Common Chefs... Still remember Common Chefs? The pocket-friendly café at Sembawang is back with a brand new menu, and they are even bett...

Common Chefs: The Pocket-Friendly Café at Sembawang Returns with Brand New Menu


Common Chefs...

Still remember Common Chefs? The pocket-friendly café at Sembawang is back with a brand new menu, and they are even better than before. You can expect to see new savoury waffles, flavourful taco dishes as well as Instagram-ready burgers and the best part, they are all extremely affordable. With nothing above $18 and in nett pricing, the portion of the dishes at Common Chefs are relatively huge as well. So, mark your calendar because the trip down to Common Chefs is so damn worth it!

Here’s a collage of some of the new dishes at Common Chefs! P/s: Give them a call to make reservation because they are so packed during the weekends!

Affogato // $6.50
When you are craving for coffee and ice cream at the same time. The affogato was well-balanced, with a subtle bitterness from the espresso and a subtle sweetness from the vanilla ice cream. Dip the sweet biscuits into the espresso-ice cream mix for maximum pleasure. A good way to start the weekends!

Chocolate Milkshake // $8
Come on, it’s the weekends! Reward yourself with a sinful cup of milkshake! It is totally worth it if the milkshake is good! The chocolate milkshake at Common Chefs didn’t disappoint, with a strong chocolate flavour that is not too overpowering. You can expect a strong milky taste as well. 
“If you enjoy the drink, it is zero calories” – Yong Wei Kai

Okonomiyaki Wazza // $11
Common Chef’s rendition of the Okonomiyaki waffle was impressive. Hiding under the massive pile of Bonito flakes lies a soft and fluffy buttermilk waffle. Oh before I forget, there is also a fluffy tomago on top of the waffle. The combination was deadly addictive which got me bite after bite. Also, I am surprised by how affordable it is! Priced at only $11, the portion is insane! Highly recommended!

Full Breakfast Wazza // $12
Big Breakfast but served with a waffle. If you need a hearty brekkie, then you should go for this! Egg was super runny (one gentle slice and the egg yolk immediately flows), bacon was well-marinated and the mushrooms were well-sautéed. Again, the waffle was fragrant and fluffy. This is worth every penny you are paying!

Fish Goujons // $12
What! They even have Mexican dishes now? The fish was well-battered, still relatively crispy even though I left it on the table for quite a while and it paired very well with the other condiments, especially the mesclun salad, tomato and black raisins. This dish was very pleasurable to the taste bud.

Grilled Prawns // $12
Similar to the Fish Goujons Taco, the Grilled Prawns are targeted against seafood-lovers! Prawns were well-seasoned with paprika and are extremely crunchy!

Rich Man // $16
Only available during the weekends, the Rich Man is for people who loves strong, salty and cheesy flavour. The patty was fragrant, tender and juicy but it was a tad salty for me. Probably need to eat with the buns to minimise the saltiness. I am so happy that the burger comes with their popular Truffle Tatter Tots which I was raving about when they were first opened. So glad that the standard is still maintained! You must order this!

Apple-Strudel Cake
If you have been reading my blog post on Common Chefs a year ago, you will know that the owner, Joanna is very good in baking. So, you can expect to see a range of cakes, tarts and macarons at Common Chefs. They are really yummy. She do customisation for cakes as well. Ring them up if you are looking for one!

You can also check out my previous blog post on Common Chefs by clicking here: 

Nearest Mrt Station: Yishun
Location:  8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 Singapore 759274
What To Order: Wazza, Taco and Rich Man
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10
Contact Number: 6659 1208

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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