UNA... Anniversary, Birthday or even Valentine’s Day are some of the many special occasions you celebrate with your spouse to remember t...

UNA: Romantic Spanish Restaurant at One Rochester



Anniversary, Birthday or even Valentine’s Day are some of the many special occasions you celebrate with your spouse to remember the good memories that both of you have created and shared. But when it comes to choosing the venue for this special day, many of us have no idea where would be a good place to commemorate this extraordinary day. Guys, especially, would be squeezing their brain juice and frantically searching for romantic places to surprise or even to impress their girlfriends. Located at the iconic One Rochester, UNA is one romantic Spanish restaurant you can count on to celebrate this special occasion of yours.

Recently, UNA introduces its refreshed menu curated by its new Executive Chef – Antonio Oviedo, one of the youngest, and yet also one of the most promising chefs in the Singapore culinary scene. With Antonio’s impressive portfolio, you can expect to see several new items with premium ingredients sourced from Singapore and the other regions of Australasia, taking seasonal produce from the different countries into account to achieve maximum freshness, nutritional value and taste. Also, the menu features exciting Spanish delicacies that can be paired with a drinks list featuring an extensive range of wines and cocktails offered at the restaurant. So, treat you and your loved ones to a romantic Spanish date at UNA today!

"Antonio's authentic yet contemporary and unbridled approach to Spanish food makes him the perfect fit at UNA. His culinary vision and unique perspective will bring a new level of enjoyment to the diners who will experience Spanish Tapas and Parilla with renewed excitement," says Joseph Ong, Managing Director of One Rochester.

Enjoying a Sangria under a sky full of brightly-lit stars! Of course, nice ambiance as well.

Ensalada De Verano // $24

Weirloom Cherry Tomatoes Salad with Charred Cucumbers and Fresh Burrata Cheese
Yucks! So many veggies?! I'm usually not a salad-person but I gotta admit this was pretty good. The tomatoes were really refreshing - some were sweet and some were sour. The thinly-sliced cucumbers were well-marinated and crunchy (I also thought it was quite addictive). The Burrata Cheese was not too bad but it was a bit jelat for me after awhile. Overall, this dish makes a good appetiser.

Fideua De Calamares // $22

Squid Ink Spanish Noodles Paella with Crispy Calamari
This was one of my favourite starters at UNA! The Squid Ink Spanish Noodles Paella was slightly seasoned (a bit salty) but it was the texture that left the deepest impression. The top layer was soft while the bottom layer was crispy. The calamari was well-marinated (nice flavour) and well-fried (not very oily). The calamari was still quite crispy even though I left it on the table for awhile. The hand-made sauce further enhance the flavour of the calamari. Good snack to pair up with an iced cold beer or even a white wine.

Ensalada Cesar // $26

Spanish Caesar Salad - Grilled Spanish Sucrine Lettuce, Idiazbal Cheese Foam, Smoked Anchovies and Pomegranate
Another spanish salad but a tad salty than the previous one. This dish is gastronomical (everything is deconstructed to achieve a more concentrated taste). The smoked anchovies were the main highlight of the entire salad, very well-marinated and it goes very well with the Idiazabal Cheese Foam.

Pluma Iberica // $38

Grilled Pluma Iberico Pork with Padron Peppers and Creamy Pumpkin
Another intricate Spanish creation which I thought was not too bad! The pork was flavourful and tender. It was also quite juicy. The pumpkin was a good balance to the slightly oily pork. Another dish that pairs very well with a glass of red wine.

Gambas Al Ajillo // $22

Fresh Tiger Prawns Sauteed in Olive Oil, with Garlic, Chilli and Parsley
The tiger prawns were pretty fresh - the meat was very easy to remove from its skin. The prawns were also crunchy and tender but I thought the flavour did not get through. The sauce was a tad salty as well.

Arroz Negro // $52 (S) & $72 (L)

Squid Ink Paella with Fresh Cuttlefish, Clams and Prawns, served with Aioli
Very expensive but it's worth it. The ingredients they used here is pretty much premium and the portion is huge. Seafood was fresh. The paella was flavourful and addictive. 

Queso Fresco Calabaza Y Membrillo // $14

Fresh Cheese Mousse, Roasted Pumpkin Ice Cream, Quince and Walnuts
One of the desserts that I thought was exotic and worth trying at UNA! I would have never thought that cheese and pumpkin would be so good together! I didn't quite like the taste at the beginning, probably wasn't used to the taste but I've grown to like it after a few mouthful. You may not like it but it's worth trying! 

Churros Con Chocolate Y Cafe // $14

Crispy Churros with Dark Chocolate and Coffee Foam 
Churros are so hard to resist, especially really good ones! The churros at UNA is not soggy and not overly sweet which I thought was really impressive. The Coffee Foam further adds flavour to the already very tasty churros.

Thank you Affluence Pr and UNA for inviting me as well as the great hospitality. So, if you still have no idea where to bring your spouse on a romantic date, UNA is perhaps one of the place you can consider!

Nearest Mrt Station: Buona Vista
Location: 1 Rochester Park, Singapore 139212
What To Order: Churros, Squid Ink Paella
Restaurant Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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  1. Wow, the food that has been served over there looks so delicious. I just can’t resist such food. I also attended a Mexican themed dinner party recently at one of the domestic Los Angeles event venues and it also turned out to be fabulous.


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