Phat Cat Laundry... Still remember the laundromat-themed restaurant & bar at Jiak Chuan Road? Yes, Phat Cat Laundry is back with an e...

Phat Cat Laundry: Introduces More Exciting Dishes To Their Menu


Phat Cat Laundry...

Still remember the laundromat-themed restaurant & bar at Jiak Chuan Road? Yes, Phat Cat Laundry is back with an expanded menu that features more exciting Asian-inspired food to go along with their creative drinks. If you have followed me closely on my previous post on Phat Cat Laundry, you would already know that it is one of my favourite to-go restaurant & bar in 2016.

Recently, they have widen their food selection so as to provide more options for the guests. Phat Cat Laundry has definitely raised their bar higher this time round, given that they have worked and improved on the feedbacks they have received. I was very impressed with their new dishes, especially their latest desserts which were a notch higher than the ones I had previously.

If you haven’t been to Phat Cat Laundry before, I'll encourage you to do so. It is a nice place for you to chill the night away with your colleagues or friends after a long stressful day of work. Be it food or drinks, you can count on Phat Cat Laundry.

Chill the night away with Phat Cat Laundry’s exhilarating cocktails and delectable Asian-inspired food. It’s a food & drink heaven! 

Before indulging in the new menu, you have to order their specialized cocktails to go along with the food. Just tell the bartender your preference and he/she will whip out a drink specially for you in no time.  
Foam Party 
Lemongrass rum, orange curacao, burnt lime, smoked pineapple, coconut cream, tiki bitters. This cocktail is more towards the sweeter side. If you don’t really like too much alcohol taste in your drink, then you should go ahead and order this. Well, I prefer mine to be a little stronger!  

Old Fashioned
I requested the bartender to make me a clean and strong old fashioned and I’m glad she didn’t disappoint me! So good that I was so tempted to order another one!

Mussels Gratin // $14
I’m in love with the succulent and juicy oysters. The spice and cheese went very well with the oysters. There’s a little kick of spiciness at the end but I thought it somehow trigger this reaction which I can’t seem to describe that cause you subconsciously to eat another oyster again. It definitely was a good complement to my drink. A very deadly combination!

Smoked Duck Quesadilla // $18
The smoked duck quesadillas caught me by surprise in a good way. It looked very dry but thankfully, it wasn’t. The duck was well-marinated and very juicy. A small bite into it and you’ll see huge amount of juices dripping down onto your hand. The only thing that I thought could make the dish even more perfect and complete is to provide some sauces to go with the smoked duck quesadillas. 

Mapo Chicken Wings // $14
People who can’t take spicy food, you got to watch out for this! The mapo chicken was definitely spicy but I love it. The flavour was strong and it got me so addictive after my second wing. 

Mammoth Pork Knuckle Tacos // $36
The pork knuckle was insanely huge, and definitely good for 2-3 people. The pork knuckle was so crispy that you will hear a very distinct crackling sound when you gently cut it. The meat inside was not dry and flavourful. They also provide some tortilla wraps for wrapping up the pork!

It comes with three different types of sauce: Pickled Red Onions (Kimchi), Lemongrass Aioli and Phat Cat BBQ sauce. I was very impressed with all the condiments because each of them were good in their own way. Definitely complemented the pork knuckle very well.

Affogato // $12
Brazilian coffee ice cream, gula melaka cream, koko crunch.
The combination works but the gula melaka flavour was a bit stronger and I’m not complaining! Perfect dessert on a hot scorching weather!

Halo-Halo Sunday // $12
Ube and coconut ice cream, nata de coco, jackfruit, palm nuts, corn flakes and evaporated milk.
A simple looking dessert but it stole my heart. Ice cream was rich and creamy. It was not too soft or not too chunky!

Pineapple Sticky-Rice-Sotto // $12
Coconut risotto, chunks of pineapple cooked in brown butter, butter crumble, yuzu-pear infused honey drizzle.
This dish is sort of the black horse. I don’t think many people will appreciate this dessert. For me, I really love the flavour but I thought the texture of the risotto could be better. It was a little too hard. Also, they could probably lessen the portion because it gets very jelat after awhile. Adding a scoop of ice cream can also neutralise the dryness of the dessert.

Thank you Phat Cat Laundry for the great hospitality once again! You can also read my previous post on Phat Cat Laundry:  to find out more about this place!

Nearest Mrt Station: Outram Park
Location: 4 Jiak Chuan Road
What To Order: Messy Sweet Potato Fries, Beef Ribs and Affogato
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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