Long Jiang Chinos... Sometimes it’s really hard to organise a family gathering/reunion dinner, especially so if you have a huge family w...

Long Jiang Chinos: Perfect Chinese Restaurant for Family Reunion Dinner - Seafood Hotpot Good for Both Young & Old


Long Jiang Chinos...

Sometimes it’s really hard to organise a family gathering/reunion dinner, especially so if you have a huge family with different age groups. You have to take into account their dietary preferences, their choice of cuisine and the list goes on. The restaurant you choose may work for the older people in your family but it may not if you have younger kids, and vice versa. So, where can you find one that fits both?

Recently, I found a hidden gem in Yishun ORTO Park and it’s the perfect restaurant for a good family reunion dinner. Yes, I’m referring to the traditional Chinese restaurant, Long Jiang Chinos which offers an extensive range of classic Chinese dishes in a contemporary settings. Their new Instagram-worthy and appetising Seafood Hotpot is definitely suitable for the entire family, be it the young or the old. Also, I’ll be recommending some other signatures from Long Jiang Chinos that you might want to try. So, give them a call to reserve and treat your family to a sumptuous Chinese feast! P/s: the view at Long Jiang Chinos is amazing as well!

Seafood Hotpot // $128
The whole Soon Hock is simmered slowly under a bed of cabbage, ensuring that the fish will not be overcooked while you savour the soupy goodness of the hotpot. It also comes with live prawns, clams and squid, corn and enoki mushrooms. The broth was really flavourful and sweet (seafood fragrance and flavour), and it gets even more flavoursome as the broth continues to boil. Clams was fat and juicy and the squid was well-cooked (not too tough). Prawns were really fresh (very easy to remove the skin) and crunchy. Needless to say, the fish was so soft and melty, and I really liked the added garlic on top which enhanced the sweetness of the Soon Hock. The broth is really nice, and it goes very well with rice. I believe it will be a hit among the young and the old. A must-try! I’m definitely bringing my family for this!

Look at that amazing Seafood Hotpot! I’m salivating just looking at it again! Best way to bond with your family!

Baby Squids // $14
This was one of my favourite side dish at Long Jiang Chinos and I finished most of it alone. It was so addictive that I felt like I was under a spell by it. It was well-fried, crispy and flavourful. Damn good lah!

Crispy Fried Har Chou (8pcs) // $12
The Har Chou was really well-fried and the fillings were amazing. They were very generous with the fillings (you can see a huge piece of prawn inside as well as bits of chestnut). It was flavourful and not too oily. 2 thumbs up! 

Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk // $8.80
Take this away from me please because this is another highly addictive dish from Long Qiang Chinos. It was well-fried, soaked with Salted Egg flavour and very crispy. The subtle spiciness that kicks at the end is just too shiok! 

Stir Fried Fine Beans & Crispy Shredded Yam in Guangzhou Style // $14
The fried beans were really crunchy and it wasn’t too oily. It was flavourful but light and it paired well with the crispy shredded yam. Not too bad! The Lup Cheong added an extra sweetness to the savoury dish.

(New) Rojak Chicken // $16
The flavour was not too bad but I thought it could have been better if the flavour was a little stronger. Perhaps more crushed peanuts or even adding you tiao can make it even better. But I’ve got to say the chicken was well-marinated and tender. This dish is not in the menu yet but you can show them this post and request for it! Let me know if you like it!

Cheesy Crab Bee Hoon with Crab Roe // $44.80
This has to be eaten while it’s piping hot! The cheese flavour was surprisingly not too overpowering that it covers the sweetness of the crabs. Noodles were nice and yah, it’s slurping good! There’s two crabs here and I guess you guys can fight for the crab roe!

The restaurant is really spacious and has a very strong oriental vibe. There also have an outdoor bar area. Very atas-looking but actually very affordable!

Nearest Mrt Station: Khatib
Location: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-06/07 Orto Park, Singapore 769198
What To Order: Seafood Hotpot, Fish Skin, Baby Squid, and Crab Bee Hoon
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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