Orchid Roast Fish... Chinatown in Singapore is home to several different cuisines. You can find local delights, Si Chuan cuisine, Dong B...

(New) Orchid Roast Fish: Singapore's First-Ever 3D Holographic Projection Restaurant with New Seafood Crab & Lobster Hotpot at only $68


Orchid Roast Fish...

Chinatown in Singapore is home to several different cuisines. You can find local delights, Si Chuan cuisine, Dong Bei (Northeastern Chinese) cuisine, Steamboat, Mookata and the list goes on. Adding to the list is Orchid Roast Fish – a two months old Chinese restaurant, also known for being Singapore’s first-ever 3D Holographic Projection restaurant that not only offers specialty roasted live fish but also crab and lobster hotpots with different bases and varying levels of spicy to suit your preferences.

Recently, they have rolled out an attractive promotion where you get to enjoy their Seafood Crab & Lobster Hotpot at $68 & $98 respectively. You should really check out this place with your family and remember to make a reservation via the Quandoo app, www.quandoo.com. It is so easy and convenient!

(Promotion) Seafood Crab & Lobster Hotpot // $68
Our eyes and mouth were wide open when they served this Seafood Crab & Lobster Hotpot onto our table. It was nicely presented (all the seafood are placed beautifully) and very aromatic. You can find fresh prawns, clams, scallops, baby lobsters and a crab in this $68 hotpot. My favourites were definitely the crab roe, meaty scallops and prawns. Even though it was heavily soaked with all the spices, it did not overpower/cover the freshness of the seafood. The base wasn’t very spicy initially, but it gets stronger towards the end. Has a subtle mala spice to it! Very enjoyable! When you finish all the seafood, you can also order other ingredients that you like and cook them in the broth. Highly recommended!

Since the base is so heavy, I would recommend getting some vegetables to neutralise the oiliness. You can order cabbage or even enoki mushrooms. 

(Promotion) Chinese Longsnout Catfish // $42
Since they are known for speciality roast fish, you can choose a variety of fishes with the base you want. I chose the Chinese Longsnout Fish because it has no longkang (drain)/ fishy smell and it has lesser bone. The staff also recommended us to go for the mild spice base because I can’t take very spicy food. Fish was really well-cooked, with the meat soft and melty. The base was also flavourful and it gets addictive with every bite.

Look at that huge chunk of meat from the fish! It is very sweet!

We were welcomed with their in-house nuts which I finished all. Preferred the caramelised popcorn-similar nuts (first picture).

They also serve in-house drinks such as winter melon and ice lemon teas. These two are my favourites!

As you can see, you are accompanied with 3D holographic projection of the wall! 

It is very easy to spot once you take exit A from Chinatown Mrt Station!

Nearest Mrt Station: Chinatown
Location: 68 Pagoda St, Singapore 059227
What To Order: Seafood Hotpot
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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