Ollella Singapore... Farrer Park has always been one of my favourite place to café hop. There are so many impressive cafés around the v...

Ollella Singapore: The Prettiest and Tastiest Chouquette in Singapore


Ollella Singapore...

Farrer Park has always been one of my favourite place to café hop. There are so many impressive cafés around the vicinity which keeps me wanting to visit Farrer Park again and again. With Ollella Singapore, a less than 3 months old café being added into the café list at Farrer Park, I can foresee even more people flocking to this area to get their café hopping fix.

Started by two passionate Indonesian sisters, Ollyvia Putri, the Pastry Chef who has worked under world renowned American and French chefs during her time in Chicago and Paris despite her tender age of 24) and Marcella Putri who heads Ollella’s business development, brings along her decade of sales and marketing experience from her corporate background into the business, Ollella is the amalgamation of western influences that the sisters are exposed to growing up outside of their home country and their Indonesian heritage instilled in them as they shadow their grandmother in creating delicious Indonesian delicacies. The idea of incorporating both the elements from the East and West into their cake shop is something to be really proud of, which I believe their grandmother would also be.

Located at Petain Road, Ollella Singapore is a cosy and dainty café that offers colourful Choux pastries which are delicious and addictive at a reasonable price. Also, all the other cafés in the vicinity should watch out, Ollella is a force to be reckoned with.

 Aren't these Choux pastries colourful and pretty? It is already very pleasing to the eyes!

Mini Choux Platter // $24

If you are undecisive and fickle-minded like me, I would suggest that you go for their Mini Choux Platter which consists of Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry, Rose (Month of May), Lemon Meringue, Matcha Azuki, Dark Chocolate and Tiramisu, all reasonably priced between $4 and $5 each (The individual ones are bigger). This Mini Choux Platter is also a good gift for any birthdays or festive occasion. The packaging is well designed and well thought of.

P/s: Ollella introduces newly flavoured Choux pastry into their menu monthly. So for the month of June, you can expect to have Boozy Brownie Sundae instead of the Rose which was only available in May.

Some of you might wonder now, what are Choux pastries?

Choux pastry or pâte à choux, is a light pastry dough made of butter, water, flour and eggs, it is most recognized in the form of cream puffs or eclairs. Chouquette by OLLELLA, elevates the traditional cream puff by adding layers of textures, rich flavours and personality. The sisters wanted to create beautiful, dainty and decadent dessert that are sweet and indulgent yet light enough to enjoy several pieces without feeling overly cloying.  

The Choux pastries are addictive and crunchy, and the flavours are well-balanced. Each flavours are uniquely different and you are bound to be surprised going down the line (Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry, Rose, Lemon Meringue, Matcha Azuki, Dark Chocolate and Tiramisu). 

My favourites were the Dark Chocolate and Matcha Azuki (I'm a huge fan of Matcha).
The Matcha Azuki was really good, particularly the subtle bitter aftertaste which I really liked. It reminded me of the Matcha I had when I was in Japan. On the other hand, the Dark Chocolate was not too bitter or sweet, and it was really rich. If you like strong flavours, then go for the Dark Chocolate or the Matcha Azuki Choquette.

Besides their delicious Choux pastries, Ollella also offers really delectable Kueh Lapis which is only available on the weekends. If you want to have some authentic Indonesian Kueh Lapis, then you have to make your weekends free. 

The Kueh Lapis is a 60 years old recipe passed down from their grandmother, which is different from the ones we usually have. The flavour is stronger! Thank you Ollella, Ollyvia and Marcella for having me! I will definitely be back again to try your savoury Choux pastries!

Nearest Mrt Station: Farrer Park
Location: 3 Petain Road, Residences@Somme #01-01
What To Order: Choux Pastries
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)                               

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