fArt tArtz (Fook Hai Building)... Still remember the dainty café at Expo that serves their food in a jar? Rejoice as fArt tArtz have open...

fArt tArtz: Celebrates the Opening of its Second Outlet at Fook Hai Building


fArt tArtz (Fook Hai Building)...

Still remember the dainty café at Expo that serves their food in a jar? Rejoice as fArt tArtz have opened their second outlet in Fook Hai Building which is situated in the cultural district of Chinatown. It is now more convenient and accessible for people who are not staying in the East to visit them. Also, office people working around Chinatown can get to enjoy a wide range of unique pastas, flatbread burgers, flower potted desserts and jar tarts at fArt tArtz.

Retaining the same floral and pastel theme as the first outlet, this new outlet, however, is much cosier and houses two storeys high. To celebrate the opening of their second outlet, fArt tArtz has also introduced some new dishes into their menu and I’ll be sharing them with you in this blog post. 

These are some of the new dishes in fArt tArtz's menu, featuring Baguette Balls, Butter Bunny, Fishy Salmon M&C, Fresh Watermelon Freeze and Lychee Lemongrass Freeze.

An ice, cold and refreshing drink is needed especially during this insanely hot period in Singapore!

Fresh Watermelon Freeze // $8 for Small & $15.90 for Large

They are very generous in the amount of watermelon they put into the drink. It was not diluted and the flavour was really strong. You can also taste huge chunks of watermelon meat in the drink itself. Very refreshing!

Lychee Lemongrass Freeze // $8 for Small & $15.90 for Large

I didn't know lychee and lemongrass paired so well with one another. The lychee was really sweet and the lemongrass was minty which I really liked alot. You can also find a lychee in the drink!

Fishy Salmon M&C // $ 15.90

Penne Salmon & Fish Roe with Thick Cream Sauce, baked with 3 Cheeses
It was not as jelat as what I thought it would be when it was served on our table. The sauce was really rich and creamy, and it paired so well with the melted cheese and macaroni. The fish roe further adds flavour to the entire dish. The salad on the side was really well-dressed, and you can use that to clean your palette if you feel jelat from all the mac & cheese. Very satisfying!

Peppery Duck // $13.90

Pepper Mayo, Tobiko, Mixed Greens, Authentic Black Pepper Sauce and Black Pepper Duck
Their flatbreads are still as amazing as the last time I had them. So crunchy and not too floury! The duck was well-marinated and tender (literally melts in my mouth). The mixed greens were fresh, crunchy and well-dressed. Overall, this was definitely my favourite dish out of all! So good and addictive!

Butter Bunny // $13.90
Grilled Butter Buns, Chicken Cutlet, Smoked Pepper Duck, Ham & Cheese, Unsalted Butter, Lettuce, Onions & Tomato
Who doesn't like mini sliders? These sliders were not too bad. My favourite was the Chicken Cutlet because the chicken was really tender and well-marinated. The Smoked Pepper Duck was not too bad, similar to the Peppery Duck. The Ham & Cheese did not stand out as much as the rest. One thing to improve would probably be the grilled butter buns which I thought was a little dry.

Baguette Balls // $9.50

6 Minature Baguette, Creamy Minced Chicken with Melted Cheese
P/s: You got to eat this while it's hot! I didn't and the balls were really very hard and tough for me to chew because I took a while to eat it. It would have been so delicious if I ate it while it was hot. The creamy minced chicken and melted cheese were not jelat at all.

Specialty Desserts (Chocolate Lava Cake) // $11.90
This dessert is to die for. The chocolate lava cake was so soft and spongy. The chocolate flavour was rich and strong but not too overpowering. Paired with the vanilla ice cream, it is simply heavenly. A must order if you are at fArt tArtz!

Second Level

First Level

Thank you fArt tArtz for having me once again and congrats on your official opening on 8th July 2016!
Also, good news to all fArt tArtz fans, fArt tArtz is now on Deliveroo!

Also, to celebrate National Day, fArt tArtz at Fook Hail is having a 1 for 1 for their pasta. Hurry up and enjoy the promotion before it ends on 31st August 2016

Lastly, if you want to know more about their first branch at Expo, you can find them on my blog post at

Nearest Mrt Station: Chinatown
Location: 150 South Bridge Road #01-16
What To Order: Peppery Duck & Fishy Salmon Mac & Cheese
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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