Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s… I think I might have just found the next hipster place to hang out with your families and friends. Housed in the ...

Mr & Mrs Maxwell's


Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s…

I think I might have just found the next hipster place to hang out with your families and friends. Housed in the Club at 28 Ann Siang Road, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is a modern, pleasant and homely café that offers an extensive menu ranging from All Day Breakfast, Fruits, Cereals and Pancakes selection, Soups, Sandwiches and Plates selection to desserts. They also provide Cocktails and Adult Shakes for those who want to unwind themselves after a long day of work or for those who just want to perk themselves up for the remaining working days.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is a Singapore’s rendition of Mr & Mrs Smith which is more heart-warming (of course less the fighting scenes) and narrates the myth of an affectionate couple who love to cook for one another. Whether you choose to believe this story or not (I chose to believe the story), Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is indeed a family-based café and you can experience it through their settings, ambiance and food.

For those who might have already heard about or saw Mr & Mrs Maxwell on the various social media platforms, you would have definitely came across their beautiful and delicious-looking desserts which are so Instagram-worthy and I would be sharing some of their renowned desserts in this blog post.  

Grand Marnier Soufflé // $16

The Grand Marnier Soufflé is a hidden gem in Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s dessert selection besides the more popular Baked Alaska and Crepe Suzette. It requires 20 minutes of preparation and I am most willing to spend my time waiting for this heavenly goodness. 

The top layer of the soufflé is really crispy (my favourite part of the soufflé especially the sides) while the inner layer is so soft, it literally melts in my mouth. It was also very aromatic (I could smell it before it was even served onto my table) and flavoursome (Not very creamy, or milky but well-balance of flavours– you won’t get sick of it after a while). 

This dessert is perfect for the summer and goes very well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served at the side. This is a must-try! Also featuring one of Mr & Mrs Maxwell's Adult Shakes - Vodka Peanut Butter!

Baked Alaska // $16

This is probably one of the most beautiful dessert I’ve ever come across thus far in my life. It was so stunning that I couldn’t bare myself to eat it. The entire dish looks like it just came out from a fresh painting, it was that pretty. The cotton candy looks really sweet but who cares? Isn’t dessert supposed to fix your sweet tooth?

That’s not all. The Baked Alaska will also be flambéed by the chef when served, giving the whole dish a whole new dimension with just a little theatricality for an unforgettable meal. So take out your phone or camera to record this beautiful flambé moment (I would suggest videoing it down instead of taking photo) and be prepared to be blown away!

I don’t really know how to describe the taste and texture of the Baked Alaska after it has been flambéed but I can assure you it is really delicious. The taste is probably not as exotic as what it looks like but it is uniquely weird in a good way. This dessert is really superb because I got to experience phenomenal pleasure to both my taste buds and eyes.

Also featuring another Adult Shakes from Mr & Mrs Maxwell's - Pina Colada Breakfast Shake

Crepe Suzette // $16

Another popular and exquisite dessert of Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s. You will be asked to proceed to the live station whereby they will cook and flambé the freshly made crepes with orange liquor on the spot for you and of course, you can document the entire process down as well.

The crepe was really soft and has a strong orange flavour but it was a bit too sweet for me. If you have a strong sweet tooth, then you definitely got to order this. They also provide a scoop of vanilla ice cream to neutralise the jelatness. Overall, this dish is not too bad. Instagram wise, it definitely scores but taste wise, definitely has room for improvement.

I would definitely visit Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s again for their All Day Breakfast menu! They also have a Happy Hour at 5pm where some of their bar snacks are priced at $6 only! Damn cheap! 

I also got the opportunity to tour around the Club which is a brand new F&B-led lifestyle and hospitality concept decked in a 19th century colonial building. Situated within the historic Ann Siang Road, The Club has 20 guest rooms, including two Club suites. A good and suitable place to have your staycation! Besides Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s, there are three other dining and entertainment options in the Club which are Tiger’s Milk, B28 and the Disgruntled Chef. 

The suite was really impressive! This is the view from the balcony!


Tiger's Milk

Once again, thank you The Club, Mr & Mrs Maxwell's and Adidah for having me! 

Nearest Station: Outram Park
Location: 28 Ann Siang Road
What To Order: Desserts
Cafe Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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