Gills N Shells... Located at Hotel Boss, Gills & Shells is a 10 month old restaurant bistro that serves a wide variety of modern Euro...

Gills N Shells: The One-Stop Place for Fresh Seafood, Cheap Beers, Margaritas & Wines


Gills N Shells...

Located at Hotel Boss, Gills & Shells is a 10 month old restaurant bistro that serves a wide variety of modern European seafood with a touch of local flavours. Besides their food, Gills & Shells also offers an extensive range of alcoholic drinks at a really affordable price. Their happy hours are all in Nett pricing and they do not have service charge. Also, you get to enjoy 5 bottles of beers for free if you spent $150 during their Halloween this weekend. With so many ongoing promotions available at Gills N Shells, work can be thrown aside first while you party with your families, friends and colleagues! 

In frame, Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs, Baked Oysters, Clams & Mussels, Maine Lobster, Grilled Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Pasta, "Hae-Bee-Hiam" Pasta with Soft Shell Crab and Beergarita. 

Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs // $16.90

Correct me if I am wrong! Gills N Shells is probably one of the few or perhaps the first bistro bar that serves Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs as a bar snack. I mean other than places that sell frog leg porridge, Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs is really quite uncommon. I was both sceptical and excited when I heard I was going to try it. It turned out to be quite impressive, definitely exceeded my expectation. The fried frog legs were well-marinated. I could taste the different herbs and spices used in marinating them. It was a tad spicy but it goes extremely well with an iced cold beer. The only thing I thought could be further improved would be the crispiness. The skin was a bit too soggy for my liking! If you are feeling a bit daring, this would definitely be the snack for you. 

Baked Oysters // $25.90

Oysters and melted cheese complements one another so perfectly! The oysters were really fresh, juicy and sweet. I gulped down the oysters in no time! The melted cheese was so delicious and addictive! Definitely a great bar snack! Damn shiok! Also, every Wednesday is their Oyster Night where you get to enjoy each oyster for $2!

Clams & Mussels // $15.90

What I liked most about this was the broth! I could clearly taste the different herbs used to cook the broth. It was refreshing and sweet. The clams and mussels were not too bad! They were fresh and not too sandy.

Truffled Infused Cod // $24.90

This pan-seared cod fish was so tasty. I don’t like my fish to be too shredded (usually if the meat is too shredded, it’s not fresh) and the cod fish at Gills N Shells was not. The cod was well-marinated, tender and sweet. I also like how the flavour still lingers in my mouth even after I swallow it down my throat. The pickled radish and mash were also on point. The mash was not too dry and it melts in my mouth. The pickled radish was crunchy and refreshing! 

"Hae-Bee-Hiam" Pasta with Soft Shell Crab // $18.90

Hae Bee Hiam has always not be my thing! Probably because I dislike how strong and exotic Hae Bee Hiam smells and tastes like. The pasta was reeking strong of the Hae Bee Hiam smell. So I guess if you like Hae Bee Hiam related stuff, you will love this! 

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Pasta // $18.90

This was my favourite out of all the dishes I’ve tried! The salted egg pasta was very aromatic! I couldn’t emphasize that more because the whole restaurant was filled up with the smell of salted egg. The salted egg was strong and flavourful, definitely well-infused into the pasta. Every strand of the pasta had a strong, consistent flavour of salted egg. It wasn’t as jelat as what I thought it was going to be. The pasta was legit addictive because I ordered another portion. Fat but worth it! 

Maine Lobster // $28.90

Woah! This lobster is huge! I had a high expectation for the lobster but I wasn’t really impressed by it. The meat was sweet and tender but there were some part of it that were very hard to remove from the shell. Also, the fries could be more flavourful. Perhaps some pepper or paprika would do the trick?

Beergarita // $22.90

This is what I call the Real thing! I mean if you are looking to chill after a stressful day at work, you need a strong alcoholic drink to perk you up! This drink was strong and it wasn’t very bitter! Very refreshing and smooth!

Thank you Coreen and Gills N Shells for the invitation as well as the great hospitality!

Nearest Mrt Station: Lavender
Location: 500 Jalan Sultan #01-19 Singapore 199020
What To Order: Salted Egg Pasta, Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs, Baked Oysters & Beergarita
Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10
Contact Number: 6493 2238

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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