Brunches Cafe... I did not plan to go to Brunches initially but was left with no choice when Old Hen Coffee Bar was full. Maybe the phra...

Brunches Cafe


Brunches Cafe...

I did not plan to go to Brunches initially but was left with no choice when Old Hen Coffee Bar was full. Maybe the phrase "left with no choice" doesn't give any credit to Brunches or make Brunches sound as if it is not a very good place to be in. Rather, I would say it was a "blessing in disguise"! 

Honestly, I was very disappointed when I saw Old Hen was full, especially when I chose to go at a timing when there are no more lunch crowd. I decided to just walk further down to find somewhere else to eat and am really thankful that there are so many cafes in Rangoon road such as Jewel, Cold Pantry, and of course, Brunches cafe.

A pity I couldn't snap more photos of the cafe because there was a wedding photoshoot when I was there. I know right, buy 4D also not so zhun. Anyway, I sat down and the menu was given to me. I really like the old, antique, rustic and vintage vibes of the cafe. Their decorations were really nice and cosy and I can see that they put in a lot of effort in coming out with the theme of the cafe, from the table settings, chairs to the accessories they used. They have an antique car that they used as a table. It was really cool but I couldn't get a picture because people were eating there. 

The service was not too bad, just that I feel you should give the customers some time to think about what they want to order, and not pressurize them. I just barely sat down, haven't even got a chance to look at the menu properly, the waiter came and asked me if I was ready. Lol! I was like huh?!! Are you really that impatient or in a hurry? I told him I was not ready and when I started looking at the menu again, another female staff approached me asking if I was ready to order! Seriously?!! Really??! I was a bit pissed and told her off in the face that I will call her when I am ready. Tsk!

In the end, I ordered the mixed berries waffle with blueberry ice cream and I don't have to wait for very long before the food was served (About 15 minutes). The waffle looked damn pretty and I mean like it is always nice to eat something that looks good also. I spent like less than 5 minutes to snap a good photo of it because not much effort is needed when your food is so pretty and instagrammable. I don't know exactly what they put in the waffle but it feel like it was well-marinated, I mean like it does not taste like the usual waffle you can buy outside but somewhat it tastes like cereal to me. I don't know if thats the right thing to describe the waffle but it really shocked me in a good way because I really like it and it goes so well with the mixed berries, cereals and the blueberry ice cream. Another thing about the waffle that I like is that even though it is fluffy, it still tastes good. I'm a huge fan of waffle that are not too buttery and crunchy but the waffle here just changed my perception about my biasness. Really enjoyed the waffle alot. A pity I don't have enough stomach for their mains but would definitely be back to try their mains. And yah, remember to share the waffle with your friend because it is huge, real huge!

 Isnt it so instagrammable?

The waffle is just too pretty to be eaten! 

Nearest Mrt Station: Farrer Park
Location: 96 Rangoon Road
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10
Price: $13.50

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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