Five Nines... Cuppage Plaza is like a “mini Japanese food heaven” with several hidden and affordable Japanese eats. Five Nines, formerly...

Five Nines: Affordable 6 Course Omakase Experience at only $49


Five Nines...

Cuppage Plaza is like a “mini Japanese food heaven” with several hidden and affordable Japanese eats. Five Nines, formerly situated on Keong Saik Road, is relocated on the fourth level of Cuppage Plaza and is now offering value-for-money European-Japanese fare prepared with seasonal ingredients from Japan. Opens until the wee hours, this cosy restaurant also serves affordable and decent Omakase – 6 course at only $49++ which I’ll be sharing more in this blog post. So, mark this place down if you are looking for a reasonable Omakase experience or a supper hangout place in town!

Even though it was a 6-course Omakase, I walked away feeling very full and satisfied. They definitely did not compromise on the quality of the ingredients although it was only priced at $49++. Since the restaurant is really small, I would suggest making a reservation for the Omakase before heading down. You wouldn’t want to make a wasted trip!

Marinated Botan Shrimp with Couscous Salad
Did you see the salmon roe? They were quite generous with the portion they served! Shrimp was fresh, crunchy and it goes well with the Tosazu Vinegar which had a subtle yuzu aroma at the end. The prawn shells on both side was crispy but a little too oily for me!

Foie Gras Terrine and Bruschetta
This was one of my favourite dish at Five Nines! Foie Gras was well-cooked, tender and does not have a game smell. It paired very well with the citrusy Smoked Orange Jam which the flavour lingers in the mouth.

Garlic Flavoured Squid Ink Tagliolini
Pasta had a great texture – firm and springy. You can also find a little broth in the pasta which I thought was sweet and flavourful. Not bad!

Steam Cod Fish Rolled With Parma Ham
Cod fish was well-steamed to attain a melty texture. The cream sauce complemented the fish very well and it was not jelat. Could do another portion of this!

Mozzarella with lamb Tender Loin Fritto
Never a big fan of lamb-related dishes because I’m very much afraid of the lamb smell that comes if the dish is not prepared properly. The batter was not too bad, very crispy but I thought it was a bit too heavy for me. But the sauce was really good!

Creme Brulee with Raspberry Sorbet
After a heartening meal, it’s great to complete the meal with a satisfying dessert. The crème brulee was good, with a slight crisp on top and very rich and melty on the inner layer. Raspberry sorbet was refreshing and not too sour. All in all, a good combination!

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 5 Koek Road, #04-04, Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
What To Order: 6 Course Omakase
Restaurant Rating: 3/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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