Kumoya Singapore... Still remember Karafuru Desserts at Jalan Klapa that serves really aesthetically-pleasing and delicious dessert par...

Kumoya Singapore: Reopens With Brand New Savoury Menu Alongside With Their Popular Parfaits & Eclairs


Kumoya Singapore...

Still remember Karafuru Desserts at Jalan Klapa that serves really aesthetically-pleasing and delicious dessert parfaits? Yes, they are back again under a brand new management team. Unlike Karafuru Desserts which only serves desserts, Kumoya Singapore has recently launched their savoury menu, allowing customers to enjoy a good range of both savoury and sweet at the same time. They have also revamped their dessert menu, adding pancakes into the dessert list. Their eclairs are now in petite size so as to allow the guests to try more flavours without bursting their stomach.

Located conveniently at Bugis, Kumoya Singapore is a modern and cosy café that has a strong Japanese-French influence. With their recent partnership with Compound Coffee, Coffee-lovers can now satisfy their coffee cravings at Kumoya as well. To all my Halal friends, Kumoya is also in the process of getting the Halal certification but be rest assured there’s no pork, lard and alcohol in their current menu. So if you are looking for a quiet and cosy place to spend your weekends, Kumoya Singapore is the perfect place for you!

Kumoya’s new savoury menu, featuring their Tempura Soft Shell Crab & Karaage Chicken. Also in frame, the latte from Compound Coffee. 

This Yuzu Soda was refreshing and sure did perk me up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And remember to stir the yuzu at the bottom before drinking it. 

Karaage Chicken // $16.90

I swear this is one of the prettiest Karaage Chicken I’ve come across so far. The plating was very exquisite and appetising. The chicken was well-marinated and well-fried (no sign and taste of old oil if you know what I mean). It was crispy and not very hard even when it was cold. And you know what? It was really very addictive, especially even so with the homemade Tomato Shoyu Sauce which was sweet and sour at the same time. I couldn’t stop popping the chicken into my mouth. The pancakes were soft and fluffy and it goes very well with the crunchy mixed salad dressed on top of it. I was also impressed with the Brulee Orange Seasoned Konbu because it was damn tasty. I didn’t know orange can taste this good. The chips at the bottom further adds a crunchy element to the entire dish. Overall, this is a dish you must try at Kumoya.

Tempura Soft Shell Crab // $17.90

The soft shell crab was delicious. It was crunchy and flavourful. The tempura bits were also very aromatic and addictive. The tempura capsicum was not too bad but I thought it could have been crispier. The pineapple was very tasty, especially the caramelised top layer. Damn good! The wasabi mayo sauce was unbelievable addictive. Wish I could bring the sauce home!

Hazelnut Chocolate // $14.90

Not only is the dessert parfait very photo-worthy, it was also very tasty. Every inch of the dessert is so carefully-curated and you can really taste the flavour and richness of each dessert part. The favourite was probably the yoghurt softserve, the brownie and the hazelnut feuilletine. They complemented one another perfectly. This is the perfect dessert to have on a lazy and hot Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  

Eclairs // $3 Ala-carte or 4 pieces for $11.50 or 6 pieces for $17 or 12 pieces for $32 or 36 pieces for $86.40

Ladies, listen up! These petite size eclairs from Kumoya are created just for you. Okay, guys who love eclairs are included as well. The owner is so thoughtful to come out with mini version of it so we can now try more flavours without having to feel the sin of getting fat. There are 6 different flavours to choose from: Yuzu, Sakura, Café Au Lait, Hazelnut Chocolate, Ichigo Chantilly, Blackforest, Matcha, Passion Fruit and Pistachio. My favourite has to be Passion Fruit and Matcha. The Passion Fruit is a tad sour and that’s the reason why I love it. It definitely woke me up in a good way. The Matcha was rich and creamy, and because I am a huge fan of Matcha, this definitely did surpass my expectations. And ya, I forgot to mention you can take-away these eclairs home.   

Thank you Kumoya Singapore for the awesome lunch and Joseph for the invitation and the great hospitality.   

Nearest Mrt Station: Bugis
Location: 8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
What To Order: Karaage Chicken, Dessert Parfait & Eclairs
Café Ratings: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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