The Bakery Chef... With its recent appearance on the Insider, the Bakery Chef saw a huge surge in its popularity. Many people have since...

The Bakery Chef


The Bakery Chef...

With its recent appearance on the Insider, the Bakery Chef saw a huge surge in its popularity. Many people have since flocked over to their place to try the legendary oozing toast which was featured on the Insider.

Dave, the man behind the Bakery Chef, wanted to add an interesting twist to the normal toast with ice cream that seems to be available in most cafés. Together with his chef, they came out with the idea of infusing filling into the toast which customers can now get to mix and match the type of toast as well as the filling according to their preference.

Besides owning the Bakery Chef, Dave has another two Thai-inspired eatery under his name while at the same time also juggling with his day job. I’m really very impressed with how he can find a balance between so many different responsibilities which many people would probably deem it too overwhelming. His determination, motivation and hardwork are some of the virtues for us to learn, especially for those who are planning to set up a business in Singapore.

Located in Bukit Merah, the Bakery Chef is a small and cosy café that offers a wide variety of desserts ranging from cakes, waffles, ice cream to toasts. I will be sharing the highly raved-about toast as well as their rainbow cake in this blog post.

The lengendary toasts which has appeared on the Insider, also featuring the Bakery Chef's rainbow cake. The amount of ooze is unbelievable!

Charcoal Toast with Matcha Filling and Matcha Ice Cream // $12.80

If you have been following my blog, you should have know now that I'm a huge fan of Matcha. I love everything that is related to Matcha but that said again, I also have high expectations for food that used Matcha as their core ingredient. I hate it when the Matcha is too sweet and too artificial. That's not what Matcha is supposed to taste like. Luckily, the Matcha at the Bakery Chef didn't disappoint. 

I love how thick and creamy the Matcha was and there was a subtle bitter aftertaste the Matcha had which I really liked. The charcoal toast was not that bad, very crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside. One thing to take note though, eat the toast while it's hot. I took awhile before I started to eat the toast because I was busy taking photos and the sides of the toast turned a bit hard for me to chew. The Matcha ice cream was not too bad, flavoursome and rich. and it goes very well with the toast. If you find the toast too jelat after awhile, eat it with the ice cream.

The whipped cream is also worth mentioning. I usually don't like to eat whipped cream because either it is too sweet or I just don't like the texture of it. Suprisingly, the whipped cream wasn't as sweet as what I thought it would be and it was really tasty.

If you are a huge fan of Matcha, then I would recommend you to get this! You can also get the Matcha-flavoured toast if you want!

 Honey-glazed Brioche Toast with Salted Egg Yolk Filling and Vanilla Ice Cream // $12.80

You should have seen the amount of salted egg that was oozing out from the toast! I've never seen so much ooze in my life! The salted egg was rich and flavoursome but it would been perfect if it was not so watery. 

The honey-glazed toast went very well with the salted egg yolk filling because you get to experience and taste both sweet and salty at the same time. It wasn't too jelat if you were to go with the vanilla ice cream and the whipped cream. 

Again, I would recommend you to eat it while it's hot. You may find the sides abit too hard to consume once the toast is cold. 

If you want to experience both sweet and salty simultaneously, then this is the one you should go for.

Rainbow Cake // $5.80

The rainbow cake in the Bakery Chef reminded me of the one I had in Billy Angel in Korea. I have always been sceptical about rainbow cakes because I used to think they were only satisfying to the eyes. My opinion changed after having the rainbow crepe cake at Billy Angel. It was really so tasty and you can taste the rich flavour of each layer. 

The same goes for the rainbow cake at the Bakery Chef. It was so soft and fluffy. One thing different about the rainbow cake at the Bakery Chef is that they used passionfruit as one of the core ingredient in making their rainbow cake which explains why the cake was so fragrant and flavoursome. 

If you want to visit the Bakery Chef, you have to either go at a weird timing to escape from the crowd or be prepared to queue. I would suggest going at 1.30pm because all the office people have already went back to work and the school kids are not out yet. 

Thank you the Bakery Chef and Dave for having me! I looked forward to more of your creative desserts in the near future. 

Nearest Mrt Station: Redhill
Location: Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150161
What To Order: Toast, Ice Cream and Cakes
Cafe Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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