligner trays. The very thin layer thickness of your first aligner triggers the lowest biological energies that stimulate the reorganisation processes within the Desmodont or periodontal ligaments, this allows for minimal discomfort on first tooth movement. Then using sequential soft, medium and hard aligners we can simulate specific and deliberate tooth movements." –

1) ECligner is a custom-made tooth aligner that is transparent and very convenient to remove for eating and cleaning. This means that there is no lifestyle changes. You can Eat Anything you want and get on with daily life.
2) You only need to wear a minimum of 17 hours! (But the longer you wear, the faster the process of treatment)
3) It allows you to maintain high standards of oral hygiene and periodontal health by removing the aligners whilst brushing and flossing.
4) It comes in a set of soft, medium and hard (The amount of set depends on your treatment). They are created via state-of-the-art digital scans and 3D CAD-CAM technology to straighten your teeth with ease, precision and comfort.
I’ll be sharing more of the Pros and Cons of the different ways to straighten teeth soon!

My Problem Areas
In this visit we took some photos of my teeth. It may seem that my teeth are already pretty straight to begin with…from the front of course! But just check out my teeth photos!

1    1)  Food Trap
Look at the teeth tilting inwards! No coincidence that those are the areas I often have chunks of meat stuck there!

2    2)   Missing Tooth
Also, because of an accident in Korea I made a hasty decision to remove a tooth. 

As a food blogger it was important that I have healthy and decay free teeth! I wouldn’t want to be stung by a paralysing cold sensitive tooth when I taste ice cream flavours and desserts or have chunks of meat or vegetables stuck in my teeth. That’s why I’m so thankful that Jesselton Dental Centre so generously sponsored me to straighten my teeth and take care of my smile.

As their Smile Ambassador, I would like to share my unique smile journey with others. Thank God for modern technology, we don’t need to live with constant inconveniences! Also! Stay tuned for the next post for a GIVEAWAY!!

To be continued...

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