Far Eastone Tourist Prepaid Card... According to the Taiwan Tourism Board, Singapore was ranked sixth in their “International Visitors i...

Far Eastone Tourist Prepaid Card: A Must Have Essential When Travelling to Taiwan


Far Eastone Tourist Prepaid Card...

According to the Taiwan Tourism Board, Singapore was ranked sixth in their “International Visitors in Taiwan for Tourism Purposes” in 2016. I can foresee our ranking climbing even higher this year. Taiwan has always been a country I want to visit, especially so after watching popular Taiwanese variety shows such as 康熙来了 and 娱乐百份百 which left me a good impression of Taiwan. Since I’m an avid food-lover, I’ve been dying to try all the Taiwanese delights which has been appearing on all of my social media accounts recently. Probably because most of my friends chose Taiwan as their holiday getaway or even their honeymoon destination. 

Even though I'll be heading to Taiwan next year, I have already started planning on the places I am going to visit in Taiwan as well as the food I am going to eat. Before all these are even possible, a must-have travel essential when you are overseas is a trustworthy tourist prepaid card. You will definitely need Internet access in case you are lost or caught in an emergency situation. Besides, I believe most of us can't live without Internet because we need to surf Facebook and Instagram. For those who are planning to go to Taiwan, you are in for a good treat. I’ll be sharing with you Far Eastone Tourist Prepaid Card that will make your trip to Taiwan a convenient and memorable one. Also, I will be giving away a FREE one-day series numbers to 10 of my followers which can be utilized when you visit Taiwan! 

Named as the top telecom company in Taiwan, Fareastone Tourist Prepaid Card is one of the most affordable sim card you can get in Taiwan, with an unlimited 4G internet data with same high speed that starts from NTD 300 dollars. Fareastone owns the most of 2600mHZ cellular towers which can support 3CA widely, so Fareastone can have faster internet speed. The signal is also very stable, so you don’t have to worry about not getting connected with the world. In short, each and every part of Taiwan you go, you will have easy access to Internet with Fareastone Tourist Prepaid Card!

It is exclusive and lowest price in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Fareastone Branch. The tutorial of prepaid sim card setting, activation, deposit can be found on the DM which is very easy to understand and follow. Also, if you have any enquiries about your deposit or balance, you can dial 777 directly on your phone and check with them. It’s really very convenient and super easy to remember, good for people with short-term memory!

With my mind at ease now (Internet access settled), I can finally research on the food I want to eat!

I have always wanted to try Taiwanese porridge and their side dishes after watching the food episodes from 康熙来了! There was an episode that features a particular porridge restaurant that many Taiwanese go to for supper. Watching the whole episode got me so fired up that I wanted to fly there straight away for the comforting porridge. So, it is a must for me to eat Taiwanese porridge with their famous side dishes when I am there. I can already feel the satisfaction just by thinking about it!

Another must-try food in Taiwan is none other than their humongous Fried Chi Pai (Fried Chicken Breast). You can find this almost everywhere in Taiwan, especially in their night market. My favourite Chi Pai Shop in Taiwan is Fried Chicken Master (炸鷄大獅) where their fried chicken is bigger than your face. I also liked their chicken wings which were well-marinated and very crispy. Trust me, the food here is super addictive!

Not forgetting their refreshing sour plum and lime juice that complements the fried food very well!

Shaved Ice is also another thing you must try in Taiwan. The shaved ice are super fine, melts in the mouth instantly. You will need this if you are travelling to Taiwan during summer.

Most of us are familiar with Dazzling Café in Singapore but did you know that Dazzling Café originated from Taiwan? 

Known for their delicious toast, its one place I love to visit to fix my cravings for desserts. Doen't this Pandan Toast makes you drool? 

I am very interested in finding out what Dazzling Café in Taiwan offers. 

How can you not drink Bubble Tea when you are in Taiwan? They can be find almost everywhere. And they are so much cheaper than the ones in Singapore. I can drink it all day.

So, remember to get your Fareastone Tourist Prepaid Card before you embarked on your food journey in Taiwan. Also, head to my Instagram @yongweikai to participate in my giveaway! To find out more about Fareastone, you can click on this link: http://fetnet.tw/QMqurf015F for Korean language and http://fetnet.tw/h742Nb015G for English language!

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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