Flavour Flings... Flavour Flings is the first  café to bring the salted egg croissant craze back to Singapore. Inspired by Seven Oaks Ba...

Flavour Flings


Flavour Flings...

Flavour Flings is the first café to bring the salted egg croissant craze back to Singapore. Inspired by Seven Oaks Bakery Chef in Johor, Flavour Flings came out with their own rendition of salted egg yolk croissant which was launched on 21st January 2016 and saw an immediate “wipe-out” within hours of its launch. Also, a Halal certified café, Shawn Koh, owner and chef of Flavour Flings, wish to cater the business to the Muslim crowds as well. Owning his culinary skills from the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore as well as his experience working at a French Café called Café Gavroche, Shawn promises to deliver an American and French inspired menu that focuses mainly on all-day brunch food items. His love for eggs also highlighted the reason behind the main bulk of Flavour Flings’ menu which revolves around the theme of eggs. 

After the salted egg yolk croissant saga which has stalled the café for the past few months, Flavour Flings is now introducing new food items in their menu so as to offer an additional kick and refreshment to the public. Since the mains in the core menu is deemed too “Breakfast” by many as well as a little light for diners coming in during dinner hours, Shawn has decided to bring in more dishes catering to the dinner crowd. For instance, beef is an additional meat option other than the Chicken Burger which they had in the menu for about a year. Located under the estate of Hougang, Flavour Flings is one Halal café you definitely shouldn't miss, especially the Muslim friends. 

Other than the already popular Salted Egg Yolk Croissant, Flavour Flings has introduced two new food items in their mains section, feauturing the Butternut Risotto and the Supreme 2 Burger.

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant // $7.50

The highly raved about Salted Egg Yolk Croissant from Flavour Flings and I probably know why! I could already smell the aroma of the salted egg in the kitchen before it was served on my table. It was so strong but I liked it. The croissant was really crispy on the outside but at the same time, soft on the inside. You can hear the crisp sound when you cut the croissant. The salted egg yolk, on the other hand, was really impressive. The sauce flow out like nobody's business - It's a good thing you know, especially for people who likes to capture foodporn worthy shot. The sauce was well-balanced, not too jelat but very addictive. Not recommended if you are on a diet because this would spoil your diet plans. 

(NEW) Butternut Risotto // $15.90

Calrose Rice, Butternut Squash, Shimeiji Mushrooms, Honey Glazed Crouton, Parmasen Cheese, Spring Onions - Probably one of the sweetest Risotto I've ever had. Again, I could smell the aroma before it was even served on my table. Very flavoursome and appetising! All the ingredients were well-combined and mixed, really nothing bad to point out. People with sweet tooth (like me) would definitely love this but if you prefer your risotto to be a little less sweet, then I wouldn't recommend this dish. You would probably find it too sweet for your liking. The Honey Glazed Crouton were also my favourite because it adds another layer of texture (crispy) to the already slimy or the porridge kind of texture of the risotto. I don't know but this dish felt healthy to me! So if you are those people who are constantly bothered about your weight but at the same time don't want to mistreat your taste buds, then this would be the dish for you.

 (NEW) The Supreme 2 Burger // $24.90

Charcoal Boule, Emmenta Cheese, Mayonnaise, House Beef Patty, 15-min Grilled Honey Chicken Thigh, Pancake-Battered Onion Rings, Sweet Curry Mayo, Salad Greens, Cherry Tomatoes served with Cajun Fries -  This dish is for the fickle-minded, for those people who can't decide to have chicken or beef for their meal. Also, this dish is for the big-eater. I was shocked when the burger was served onto the table. Portion was really huge and I don't think I could finish it on my own. Beef and Chicken was well-marinated, tender and juicy. What I liked most was the sweet curry mayo sauce which was so tasty. Not very sweet nor spicy, and it goes very well with both patties. The fries were also relatively well-seasoned! This is really a must-try!

(NEW) Ice Cream Croissant-Wich with Cranberry Sorbet Ice Cream and Black Sesame Ice Cream // $8.90

Buttered Croissant, Choice of Two Balls of Ice Cream, Chocolate Powder, Corn Flakes - A much more atas and nicer version of the $1 dollar ice cream we see in the push cart. The ice cream flavours were a bit too exotic for me, especially the black sesame flavoured ones and I took some time to get used to it. But it's actually quite nice after your taste buds get familiarise with this new exotic taste. I didn't quite like the cranberry though because it was a bit too sweet for me. Perhaps if you are into really sweet ice cream, then the cranberry sorbet would be the best option for you. 

Besides offering really delicious food, Flavour Flings is also a really relaxing and dainty café which you can spend your day with your families and friends. It is a good spot to have a romantic dinner with your date as well.

Thank you Flavour Flings and Shawn for the invitation. I really enjoyed the food the other day! Hurry and pay Flavour Flings a visit to try out their newest menu!

Nearest Mrt Station: Serangoon
Location: Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1348
Contact Number: 6286 0051 
What To Order: Salted Egg Yolk Croissant, The Supreme 2 Burger and Butternut Risotto
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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