House of Roasted Duck... Hong Kong has always been a very popular tourist destination because of its justifiably famous cuisines and re...

House of Roasted Duck: Authentic & Succulent Hong Kong Delicacies in Singapore


House of Roasted Duck...

Hong Kong has always been a very popular tourist destination because of its justifiably famous cuisines and restaurants. Even for myself, I have been dying to visit the country after hearing countless stories as well as seeing the huge variety of Hong Kong cuisine that are simply so alluring and mind-boggling. But sadly, I never had the chance to stay in this place that offers a wide arrays of delicacy.

But it’s okay. The perks of staying in Singapore, a modernised and cosmopolitan city, would definitely be the extensive variety of food that we have in this small country of ours. From Korean, Japanese, Chinese to Indian cuisines, you name it and we almost have it all. So for people who didn’t get the chance to travel to Hong Kong or have a sudden yearning for Hong Kong food, fear not, House of Roasted Duck is one restaurant you can visit in Singapore to satisfy your cravings for Hong Kong delicacies.

Just recently, House of Roasted Duck opened its second restaurant at Sultan Plaza. It promises to deliver the familiar taste of Hong Kong with its traditional and authentic Hong Kong style roasted delights such as Signature Peking Duck, Peking Duck – 2 Styles, Crispy Roasted Pork, an assortment of Cantonese Dim Sum and the list goes on. I can’t compare it with the restaurants in Hong Kong since I’ve never been to Hong Kong but I dare to say that House of Roasted Duck is probably one of the best Hong Kong restaurant that I’ve been to so far in Singapore. 

Crispy Roasted Duck and Peking Duck are perpetual favourites in Hong Kong and are the signature dishes of House of Roasted Duck. But do you know that the process of making delicious Crispy Roasted Duck and Peking Duck is tedious and requires many years of experience?

In order to prepare a delicious Crispy Roasted Duck or Peking Duck, the Chef has to first pump air under the skin through the neck cavity to separate the skin from the fat. The duck is then soaked in controlled boiling water before it is hung up to dry. While it is hung, the duck is glazed with a layer of maltose syrup, and the inside is rinsed once with water. Having been left to stand for 24 hours, the duck is then roasted in a closed or hung oven until it turns shiny brown.

The whole process is complicated and it requires the Chef’s good management of time and temperature. In this case, you can expect the Crispy Roasted Duck and Peking Duck at House of Roasted Duck to have high scores because Executive Chef Lai Wai Keung is a native Hong Kong-er with close to 40 years of local and overseas experience. He was also previously Barbecue Cook No. 1 with the renowned The Excelsior Hotel & Convention Centre Hong Kong.

I have always wanted to try the Roasted Duck at Joy Hing Roasted Restaurant at Wanchai because of its affordable price and delicious roasted delicacies. No doubt why it is always packed with so many locals everyday. But I guess with House of Roasted Duck, I don't have to travel all the way to Hong Kong to satisfy my cravings for roasted cuisines.

Peking Duck – 2 Styles // $52 for whole

Peking Duck or Crispy Roasted Duck? Can I not choose which one I like the most out of these two? It’s really hard for me to decide because both tasted really delicious. For people who are extremely fickle-minded, or simply want to try both (like me), House of Roasted Duck is nice enough to solve this problem for us which is to combine both of their signatures together.

I was really very impressed with this dish, especially the crispy skin that makes many crunchy sounds when chewing in my mouth as well as the flavoursome and tender meat which complements very well with their home-made dipping sauce. No wonder it is so well-received by the public. Seriously, I’m not saying this because it is a sponsored tasting but they were deep down really good!

There are so many ways to eat Roasted Duck. You have Duck Pancakes, Duck Salad, Roasted Duck Porridge, Roasted Duck Noodles or even the Roasted Duck by itself. But the best way and my all-time favourite to enjoy Roasted Duck would be to pair and wrap it with a flour crepe, throw in some vegetables and eat it with the special dipping sauce. My life would be complete!

Four Heavenly Kings Platter // $48

The dish comprises of 4 signature roasted delights which are Crispy Roasted Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken, Barbecued Pork and Crispy Roasted Pork. Again, this dish is meticulously created for fickle-minded, greedy people or roasted delights lovers.

The Crispy Roasted Duck was on point, nothing else to pick on. The Barbecued Pork was well-marinated and tender. Give me a bowl of rice, I would freaking finish it all. The Crispy Roasted Pork was probably the best out of the four. The skin was crispy and the fats were not disgusting. I was thrown aback when I tried it. Damn good! The Soy Sauce Chicken, however, did not stand out as compared to the rest. 

Fried Rice with Diced Duck & Egg // $14 per plate

Wok-fried to perfection, this down-to-earth but yet extraordinary dish provides a twist to the usual fried rice and promises to let you experience phenomenal delight and pleasure to your taste buds with its “wok hei” flavour and distinctive rice grain texture.

The rice was fragrant and on top of that, I could taste the flavour from each and every grain of rice. They were not very sticky (I hate fried rice that sticks to one another) which shows the Chef’s good control of the wok’s temperature. Together with the diced duck and egg, it is a force to reckon with even though it is such a simple dish.

Congee with Abalone & Roasted Duck // $12.80 per bowl

To be honest, I thought the porridge was a bit tasteless. Everything else, the abalone and roasted duck was good. Probably I’m used to eating porridge that are stronger in flavours but this dish would be good if you are feeling unwell.

I was having a conversation with one of the management team when she told us about one of their Hong Kong regular telling her that the porridge tasted like the ones in Hong Kong which she couldn’t find elsewhere in Singapore except at the House of Roasted Duck. If you are keen to find out what Hong Kong-style porridge tastes like, then you really have to make your way down to this restaurant.

Shrimp Wanton Noodles // $6.80 for Soup Version; $7.80 for Dry Version

The noodles were really springy and flavourful. The Shrimp Dumplings were stuffed with huge chunks of shrimp, bits of pork and strips of black fungus to ensure the delectable crunch. A tad expensive but I’m telling you, it is worth it!

Shrimp Wanton Soup

Look at the size of the Shrimp Wanton! They are really generous and the broth is really tasty!

How can we not have Dim Sum after our meal at a Hong Kong restaurant? My favourites were the Steamed Siew Mai with Tobiko at $4.80 and the Steamed B.B.Q Pork Bun at $4.50. The rest were not too bad but these two stands out the most for me!

Thank you Gerald, The Influencer Network and House of Roasted Duck for inviting me down for a food tasting. I think I can forget about visiting Hong Kong when I can have authentic and delicious Hong Kong Cuisine in Singapore. House of Roasted Duck is definitely the best place to spend some good quality family time together over some seriously succulent Hong Kong cuisines.
House of Roasted Duck is a prestigious restaurant by Gao Ji Food, a popular local heritage brand with 62 years of experience in the F&B industry.

Sultan Plaza Address
100 Jalan Sultan, #01-08 Sultan Plaza S(199001)
Tel: (65) 6297 5490
Operating Hours11am to 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Nicoll Highway Station (CC5)

Restaurant Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Bugis Village Address
233 Victoria Street, Bugis Village S(188026)
Tel: (65) 6339 6817
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis MRT Station (EW12 / DT14)

For more information, check out 

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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