FAVE... Fave is a new mobile app by KFit that allows you to do more together with your favourite people. You can plan activities, organi...

FAVE: A New, Convenient & Free Mobile App You Must Download in Your Phone



Fave is a new mobile app by KFit that allows you to do more together with your favourite people. You can plan activities, organise with friends, and purchase discounted offers from hundreds of places in Singapore – all from a single convenient app. In short, Fave provides new city experiences for you and your friends without burning a huge hole in your pocket. It also means that you can now do more together with your favourite people at your favourite places. What's more, the app is free for all to download!

The app is user-friendly (easy to understand, use and apply) and very cost-saving (discounted offers are really attractive and they have killer offers that are only $1). But what entices me the most about Fave is that it allows me to uncover new food places in Singapore that I’ve never ever got the chance to come across. This app is especially useful to me because as a Food Blogger/Food-lover, I'm constantly on the lookout for food places I have never explored in Singapore. In this blog post, I will be sharing on some of the food places I have visited through buying the discounted offers from Fave. 

Churro 101

Instead of paying S$9.70, I landed myself a 1 for 1 for these “Better-than-your-Boyfriend” Churros from Churro 101 at Vivo City for only S$4.70 by using the Fave app. So, it means I’m paying less but enjoying more. How can I not download the app when the deals are so attractive?

▪️Exclusive Promotion▪️
On top of having 1-1 for Cinnamon Churros, Cream Cheese Filled Churros, Chocolate Filled Churros and Milk Filled Churros at @churro101sg you can key in my PROMO CODE: FAVEWEIKAI to further enjoy another 10% for the first purchase.

The churros from Churro 101 never fails to evoke a sense of nostalgia in me. It reminded me of the churros I had in Korea when I was there for exchange. It is well-fried (crunchy when you first bite it, and very soft and chewy in the inside). Even though many people may find their churros a bit too sweet, I liked their churros because they are a bit sweeter. Aren’t churros supposed to be sweet? The different tasty fillings available at Churro 101 is also one of the reason why I always patronise them to satisfy my churros cravings. 

Goro Goro Steamboat & Korean Buffet

I believe steamboat and buffet are two of the favourite pastimes Singaporeans do during the weekends. We just love to spend our time with our loved ones over some good food (free flow somemore). With Fave, you can now enjoy a scrumptious buffet lunch at the very popular Goro Goro Steamboat & Korean Buffet for only S$15 (Usual price: S$19). On top of that, you can still enjoy another 10% discount by keying in my Promo Code: FAVEWEIKAI for the first purchase.

Goro Goro offers six different broths (Ginseng Chicken, Beauty Collagen, Mala, Tomyum, Tomato and Vegetarian) as well as an assortment of meats, vegetables, drinks and ice cream of up to 70 selections. You will definitely be spoilt for choices. My favourite was the chicken wings which tasted very similar to the ones I had in Korea. Very well-marinated and extremely addictive!

Strawberry Sundae // Giovanni L

For only $13.80 (Usual price: $27.60), you can enjoy a Sundae, Gelato Spaghetti and two drinks of your choice at Giovanni L. Also, key in my promo code: FAVEWEIKAI to enjoy another 10% on top of the $13.80 spent at Giovanni L for the first purchase.

Mint Chocolate Sundae // Giovanni L

The mint gelato was refreshing and soft. But I could do a little of the whipped cream. Too sweet and fattening for me! 

Gelato Spaghetti // Giovanni L

The spaghetti gelato was really soft and melts in my mouth instantly. The vanilla ice cream was really rich and creamy. Perfect for the hot weather in Singapore. 

Giovanni L is one of the new places I’ve uncovered through using the Fave app. I didn’t know that there was an ice cream café at the top of Fork Canning Park. But I’ve to warn you first, you have to climb quite a distance before getting to Giovanni L. Aiyah, good things are worth the climb! So hurry and download the FAVE app now to enjoy a wide selection of discounted offers!

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