Archipelago Creamery... Travelling to school might be a hassle for those who are not staying in campus, especially when it comes to taki...

Archipelago Creamery


Archipelago Creamery...

Travelling to school might be a hassle for those who are not staying in campus, especially when it comes to taking the train during the morning or evening peak hours coupled with the long train rides. Perhaps the opening of Archipelago Creamery near Pulau NTU would give us some motivation for school, and also a new place for us to hang out after school. School will definitely not be that boring anymore but that said, it does not mean that only NTU students should be happy, I mean it's a good place with good food and relatively affordable prices, it's definitely worth traveling all the way down to try their food.

Believe it or not, I was supposed to be there on Thursday after my class but I forgot to bring my phone out. How careless of me? Urghh, I was so angry with myself throughout the entire train ride to school and so I came on a Friday instead before my dance class. Its really quite easy to find the place, just inside Nanyang Community Centre, opposite City Harvest Church. Those who aren't familiar with the West, I will provide information at the end of this post. 

I really like the theme of the cafe, I guess it has something to do with ship and sea which is quite obvious from their logo. And you know what, I really like how cosy the place is, feels like a place you will be when you are away on vacation. Maybe it's the colour combination they used decorating the cafe, blue and white just gives off a comfortable and relaxing vibe. There wasn't much people when I was there and I went to get their famous Shibuya toast (Strawberry and Chocolate) which many have already posted on Instagram. Remember to bring enough cash because they do not accept cards. I have to go to the nearby Kopitiam  to draw money. So save yourself that hassle, have enough money before going to the cafe and also save yourself from being embarrassed. I was told that the toast would take about 15-20 minutes before it is ready to serve. They also sell waffles, Butterscotch Waffles at $4.50 and their daily special at $5 (If I remember correctly) and you have to add an additional price for their ice cream. I don't know if their coffee is nice because I'm really not a coffee person but they do sell that in their cafe.

After 20 minutes, the toast finally arrived. When it came to my table, I was literally like WTF!?? How am I supposed to finish this??? The toast was damn huge, I didn't expected it to be that huge. They were really very generous when it comes to giving the ice cream and strawberries, definitely meant to be shared with 2-4 people. The toast also comes with honey as the syrup, especially for those with a very sweet tooth. The outer layer of the toast requires some effort to be cut, I meant it in a good way because it was so crunchy. When you get pass that monstrous layer, you will be surprised by what you see inside, Toasted Bread, Marshmallows and I in love with the cereals they have inside, so freaking good. Also, the strawberry gives off a comfortably sour taste which neutralizes the sweetness of the toast, making the toast not so jelat and too sweet. A pity I couldn't finish it even though it was really good because the portion is just so huge. You got pto be there to see it for yourself. I will be back there again next week with a friend to try their waffle and I'm already excited thinking about it. So many places selling Shibuya toast in Singapore today and this might be one of the best around.

I also spent my birthday during my second visit to this cafe. The staff was very nice to explain to us all the different flavours of ice cream they have on that day and we ordered their Charcoal Waffle with Earl Grey Ice Cream. A pity their Shibuya Toast was not available on that day but the delicious charcoal waffle make up for it. I was very impressed with their charcoal waffle, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and I dare to say it's one of the few places in Singapore that actually do such delicious charcoal waffe. I also need to thank the staff for the complement milkshakes!

Nearest Mrt Station: Pioneer, and take bus 179 at the side with the Kopitiam, drop at the third stop
Location: 60 Jurong West St 91 #01-09, inside Nanyang Community Centre
Cafe Ratings: 4/5
Food Ratings: Strawberry and Chocolate Shibuya Toast (8/10) & Charcoal Waffle with Earl Grey Ice Cream (8/10)
Price: $14.80 & $10+

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping

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