Atmosphere Bistro & Bar... Bid goodbye to 3D latte art as Atmosphere Bistro & Bar returns with a brand new concept that features...

Atmosphere Bistro & Bar: Back With A Brand New Concept - Asian Rice Bowls


Atmosphere Bistro & Bar...

Bid goodbye to 3D latte art as Atmosphere Bistro & Bar returns with a brand new concept that features their newest Asian-inspired rice bowls. To cater to the office crowd, the rice bowls can be found in their set lunch menu from Monday – Friday, 11am-3pm and it comes with a complimentary drink. Not only is it value-for-money, it will also satisfy your taste buds.

Located at Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC), Atmosphere Bistro & Bar has also refurbished its interior to make it more family-friendly, allowing parents to bring their kids along. The children can play at the mini playground while the parents can enjoy an undisturbed meal. 

Other than the rice bowls, Atmosphere Bistro & Bar also serves Asian-inspired pasta which are equally tasty. In frame, Mentaiko Aglio Olio, Kimchi Aglio Olio, Japanese Curry Fish Cutlet Rice Bowl, Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl, Tom Yum Pao Fan with Roasted Pork, Spam Fries & Nachos. So many choices for you to choose from!

Kimchi Aglio Olio // $11.80
First of all, the aglio olio was not very oily. You know there is some places where their aglio olio is dripping with so much oil that you don't even feel like eating it. Thankfully, this wasn't. It was soaked with the kimchi flavour which to me was very appetising. Noodles were springy and the kimchi was of course, very well-marinated. 

Mentaiko Aglio Olio // $13.80
If you like mentaiko, you would probably love this. Tuned more to the salty spectrum, the pasta was rich and flavourful.  

Teriyaki Roasted Pork Rice Bowl // $13.80

Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl // $15.80

Tom Yum Pao Fan with Roasted Pork // $13.80

Japanese Curry Fish Cutlet Rice Bowl // $13.80

Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Bowl // $13.80

They have a huge variation of rice bowls for you to choose from. My favourites have to be the Tom Yum Pao Fan with Roasted Pork and Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Bowl. The Tom Yum Pao Fan was super appetising, probably because of the strong and aromatic Tom Yum flavour. The rice was soaked with Tom Yum broth which I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the entire bowl. The roasted pork was well-marinated and very crispy (you can hear a crackling sound with a gentle bite). The mushrooms caught us by surprise because it was so soft and flavourful. On the other hand, the Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Bowl reminds me of the typical Asian food we will have in Singapore. Chicken was tender and flavourful. I forgot to also mention that all these rice bowls are super huge.

New York Impact // $7.80
Ice cream and cheese cake served in a wine class and topped with rich and creamy chocolate sauce is the way to end of your meal. The cheese cake is super moist and creamy. Super addictive as well. I think if I’m not wrong, they also added a tint of rum to make it more exciting and flavourful.

Thank you Atmosphere Bistro & Bar and the Pr Salon for the great hospitality! 

Nearest Mrt Station: Labrador Park
Location: 460 Alexandra Road #02-20, Alexandra Retail Centre (Located in Alexandra Retail Centre) Singapore 119963
What To Order: Asian Rice Bowls
Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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