Jack's Cola Cafe... As we all probably know, eating in a café can be extremely wounding to the wallet. The total bill can easily amou...

Jack's Cola Café: The Next Hipster Place to Hang Out Without Spending a Bomb


Jack's Cola Cafe...

As we all probably know, eating in a café can be extremely wounding to the wallet. The total bill can easily amount to almost or even more than a hundred each time you visit a café. If you are lucky enough, you “pay for what you get”, meaning the food is worth the money spent but unfortunately, there are times when we are served atrocious food (be it quality or quantity) that’s not equivalent to the amount we spent. At Jack’s Cola Café, they serve a wide range of decent Western dishes at a really very affordable price, nothing above S$15 and everything is in Nett price (the price reflected on the menu is the amount you pay).

Jack’s Cola Café, is the brand extension of Jack’s Place but more of a hipster and youthful rendition, and is definitely the place for youngsters to hang out without having to worry about spending a lot of money. Also, Jack’s Cola Café is having a collaboration with home-grown brands such as Smitten Coffee and the renowned Udders. Located within Paya Lebar Square, Jack’s Cola Café’s revamped menu which features their new All-day Breakfast dishes is one to watch out for. 

In frame, featuring their (Starters/Sides) Popcorn Chicken, Truffle Spud Fries with Shredded Cheese, (All-Day Breakfast) Jack's Cola Salad, Cola Biggie Brekkie, Happy Cow Fajita in Filo Pastry, Eggs Ben and Smokey Sam, and Distressed Cheesy Ham Toasty.

Jack’s Cola Café also serves relatively decent coffee and each coffee comes with a almond cookie
(Espresso: $4.50; Long Black: $4.50/$5; Cappuccino: $5; Caffe Latte: $5/$6; Piccolo Latte: $5; Mocha: $7.50/$8) 

Truffle Spud Fries with Shredded Cheese // $5

Are you kidding me? Truffle fries for only $5!??!! Yes, the truffle fries at Jack’s Cola Café is only priced at $5. The portion was unbelievably huge for a $5 truffle fries. They were also very generous in the amount of truffle they put in the fries. The truffle flavour was strong and aromatic, and the shredded cheese further adds texture to the fries. Definitely very addictive! Once you start, you can’t stop!

Popcorn Chicken // $5

Again, the portion was big for a $5 but I’m not complaining. The chicken was not too bad, well-marinated and crispy. It was also relatively tender, perhaps because we left it on the table for quite awhile to take photos). The tartar sauce was really good and it complements the chicken really well. I ate the sauce on its own as well because it was that good!

Jack's Cola Salad // $8

Iceberg lettuce, shredded cucumber, tomato concasse, corn kennels & sliced ham and cheese, topped with bacon bits & a healthy vegetable dressing
The salad was refreshing and well-dressed but I thought the dressing was relatively sweet for me. If you like your salad to be a little sweet, then I think you will like this salad. The lettuce was also very crunchy. 

Happy Cow Fajita in Filo Pastry // $12

Lighty marinated beef fajitas served with shredded lettuce, scrambled eggs & tomato concasse, served in filo pastry.
Like what the name of this dish suggests, I was very happy with the beef. It was tender and well-marinated. It was quite a filling dish!

Distressed Chessy Ham Toasty // $8

French toast with ham & cheese filling, topped with over easy eggs with a garden salad.
This reminded me of the breakfast I had when I was in Primary school. The ham & cheese were good, goes very well with the French toast.  Definitely feeling very nostalgic when eating the sandwich.

Cola Biggie Brekkie // $12

Chipolata sausages, bacon & smoked salmon on French toast slices & pancakes, accompanied with scrambled eggs and a mesdun salad.
Pancakes were soft and fluffy (a bit too sweet for me though), the scrambled eggs were also soft and fluffly, and the bacon was not too bad.

Eggs Ben & Smokey Sam // $12

Poached eggs served with smoked salmon on French toast slices, served with a garden salad.
Eggs benedict is one of my favourite meal to have in the morning. Running eggs are the best and I’m so glad this didn’t disappoint me. It was so flowy and so good to have it with toast. The smoked salmon was also fresh!

Besides their really affordable mains, Jack’s Cola Café also have a range of milkshakes and cakes.

Strawberry & Chocolate Classic Milkshakes // $8.80 each

Not too over the top but very decent for the amount you pay. If you really like sweet stuff, this is the one for you but I would advise you to share with your friends.

They also have a fair selection of interesting and exquisite Halal cakes to choose from.
Thank you Jack's Cola Cafe, Jack's Place and Sharon for having me! Really enjoyed myself at this young and vibrant cafe!

Nearest Mrt Station: Paya Lebar
Location: Paya Lebar Square, B1-15/16
What To Order: Eggs Ben & Smokey Sam, Truffle Fries, Popcorn Chicken
Cafe Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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