Platform M... What do you want to eat today? Not sure? Anything? So, what should we eat? These questions are bound to arise if you or your...

(New) Platform M: The One-Stop Food Destination for the Fickle-Minded


Platform M...

What do you want to eat today? Not sure? Anything? So, what should we eat? These questions are bound to arise if you or your friends simply can’t decide on what to eat. Fret not, MOF’s newest concept – Platform M is here to solve your fickle-mindedness.

Situated in the new SingPost Centre, Platform M is a one-stop food destination that houses 9 different restaurant concepts with 1 fruit juice concept – from Local Delights & Coffee to Cantonese Kitchen, Korean, Japanese, Western and Northern Chinese cuisine, all at a very affordable price . I’ll be sharing more of their 5 new restaurant brands – Duck Master, So Lucky, Economi of Scale, Yaki Ramen & Kazu Kazu in this blog post! So, the next time you and your friends still can't settle on what kind of cuisine to eat, Platform M is the place to go to!

Doesn't all these food looks mouth-watering? There’s so many options to choose from, and you’ll definitely find one that you like. Best place to be if you have big families or large group of friends, so you can order more and share! 

Platform M adopts a self-ordering cashless kiosk system which you can either pay using your credit card or Platform M card (which you can purchase at the store front). Very easy to use and understand. 

1) Duck Master

Duck Master presents the quintessential Hong Kong Specialty Chinese Roast Duck prepared lovingly with special herbs and spices from a well-kept Cantonese recipe. Honestly speaking, I was very impressed with the quality of the dishes here, very well-executed. Can’t wait to share this gem with my family because I believe they will love it very much. 

Char-siew was well-marinated and tender. The sauce was not overly sweet. I need a bowl of rice now! 

It was well-roasted, with the meat tender and juicy. The sauce definitely complemented the duck very well. Like what my friend said, the duck was so good that it tastes like chicken. A must-try! 

The Salted Egg Fish Chips were the hot favourites that day. It was aromatic and deadly addictive. Salted Egg flavour was strong but not too overpowering that you feel that you’re going to get a sore throat the next day! 

2) So Lucky

Over here, you can find Grandma’s well-kept Local Delights recipes such as Laksa, Curry Noodles, Mee Rebus as well as traditional freshly brewed Kopi/Tea and Kaya Toasts. Comfort food indeed!

My whole family loves the Mee Rebus here (very hard to satisfy my parents and that means the Mee Rebus is good). The sauce was very flavourful. My go-to comfort food!

If you working near around the area, you are so fortunate! The Kopi/Tea & Toast Set is so value-for-money, definitely an energy boost before you start your work! 

3) Economi of Scale

Economi of Scale is a casual and affordable Western restaurant brand that promises quality signature steak and popular Western grills like Black Pepper Chicken, Grilled Fish, Seafood and more. By the way, the portion are huge over here! If you are a big eater, you can probably order from this stall!

The steak was not too bad – well-cooked, tender and juicy. Best to have it when it’s hot because we left it on the table for quite a while and the meat was a little tough!

Tomato sauce was well-balanced and the noodles were well-cooked.

4) Kazu Kazu

Kazu Kazu is a casual family restaurant specialising in affordable Donburi or Japanese rice bowls. Simple but very satisfying!

This was the bomb. Egg was super runny and the mentaiko sauce drizzled on top just completes the entire bowl. One bite and I literally can’t stop! I’m not going to share this one!

5) Yaki Ramen

The homemade Yaki Ramen soup broths are made with a Tonkotsu base – slowly simmered and cooked for the ultimate comfort food experience. 

Broth was definitely flavourful with generous servings of seafood. The fried noodles definitely brought a crispy texture to the dish. Even though it is soaked in the broth for long, the noodles were crispy and not soggy! 

Nearest Mrt Station: Paya Lebar
Location: SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, #02-138/139/140/141/142, Singapore 408600
What To Order: Duck Master, Kazu Kazu and So Lucky
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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  1. Yaki ramen - really yucky. have you ever eaten a ramen where the broth is luke warm? I have eaten Japanese ramen all over Singapore and this is the only ramen where their broth is not hot. Imagine I am in Japan eating ramen, it will never happen there.


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