The Quarters... I can’t emphasize more on how underrated the Quarters is. Food & coffee are good, prices are reasonable and the owner...

The Quarters: Underrated Café in Icon Village


The Quarters...

I can’t emphasize more on how underrated the Quarters is. Food & coffee are good, prices are reasonable and the owner/chef is mad talented. The only thing that might be killing them is their location. They are hidden within Icon Village, and if you aren’t familiar with the mall, you might have trouble finding them. This is the fifth or sixth time I’m visiting them and honestly, each visit is always full of surprises.

Constantly bringing ModSin cuisine into greater heights, The Quarters will be launching a brand new communal dining menu in November which came just in time for Christmas. I was again very impressed with the spread and told myself immediately that I need to share this piece of good news with everyone. If you haven’t had your Quarter’s experience yet, you really need to head down with your loved ones to try their food. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The (New) Quarters Platter consists of Grilled Veg Platter, Quarter’s Fried Rice, Salted Egg Mid Wings, Buah Keluak Ayam, Angus Ribeye (250g) and Baby Back Ribs is priced at only $128 and it feeds 4 people very comfortably. 

The Quarters Platter

Grilled Vegetables
The Grilled Veg Platter comes with Vine Tomatoes, Shitake Mushroom & Asparagus. Tomatoes were sweet and juicy (burst in the mouth), Mushrooms were well-seasoned with Shitake and Asparagus was well-grilled – not too tough. This dish calls for a bottle of iced cold beer! 

Quarters Fried Rice
The Fried Rice was fragrant and flavourful. Good balance of salted fish and garlic! 

Salted Egg Mid Wings
The salted egg dishes at the Quarters never fails to impress. Salted Egg sauce was rich and aromatic while the chicken was soft and tender. Combination was deadly addictive, especially with the finger-licking good salted egg sauce!

Buah Keluak Ayam 
Buah Keluak Rempah was flavourful but not too overpowering and it matches the chicken very well. Goes well with the Fried Rice!

Angus Ribeye (250g)
The ribeye was very well-cooked – tender, juicy and very flavourful. This was so good that everyone was fighting to finish it! 

Baby Back Ribs
The ribs are flavourful and very tender. Meat falls off the bone very easily and again, another well-executed dish.

Popular Dishes at The Quarters

Fwah // $18
Wow! This was simply amazing. Combination of Foie Gras, Scrambled Eggs & Kaya was heavenly! Foie Gras was well-cooked – soft, tender and doesn’t have a game smell. Scrambled Eggs were soft and fluffy. A must-try!

Ooh La La! // $16
Just like its name, you really will go Ooh la la after trying this Chilli Clams! The sauce was very satisfying – sweet and savoury. Clams were really fresh and sweet. Darn, why is this so yummy? 

"Nai You" Lobster // $68
This was the highlight and my favourite dish at The Quarters! The lobster was well-cooked with the meat very tender and soft. The butter was aromatic but it was not too overpowering. Black pepper is added to further enhance the flavour of the lobster. A MUST ORDER! 

Nearest Mrt Station: Tanjong Pagar
Location: 16 Enggor Street, #01-09, Singapore 079717
What To Order: The Quarters Platter
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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