Hinata Japanese Dining... The joy of having Omakase is that you’ll never know what the Chef will surprise you with. You probably won’t g...

Hinata Japanese Dining: Very Value-For-Money Omakase at Robertson Walk


Hinata Japanese Dining...

The joy of having Omakase is that you’ll never know what the Chef will surprise you with. You probably won’t get sick of it even if you visit the same restaurant since it is largely dependent on the Chef’s creativity and seasonality. It’s also the best solution for indecisive people who can’t seem to decide on where and what to eat. The only problem with Omakase is that they are extremely expensive in Singapore. So, where can we find affordable and decent Omakase in Singapore?

Located at the charming Robertson Walk, Hinata Japanese Dining is one of the few places in Singapore that offers value-for-money Omakase experience. Since it is hidden in a corner at Robertson Walk, it is also the best place to dine in if you prefer quiet places. So, the next time you have an Omakase craving, head to Hinata Japanese Dining without straining your wallet!

I had a 5 course Omakase at Hinata and it was only $80. It was very satisfying and filling (serious food coma).

The Omakase kick-started with a beautifully plated appetiser that consists of Shishito Belly Yaki, Shimeji Goma Age (mushroom mixed with goma dressing and tomatoes), Nasu Bengaku (miso glazed eggplant) and unagi tamago. Personally, I love the Nasu Bengaku which was well-marinated and extremely flavourful. It might be salty to some people but it was fine for me!

After sampling the flavourful appetiser, we were in for another good treat – Fresh Sashimi (Chutoro & Shimaji) flown all the way from Japan. Chutoro has always been one of my favourite Chutoro because of its texture and sweetness. Very pleasurable to the taste bud!

3rd Course
The fish was nicely-grilled, with a subtle sweet aftertaste. It was very soft and be extremely careful because there are small bones in the fish. Secretly wished the portion was bigger!

The salad came at the right time and it was well-mixed. Actually, it was kinda addictive!

4th Course
This Uni Chawanmushi was legit delicious! The uni was very fresh and they were very generous with the uni servings. Chawanmushi was very soft and melty. Combination was so freaking good!

5th Course
The Omakase just gets better and better. To be honest, I was already stuffed before there served the sushi platter. The platter comes with my all-time favourite Californian Maki, Akami, Hirame, Salmon and a bowl of miso soup. Are you kidding me? There is really a lot of food in this Omakase.

I could die for the dessert! Definitely ended my Omakase experience on a very bright note. They have the Yukimi Daifuku (mocha texture with super nice cream filling), Ume Jelly (Plum flavoured jelly that makes you happy instantly) and Hokkaido Cheesecake (nothing can go wrong with this. Also love the subtle salted caramel flavour).

Nearest Mrt Station: Clarke Quay
Location: 11 Unity Street, #01-07, Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
What To Order: Omakase
Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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