Top 10 Must-Try Insane Desserts in Singapore... Even though we’re small, Singapore has some of the most impressive desserts one can find...

Top 10 Must-Try Insane Desserts in Singapore


Top 10 Must-Try Insane Desserts in Singapore...

Even though we’re small, Singapore has some of the most impressive desserts one can find globally. Desserts are essentially important to most Singaporeans, be it to curb the hot and humid weather or even to let us unwind after a long stressful day of work, we can always count on desserts to make us happy. Over the past three months, I have been working very closely with another fellow blogger and friend, Sophie, to search for the craziest, most interesting, quirkiest, tastiest and of course, unique desserts in Singapore. Inspired by the Australia’s Top 10 Insane Desserts, this is our very own version of the “Top 10 Must-Try Insane Desserts in Singapore.” On a side note, this list is solely based on our opinion (you can disagree with us) and the list is not in any particular order.

1. Meet & Melt 

Green Tea Toast // $12.90

Besides their recently hyped Lava Toasts, Meet & Melt's Green Tea Toast is an hidden gem. The toast is so crispy on the outside (well-buttered also) and soft on the inside. The green tea ice cream is refreshing and has a subtle bitter aftertaste, especially good during the summer. The drizzled green tea sauce as well as the azuki beans further adds flavour and texture to the toast, definitely a good finishing touch. To find out more about Meet & Melt, click here

2. fArt tArtz

Sea Salt Nutella // $6.80

Desserts in a jar always looked so promising and tempting! At fArt tArtz, they offer a wide range of delicious-looking desserts served in a jar. My favourite is probably this Sea Salt Nutella which is not overly sweet but still rich and flavourful. Also, the portion is just nice, so you don't need to worry about consuming excessive sugar and it's not jelat as well. Definitely worth trying! To find out more about fArt tArtz, click here.

3. Brother Bird

Cookie Butter Softserve with Raspberry Bursts // $15

The weirdest-looking softserve you probably can find in Singapore but it is so delicious. The softserve at Brother Bird is freshly made everyday which explains why it is always so rich and creamy. Their signature Cookie Butter flavoured ice cream is a must-try! The Raspberry Bursts, or simply mochi balls are chewy and addictive, definitely a good complement to the softserve. To find out more about Brother Bird, click here.

4. Mr & Mrs Maxwell

Baked Alaska // $16

Housed in The Club Singapore, Mr & Mrs Maxwell is the place to be during the weekends. Besides serving amazing brunches, the desserts at Mr & Mrs Maxwell are so elegant and carefully curated by the Chef. Known for their Flambé desserts, Mr & Mrs Maxwell is definitely going to bring you through an extraordinary experience to both your eyes and taste buds. Their Baked Alaska is not only Instagram-worthy but also phenomenal to the taste buds. Definitely an eye-opener and a must-try! To find out more about Mr & Mrs Maxwell, click here.

5. The Bakery Chef

Charcoal Toast with Matcha Filling // $12.80

Featured on the Insider, Bakery Chef's Lava Toasts are so sinful but very addictive. They are very generous in the amount of filling being infused into the toast. The never-ending flow of Matcha when the toast is cut open is so Instagram and foodporn worthy. To find out more about The Bakery Chef, click here.

6. Tart Blanc

Chicky Mango Tart // $7.50

Not a big fan of Tarts but I'm more than willing to eat the tarts at Tart Blanc. The team at Tart Blanc is especially creative when it comes to combining different flavours which you would never thought about and it works. The Chicky Mango Tart is not only delightful to the eyes but also pleasurable to the taste buds. The perfect combination of lychee mochi and mango mousse is unique and delicious. To find out more about Tart Blanc, click here.

7. Dazzling Cafe 

Pandan Gula Melaka Honey Toast // $18.90

I'm actually glad that Dazzling Cafe decided to franchise in Singapore. If they didn't, I wouldn't have been able to try their beautiful-looking and delicious toasts in Singapore. Only available at Dazzling Cafe Pink, the Pandan Gula Melaka Honey Toast is created to accomodate the taste buds of Singaporeans because we are vey familiar with the taste of Gula Melaka. They did a good job in achieving that because the gula melaka was not overpowering and sweet. To find out more about Dazzling Cafe, click here.

8. Ollella Singapore

Mini Choux Platter // $24

Ollella is one of my favourite place for desserts now. Their Mini Choux Platter is to die for. With each different flavoured choux pastries comes a diffent kind of surprise each time you pop these amazing pastries into your mouth. If I really have to choose a flavour that I like, it would be the Vanilla flavoured one because it is simple and doesn't tastes artificial at all. This Mini Choux Platter serves as a good gift as well. To find out more about Ollella, click here.

9. The Quarters

Wonderffle // $12.80

One of the few and rare places that sell locally-inspired food at affordable price. At the Quarters, all their food have a strong Singapore flavour in it which is very impressive. It's hard to find a cafe nowadays that focus more on creating local dishes with a modern touch. The Wonderffle is created using familiar ingredients from Singapore and the taste lingers in your mouth. To find out more about the Quarters, click here.

10. Kooks Creamery

Signature Molten Lava Cookies with Nogurt Ice Cream // $8.50

This is one cafe to watch out for. Even though it is new, Kooks Creamery have already been a popular dessert place among the youngster. Their Signature Molten Lava Cookies could easily rival the recently highly-raved about Lava Toasts. The cookies were so soft and the chocolate sauce that flows out from the cookie is simply heavenly. To find out more about Kooks Creamery, click here.

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