Montana Singapore... Known for their delectable sweet and savoury waffles, Montana Singapore returns with a brand new menu set to deligh...

Montana Singapore: Returns with a Brand New Menu


Montana Singapore...

Known for their delectable sweet and savoury waffles, Montana Singapore returns with a brand new menu set to delight your palette. Also, they will be opening up a new bar at the ground level where you can enjoy their latest ‘Freak Cakes’ as well as their naturally-brewed wines. Located conveniently at PoMo, Montana Singapore is the perfect place for you to let loose yourself over a good and satisfying meal.

In frame, featuring some of their latest creations – Five Spice Pulled Pork Burger, Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw, Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi and Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle.

Peking Chicken Confit with Duck Waffle // $16.50

Five Spice Chicken Confit, Chive Waffle, served with Smoked Ginger Plum Coleslaw and Smoked Ginger Plum Sauce.
The chicken was amazing! The skin was so crispy that it literally melts in my mouth. It was also very flavourful and well-marinated (could taste and smell the spice used to marinate the chicken). The inner layer was juicy and tender. The waffle was crispy, soft and fluffy! It was really addictive – couldn’t stop myself from finishing it. The plum sauce was not bad, not as sweet as I thought it was going to be. It also complements the chicken quite well. The salad was not too bad – it was refreshing and crunchy, but I thought there could be more dressing to enhance the freshness of the salad.

Braised Beef Cheek with Carrot Kimchi // $20.80

Served with Sweet Potato and Potato Mash, Free-range Poached Egg, and Wholemeal Toast on the side.

The Beef Cheek was well-marinated, flavourful, juicy and tender. It was not as jelat as what I expected it to be. It was quite intimidating when it was served onto the table. The sweet potato and potato mash was really delicious and addictive. It was so soft but the flavour was so compact that it bursts when it’s in my mouth. It goes very well with the Beef Cheek. The poached egg was also flowy and runny. Shiok! The only thing that I thought could be improved would probably be the toast. A bit more butter would do the trick. Overall, a must-try at Montana!

(Left) Five Spiced Pulled Pork Burger // $16.80

Char Siew Sauce, Choya Pickled Daikon, Japanese Mayo, Served with Fries.

The shredded pork was sweet (because of the Char Siew Sauce) but I like it. It was juicy and tender. The pickled Daikon was surprisingly good and addictive. It adds a crunchy texture to the burger. Bun was lightly-buttered and soft as well.

(Right) Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw // $24.00

Crab & Seafood Patty, Yuzu Coleslaw, Raisin Caper Relish, served with Thick Cut Fries.

Since Montana used fresh and real crab meat to make the patty, you can expect to taste the natural freshness and sweetness of the patty. It was well-marinated and well-spiced which explains why the patty was relatively flavourful when I took the first bite. The flavour becomes stronger after a few bites and the taste lingers in my mouth. The fries were also well-seasoned!

In frame, their latest ‘Freak Cakes’ – featuring the Matcha Black Sesame and Caramel Cookie Butter.

Matcha Black Sesame // $14.80

Matcha Sponge, Black Sesame Frosting, Matcha Buttercream, Black Sesame Glaze.

 It tastes as good as what it looks like. The cake was soft and fluffy. The flavour was strong and the Matcha and Black Sesame combination was refreshing and good. The Matcha was bitter while the Black Sesame was sweet, thus complements one another very well. Definitely for the sweet tooth!

Caramel Cookie Butter // $14.80

Vanilla Sponge, Cookie Butter Buttercream, Salted Caramel Glaze

Again, the cake was soft and moist. The salted caramel and cookie butter flavour was strong. Also, remember to share the Freak Cakes because it’s really big and filling!

Thank you Montana Singapore and Ying for the invitaion, as well as See Toh for the great hosting!
Also, quote my name "Yong Wei Kai" to the service crew to enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill!

Nearest Mrt Station: Rochor
Location: 1 Selegie Road #02-25 PoMo. Singapore 188306
What To Order: Waffles, Burgers and Freak Cakes
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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