fArt tArtz... Have you ever had your food in a jar before? Probably not, at least for me! Located within a quiet corner of Expo, fArt tA...

fArt tArtz


fArt tArtz...

Have you ever had your food in a jar before? Probably not, at least for me! Located within a quiet corner of Expo, fArt tArtz is an unpretentious café that offers an extensive range of mouth-watering pastas, sandwiches, flatbreads and desserts which are mostly served in a jar. Instead of seeing it as gimmicky, I would rather see the presentation as a way of enhancing the customers’ taste buds. Who doesn’t like their food to be visually or aesthetically pleasing? Another thing worth mentioning about fArt tArtz is their hand-crafted “No-Bake Desserts” which are healthier and at the same time, without compromising the taste.

The entire café gives off a very soothing and comfortable vibe which explains why so many people just hangs around in the café for a long period of time, especially students who chose to study in fArt tArtz. I was particularly attracted to the quiet and conducive environment of the café which is definitely the best place to spend some quality time of your own. I could spend the whole day in the café reading a novel with a cup of coffee and dessert. 

Food tastes as good as how it looks, featuring the Goldie Egg Chix, Chilled Chyepoh Capellini and Phanaeng Kari which are new. You will definitely experience phenomenal pleasure to both your tastebuds as well as your eyes.


(NEW) Phanaeng Kari // $13.90
The curry sauce was really impressive. It was fragrant - I could already smell it when the server was bring towards our table. It was also flavoursome but not too spicy, definitely an appetising and refreshing dish. The chicken was well-marinated, very tender and juicy. But again, I was more attracted to the curry sauce because it is really very delicious. I could drizzle some of the curry sauce onto a bowl of rice and I would finish 2-3 bowls of it. 

(NEW) Chilled Chyepoh Capellini // $12.90
As the name suggests, this is a cold dish! you might probably be sceptical about having chilled chyepoh but trust me, it works. The chyepoh was fragrant and delicious. I also like the texture of the noodles, very springy and it tasted very similar to the wanton noodles. 

 Goldie Egg Chix // $15.90
My favourite dish in fArt tArtz! The salted egg is out of the world and it is legit salted egg, not custard. You can really tastes bits of salted egg in the sauce which is what a salted egg sauce should be like. The amount of vegetables used in the flabread were appropriate so as to balance the strong flavour of the salted egg sauce which you will not feel jelat after awhile. The chicken was tender and it really goes very well with the salted egg sauce. Very sinful dish but it is totally worth the calories! 


The renowned "No-Bake Desserts" from fArt tArtz!

Featuring the Sea Salt Nutella Tart, Thai Milk Tea & Banana Tiramisu! Aren't them beautiful and cute?

Banana // $6.80
Thai Milk Tea // $6.80
Sea Salt Nutella Tart // $6.80

All of their jar tarts are priced at $6.80 regardless of which flavour! The jar tarts are not too sweet and it is addictive. I had to refrain myself from finishing everything and I had to literally push it away from me. The thai milk tea is my favourite, probably because I love thai milk tea but honestly it is so delicious. Take them away from me please, if not, I'm going to get real fat!

Thank you fArt tArtz for having me! I would definitely come back again to have some quality time for myself and of course, my Goldie Egg Chix! Also, fArt tArtz is looking at opening another outlet soon and I looked forward to the new outlet!

Nearest Mrt Station: Expo
Location: 1 Expo Drive #02-04, Singapore 486150
What To Order: Pasta, Goldie Egg Chix and Desserts
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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