20F Specialty Coffeehouse... 20F Specialty Coffeehouse is a fairly new cafe that has already caught the attention of many people. I came ...

20F Specialty Coffeehouse


20F Specialty Coffeehouse...

20F Specialty Coffeehouse is a fairly new cafe that has already caught the attention of many people. I came across many good reviews about the cafe online, be it complimenting it's services, food or ambiance, which ultimately sparked my interest towards this cafe. I called them the other day to make a reservation for 14 people on a Friday evening. The staff was really very friendly over the phone. He answered my queries patiently and described to me how to get to the cafe. Honestly speaking, he did not need to do that but the fact that he actually went the extra mile to inform me about how to get to the cafe was commendable. I was really thankful for his kind gestures. 

I think age is really catching up on me. It's so funny how I mixed up the reservation timing even though I called them twice to check. Oh well, at least we were early than late. The cafe is about 10-15 minutes walk from Lavender Mrt station, and I would strongly suggest that you turn on your Google Maps if you do not wish to get lost. It's really hard to find this cafe if you are not relying on GPS. So, if you want to save the trouble and time, do heed my advice.

The cafe is pretty small but spacious, and you place your order at the counter. As usual, the staff is really very friendly.

Prawn & Poached Egg Pasta // $17
Pasta was really very creamy and it's not jelat (You won't get sick after a while). Prawns were really fresh. The best part of the pasta was the oozing egg. You know I hate it when the egg doesn't ooze out when it is suppose to. Thank God, the poached egg oozed out so perfectly in this pasta. Drizzle some of the egg yolk onto the pasta and prawn, it just tastes so heavenly.

Ribeye Pasta // $26
As compared to the Prawn & Poached Egg Pasta, this pasta is not as impressive. Perhaps because I'm not a huge fan of beef and dry pasta. But I got to give some credit to the tender and juicy beefs which added some flavours to the overall dish.

Ribeye Burger // $24
Again, I'm not a huge fan of beef but the beefs are really tasty. One thing to note though is that there are too many greens in this burger. I'm alright with eating greens but this is way too much I think. If you like to eat something that is not too heavy, perhaps this burger is the thing for you. 

20F Flats // $17
"Never judge a book by its cover," this is what I will describe about this dish. Initially, I was shocked when this was served onto the table. It looks very weird and I don't find it very appetising. However, I was wrong when I tasted it. It was so delicious. By the way, you can either choose Pulled Duck with Chipotle Sauce or Pulled Pork with Fresh Guacamole. It also comes with Nachos with their homemade dip. We order both and both tasted equally good. The meats were fresh and tender and of course, the poached egg is awesome. I also like the sauce they made for the nachos. Overall, this is a very impressive dish.

Duck & Waffle // $22
My favourite dish of the cafe. No doubt why so many people came here to try this because it is unique and yummy. The duck confit is well-marinated and very crispy. I applaud the chef for his/her creativity as well as taking the risk to create this dish. Never knew duck can go so well with waffles and ice cream. I also like the Mixed Berries Sorbet which is so refreshing. I would definitely be back for this again.

Overall, I enjoyed my dinner at 20F. Everything was really good - Service was excellent and food was outstanding. A pity my stomach didn't have any room left for desserts but I would be back to try their Matcha Cake. I heard it is really good. 20F is a cafe that other cafes need to look out for.

Nearest Mrt Station: Lavender
Location: 20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261
What To Order: Duck & Waffle, 20F Flats, & Prawn & Poached Egg Pasta
Cafe Ratings: 3.5/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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