Phat Cat Laundry... Old propaganda posters, rustic Chinese wall tiles and a custom-made washing machine music player are some of the fas...

Phat Cat Laundry: Singapore's First-Ever Laundromat-Themed Restaurant & Bar Opens at Jiak Chuan Road


Phat Cat Laundry...

Old propaganda posters, rustic Chinese wall tiles and a custom-made washing machine music player are some of the fascinating objects that will greet you when you walked into the first-ever laundromat-themed restaurant and bar in Singapore. The stereotypical Chinese exterior of Phat Cat Laundry is a stark contrast to its dark and mysterious interior, making it an ideal place to chill and drink.

Newly opened at Jiak Chuan Road, Phat Cat Laundry is a trendy restaurant and bar that serves Asian-Fusion food and drinks. What’s so attractive about this place is probably their creative cocktail menu and hearty food menu, in which patrons can paired both together to achieve maximum experience. Besides the impressive food and drinks, the friendliness of the staffs also makes the whole dining experience a memorable one. To sum up, Phat Cat Laundry is one of the best restaurant and bar that I’ve been to this year. 

Phat Cat Laundry’s signature starters are amazing! There’s really nothing bad to pick on the dishes. In frame, their Kimchi-Cauliflower Gratin, Messy Sweet Potato Fries and Truffled Prawn Egg Rolls. Besides having Happy Hours on their drinks ($5-5pm, $6-6pm & $7-7pm), Phat Cat Laundry’s starters are all priced at $10 nett every Monday. Such a good deal!

Forget-Love Water // $26

Ugni Blanc Gin, Sea Salt, Butterfly Pea Flowers, Magic

Forget love? Maybe not. But this drink definitely allows me to let loose of myself after a long day of work. This gin based cocktail is neither too strong nor too diluted, but instead it was very refreshing and soothing. The name and design of the cocktail definitely caught more of my attention than its taste. But overall, it was still an interesting concept!

Panties On Fire // $26

Vanilla Soju, Passion Fruit, Prosecco

I think most girls will like this drink. It is sweeter, and the alcoholic taste isn’t as strong as the Forget-Love Water which was mentioned above. The preparation was fascinating, so remember take out your camera and take a video of it. The passionfruit was torched to enhance its flavour. Overall, if you prefer a less alcoholic cocktail, you might want to order this citrusy flavoured cocktail.

Kimchi-Cauliflower Gratin // $14

Gratinated Fried Cauliflower On A Bed Of Chopped Kimchi

At first glance, I couldn’t figure out what it was. To me, I was more intrigued by the plating of the dish because it really looked like a piece of art. But you know what, the taste turned out to surprisingly impressive. The cauliflower and kimchi goes really well with one another. The kimchi was well-marinated, flavourful and not very spicy. On the other hand, the cauliflower was very crunchy. Together, they are a formidable combination. Definitely a good bar snack!

Messy Sweet Potato Fries // $14

Sweet Potato Fries, Gravy, Sous Vide Egg, Pickles, Fried Shallots

This messy fries definitely messed up my life but in a good way. It was so addictive and I couldn’t stop myself from eating it. I totally lost control of myself. The sweet potato fries tasted legit in the sense that I could really taste the flavour of the sweet potato. The poached egg was on point, super running and it complements the fries extremely well. Highly recommended!

Truffled Prawn Egg Roll // $14

Chunky Prawns, Black Truffle Paste, Lemongrass Aioli, Fish Roe

Not the usual crispy popiah you can find outside. This was carefully-curated and modernise because the flavour that bursts out from my mouth after having a bite was simply insane. All the combination works so well together that I don’t really have anything bad to pick on. The truffle smell and taste was strong and aromatic. Definitely one dish I wouldn’t want to miss if I’m at Phat Cat Laundry!

Crab Noodles // $18

Bucatini, Lump Crab Meat, Sweet Chili-lime Beurre Blanc, Fried Garlic

This photo does not do the Crab Noodles any justice at all. The flavour was good but I thought it could have been better if the flavour was a bit stronger. They were also very generous in the amount of crab meat they put in the noodles. It wasn’t as dry as what it looks like. The sweet chilli-lime beurre blanc makes the overall dish very exciting and interesting. 

Mushroom and Bone Marrow Fried Rice // $16

Wild Mushrooms, Ginger, Soy, Mirin, Furikake, Sunny-side Up Egg

Simple dish but so delicious. The fried rice has this wok flavour which I don’t know how to describe it but it was really tasty. The rice wasn’t too sticky or hard and the egg just completes the entire dish perfectly. 

Brontosaurus Char Siu Beef Ribs // $25

Gigantic Slow-cooked Beef Rib, Char Siu Glaze, Side Of Red Cabbage Slaw

This was my favourite dish at Phat Cat Laundry. The beef ribs were so tender and juicy. The beef was definitely well-marinated because each mouthful was just so enjoyable. The portion was also very big which I couldn’t finish it alone. This is a must-order!

Pineapple Brulee // $10

Yogurt, Tea-infused Honey, Candied Walnuts

The pineapple was torched before it was served to enhance the sweetness and flavour. It was really very sweet. The sourness of the yoghurt neutralises the sweetness from the pineapple, making the sweet-sour combination very memorable. The candied walnuts add a further crunch to the overall dessert experience.

Affogato // $10

Coffee Ice Cream, Warm Coconut Cream, Cocoa Crispies, Coconut-gula Melaka Cream

Woah! My first impression of the dish was bad. I thought that there was nothing special about this dessert but it turns out to be astounding! The coffee and coconut flavour did not overpower one another. The two flavours were relatively balanced with each flavour complimenting each other very well. The cocoa crispies added a crunchy texture to the soft and silky ice cream. I could eat three bowl of this goodness by myself. Not kidding at all!

Thank you Phat Cat Laundry and State for the invitation and great hosting!

Nearest Mrt Station: Outram Park
Location: 4 Jiak Chuan Road
What To Order: Messy Sweet Potato Fries, Beef Ribs and Affogato
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

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