IZY Dining & Bar... With so many different Japanese franchise coming to Singapore lately, it’s difficult for consumers to choose and...

IZY Dining & Bar: Modern Japanese-American Cuisine Sets New Trends in Telok Ayer


IZY Dining & Bar...

With so many different Japanese franchise coming to Singapore lately, it’s difficult for consumers to choose and pick which one to visit. More often than not, most Japanese restaurant in Singapore are very similar to one another and the only way to differentiate them would probably be the price, ambience and the uniqueness of the food. 

Located in a hidden corner at Telok Ayer, IZY Dining & Bar is a modern Japanese restaurant with a strong Western (America) influence that serves a wide range of fusion dishes as well as authentic Japanese dishes which allows consumers to choose based on their preferences. So, you can either stick with the traditional Japanese food or try the Japanese-Western fusion dishes or both at the same time. It’s really up to your discretion but I'm sure you will fall in love with their new menu. The warm and cosy interior of IZY also makes it an ideal place to drink after a long stressful day of work. 

My scrumptious table situation at IZY last Friday, featuring all the new food items they have recently launched. It seems like I have another place to visit and chill every TGIF now!

Crunch Roll // $12

Tempura shrimp, flying fish roe, avocado & spicy sauce topped with tempura bits.

Tempura shrimp, flying fish roe, avocado & spicy sauce topped with tempura bits
My eyes were wide open when I popped the sushi into my mouth. The texture of the sushi was unbelievable. The rice was well-cooked, very soft and sticky. The shrimp was fresh and crunchy. The tempura bits further enhanced the crispy element of the sushi. The sauce was well-mixed. It wasn’t too sweet or too spicy. Overall, a very well-thought out dish. I would highly recommend you to get this!

IZY Roll // $16

Tempura shrimp & tempura asparagus topped with spicy crab mayo, avocado & flying fish roe.

Can’t believe this is only $16 for the kind of quality and quantity they served. I don’t think you can find such tasty yet affordable sushi roll anywhere else. Again, the sushi was carefully-curated. I could taste the different ingredients used in making the sushi and they matches one another pretty well. The torched avocado and spicy crab mayo on top of the sushi further brought out the flavours of the shrimp and asparagus within the sushi. Very addictive! Trust me!

Wagyu Beef Roll // $25

Beef, vegetables, ginger.

Despite using only three ingredients in making this sushi, the taste and texture of the beef left me a deep impression. The beef wasn’t too fatty but it was really soft and tender. It was easy to chew and bite. The beef was also well-marinated and the flavour was just right. (There are others that have too strong of a flavour that makes it very jelat after a while). The shredded ginger on top of the beef neutralises the jelatness. 

Japanese Nokke Roll // $38

Uni, ikura, crab, negitoro, vegetables.

If you are looking at trying different sushi at one go, you should probably order this. This sushi consists of Uni, Ikura, Crab and Negitoro (all high-end and expensive). I don’t really like raw food so you can try it and tell me if you like it. The crab meat was fresh and sweet (the only thing I could try).

A bit expensive but I thought it is really worth it for the kind of quality they served.

Bayan Cauda // $15

Assorted Japanese vegetables with white miso sauce.

The vegetables were fresh and the sauce is probably the main highlight of the dish. It was aromatic and salty (but I liked it). I couldn’t stop myself from dipping the veggies into the sauce. It was very appetising!

Tebasaki // $12

Deep fried chicken wing with sweet soy sauce & white pepper.

The chicken was well-marinated and has a strong soy sauce flavour. It was crispy on the outside and the meat was tender on the inside. Perfect snack to go with an iced cold beer. 

Sake (Salmon) // $15

Can’t comment on the freshness and texture of the salmon because I don't take raw food but the only thing that I could say was that they were really very generous in the portion they served. 

Grilled Swordfish // $28

Grilled swordfish steak with parmesan and seaweed sauce.

Was very uncertain about this dish because I have never ever tasted swordfish in my life. My expectation was kind of low when they served this dish to us. In the end, it turns out to be mind-blowing. The swordfish was very tender and sweet, and it was really very well-marinated. The flavour still lingers in the mouth for quite awhile. A must-try!

Buta Kakuni // $12

Braised pork.

The braised pork was definitely very flavourful and it was very tender. The fatty part of the pork was very smooth and tasty. Overall, the texture was really good. I was impressed!

Wagyu Truffle Don // $38

Josper grilled wagyu beef and onsen egg on rice topped with fresh truffle slices.

The whole place was filled with truffle smell when the don was served to our table. It was really very aromatic and my saliva was beginning to salivate when the smell hits my nose. The rice was really good, soft and sticky and I couldn’t stop eating it. The grilled beef was tender and juicy. The onsen egg was running when I sliced it in the middle. This was damn good!

Gyu-katsu // $30

Rare beef cutlet served with three sauces.

The outer layer of the cutlet was extremely crispy and flavourful while the meat inside (medium rare) was so tender. Definitely complements one another very well and it has really great texture. Unique and lovely dish!

Strawberry Chilli Sorbet // $7

This strawberry chilli sorbet was very interesting! When you put the ice cream into your mouth, it tasted like normal strawberry ice cream with not much chilli taste in it. It is only after awhile you will have this hot sensation lingering in your throat. Very unique and you might really like it.

Maccha Ice Cream // $7

This matcha ice cream was not too bad but I thought the flavour could be stronger. The azuki beans were delicious by the way.

Embedded in IZY Dining & Bar is also another Japanese cocktail bar serving classic and modern cocktails. A very enclosed and hidden place to spend the perfect TGIF! Here are some of the drinks I had at Cache Singapore:

Flower Blue Moon // $20

Gin, elderflower liqueur, violet liqueur, blue curacao, dandelion bitter, lemon

Sakura // $18

Shiso & ume liqueur, maraschino liqueur, dry sherry.

Yuzu Spark // $18

Gin, yuzu liqueur, prosecco, lemon, yuzu liqueur foam.

Cache // $20

Sloe gin, amaretto, fresh pomegranate, lemon.

Thanks IZY Dining & Bar for the invitation and Louise for the great hospitality.

Nearest Mrt Station: Telok Ayer
Location: 27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
What To Order: IZY Roll, Crunch Roll, Wagyu Truffle Don
Restaurant Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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